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A/N:  Okay, this is the very first chapter of the sequel to A Time For Everything.  So, it looks to be interesting.  Basically the summary is as follows:  Hermione and Draco, along with Ginny and Deimos have been gone from the wizarding world for ten years, and no one knows anything of them or where they are, etc.  So what happens when they decide that they want their children to go to Hogwarts for their education?  Mayhem of course!  So join them on their journey back to England. 

Voldemort's Heirs

Decisions, Decisions

            It was a warm summer evening and Hermione and Draco Malfoy were eating dinner with their best friends Ginny and Deimos Guadalupe on the back porch of Draco and Hermione's house.  They were watching another glorious South Nags Head sunset.  Behind them inside the screened porch area, they could see the three children playing scrabble with one another.  The sun reflected slightly off two blond heads that were currently leaning against each other, one with white-blonde, thick, waist long hair that was currently being held out of her face by a long braid, the other with short, curly, white-blonde hair.  From where the adults were sitting, they couldn't see it, but they knew that dark blue-gray eyes and light blue eyes would be filled with laughter. 

"Albus, Minerva, you know that's not really a word!" A girl sitting across from them said laughing, her black eyes bright.  Her dark red hair hung down to just below her shoulders in tight ringlets that were natural, although neither of her parents knew where she got them. 

"Says who, Allyn?" Albus retorted as he pulled away from conspiring with his sister.

"You know she hates to be called that," Minerva said as she gave her brother a shove on the arm.

"Well it's her name isn't it?  I'm just exercising my right to free speech to call her by her full name instead of her preferred nick-name."

"Mamá!  Albus is calling me Allyn again!" the red headed girl yelled to her parents.

"Albus, please call her Lyn," Ginny said warningly.  "And apologise to her because you know she doesn't like that."

"Okay Aunt Ginny," Albus yelled back before turning to face Lyn.  "Sorry Lyn."

"Thanks," she replied.  "And I still say that piscatorial is a made up word."

"Is not, ask my Mom if you don't believe me," he replied smirking, looking very much like his father.

"Fine, I will," she said before yelling out "Hey Aunt Hermione!"

"Yes Lyn?" Hermione turned to face the screened porch.

"Is piscatorial a real word?" Lyn asked.

"Yes, it means pertaining to fish.  Not very common, but it is a real word," she replied.

"Ha!  I told ya!" Albus gloated a little before the three children went back to their game.

            The four adults smiled at their kids.  Albus and Minerva were a mischievous set of ten year old twins who were a handful for Hermione and Draco.  Allyn was a bright ten year old girl who was fairly well behaved for her parents, Ginny and Deimos.  Allyn, who preferred to be called Lyn, had been born a few weeks prematurely on August 6, almost a month before she was supposed to.  Luckily, after two weeks in the NICU, she was okay, and got to come home with her parents.   Albus and Minerva had been born on March second, and Albus had been the older twin, something he constantly reminded Minerva of.  The three of them had grown up around each other, and were extremely close.  When they had turned ten, Draco, Hermione, Ginny, and Deimos had sat them all down to have a talk with them.  They explained about their past, being involved with death eaters, Voldemort, leaving England and about their real names.  Even though their birth certificates said Albus James Williams, Minerva Lea Williams, and Allyn Estrellita Rivers, they were really Albus Malfoy, Minerva Malfoy, and Allyn Guadalupe they had told the kids.


"Oh, we know Mum," Minerva said.

"What?  How could you know?" Hermione asked puzzled. 

"Oh, Lyn and me," she started.

"Lyn and I," Hermione corrected automatically.

"Fine, Lyn and I, were in the attic looking for something to play with when we found an old school yearbook of yours from when you still went to Hogwarts.  And so we were looking through it, and we saw that Daddy had a different name, and Lyn's dad had a different name too.  Now we know why." Minerva finished.

"Yeah, they told me, and now we know it's because you didn't want anyone to find you when you left England, right?" Albus jumped in.


            Hermione smiled, remembering how perceptive the children were.  All three of them were very bright. 

"What's so funny love?" Draco asked, putting his arm around her and pulling her closer to him. 

"Nothing, just remembering the day we told the children everything," she replied leaning into his warm embrace. 

"I was still shocked that they had basically figured it out," Ginny said pushing two double rockers.  It seems multiple births ran in her family, and only about a month ago, on June 24, she had given birth to a set of twin boys.  Lyn of course was ecstatic, she had always wanted a sibling, and she was even more overjoyed at having two.  Deimos and Ginny had given her the honour of naming them, and she decided to name them Ryan Antonio Rivers and Brendan Guillermo Rivers. 


"Why'd you pick those names sweetheart?" Deimos asked, curious.

"Well, Ryan means little king, and Brendan means little prince, and I thought those were good names for my baby brothers, and I picked Antonio and Guillermo as middle names 'cause they're Spanish, just like you and me are, right Papá?"

"Right, my estrellita, like you and me, and did you know that Ryan and Brendan are Irish and Scottish, just like your Madre is?"

"Uh-Huh, I knew that, that's why I picked 'em." 


            Deimos chuckled over that memory, and of course, ended up having to share with the other three adults why he was laughing.  They reminisced over the past a little more, but Brendan and Ryan's fussing soon told them that they needed to go to bed. 

"Yep, it's their bed time, 7:30.  Here, I'll go put them down," Deimos said as he stood up. 

"Thanks Deimos," Ginny said, sitting back down. 

            Deimos kissed her on the top of her head and then turned to the fussing twins.  They were looking more and more like Ginny, with wispy red hair and eyes that were blue (when they were open of course).  He scooped them up, one in each arm and as he walked towards the door, it opened up for him. 

"Thanks," he called to who ever had opened it. 

"No problem man," Draco called back as he put down his wand. 

            The four of them were certified wizards and witches, and legally allowed to use their wands.  After settling down, they had begun investigating any magical license completer programs, and happened to find one only a few miles away.  So all four of them completed their educations via owl.  Hermione, Draco, and Deimos finished their one year, and Ginny finished her two years worth.  The children of course all knew about their magical abilities, but were very careful not to tell anyone else. 

            Deimos came back out a few minutes later carrying four cups of coffee and some shortbread for all of them to eat.  They were letting the coffee cool off when three owls came flying out of the dark and above the porch, dropping three crisp pieces of parchment on the table. 

"Well, ten bucks says that those are letters from Hogwarts," Draco drawled.

            Hermione picked up one of the letters as did Ginny.  A few moments later they reached into their pockets and each handed him a ten dollar bill. 

"Looks like you're right love, now the question is, what to do?"

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