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Voldemort's Heirs

Till the End of Time

"So what pets did you brats all decide on finally?" Draco drawled affectionately as Hermione, Ginny, Albus, Minerva, and Lyn all came into the study where he and Deimos were working with the twins napping nearby in a playpen.  

"This is Athena," Albus showed off his owl. 

"Look at my ferret!" Minerva ran up to her father excitedly.  "I named him Moody."

"Lovely dear," he managed to say after a minute through clenched teeth, glaring at Hermione and Ginny who were doing their best to hold back laughter. 

"Why don't you show yours Lyn?" Hermione changed the subject. 

"This is Conocimiento, my python.  I picked him, like I told Mamá, because he told me he was lonely," Lyn rubbed her head against the snake who hissed in what could only be contentment. 

"He told you?" Deimos questioned, sharing a glance with Ginny who nodded. 

"Yeah, why?"

"No reason.  It's just very unusual for wizards or witches to be able to talk to snakes.  We'll have your Uncle Harry come for a visit soon and talk with you about it," Draco replied before scratching out a letter to Harry, telling him to come over the next day. 

"Well, she's definitely a parselmouth," Harry told the four adults the next afternoon after they sent the kids out back to play. 

"Okay, what do we do?" Ginny asked. 

"There's not much you can do, just tell her to ignore anyone who says she's the heir of Slytherin," Harry replied cheekily.  "I think she'll probably end up there, or in Gryffindor."

"I guess we'll just have to see, won't we?" Hermione said as they all looked out the window at the three who were currently laying together on the hammock.

"LADY ALLYN GUADALUPE," the sorting hat yelled out. 

            Lyn walked forward, and everyone could hear her muttering about 'stupid hats having to give out full names and titles for the world to hear', as she took a seat on the stool.  There was silence for a few minutes before…

"SLYTHERIN!" the hat yelled out, and Lyn hopped off the stool and ran to join the table that was cheering for her. 

"ALBUS MALFOY," the hat yelled out a few more names later. 

            Albus sauntered forward, completely confidant as to what house he would end up in.  He was correct, for no sooner had he sat down and placed the hat on his head then it called out…


"MINERVA MALFOY," it called out after Albus joined his new house. 

            She walked forward, looking more nervous than Albus and carefully sat down on the stool before tentatively placing the hat on her head.  The hat took nearly five minutes to decide, but when it did, it called out…

"GRYFFINDOR!" Much to Minerva's dismay.  She stood up, looking almost in tears as she shot a frightened glance towards Albus and Lyn who were looking at her with shock.  She walked over to the Gryffindor table however, where she was soon being hugged by Lyn's cousins, although they couldn't console her.

"KYLE MCGILLIVRAY," the hat called out and Minerva perked up a bit as the hat yelled out soon after, "GRYFFINDOR!"

"Hey, you okay Minerva?" he asked, cautiously taking a seat beside her. 

            Her only response was to start crying as she threw her arms around his waist in a hug.  He looked up at everyone, his eyes pleading for help, but when none came, he gently put his arms around her and began patting and rubbing her back. 

"GEOFF WEASLEY," the hat called out several names later, and several people at the Gryffindor table looked up expectantly as yet another Weasley was sorted into…


"Hey, cheer up Minerva," Geoff said sitting down on the other side of Minerva.  "You're in a great house!"

"I-I know, b-but Albus is in Sly-Slytherin!" she unhooked her arms from around Kyle, and took the handkerchief that Geoff offered to wipe her eyes with.  "I'm never going to g-get to s-see him!"

"Sure you will," Kyle smiled at her.  "Gryffindor always shares a bunch of classes with Slytherins, so you'll get to see him then, and there's no rule that says you can't sit with him, or him with us, during meal times."

"Yeah, and don't forget quidditch games and the weekends, and after classes," Geoff jumped in again.  "You'll get to see him and Lyn then."

"And you also have us," Kyle added. 

"Yup, you're stuck with us," Geoff slung an arm around her neck, and mussed up her hair. 

"Maybe this will be a fun year," Minerva said with a final sniffle.

"You better believe it!" Geoff shared a look with Kyle before they simultaneously squished her in a bear hug.

"It is my esteemed privilege to present to you, this year's graduating class!" Albus Dumbledore stood up and gestured to the large group of seventh years behind him.  "This year's Co-Valedictorians, with some of the highest grades ever seen, Miss Allyn Guadalupe and Mr. Geoff Weasley."

"Thank you Headmaster," Geoff started off.  George and Alicia looked on in pride at their son.  He had surprised everyone with the adeptness he showed for school work, especially when his parents hadn't been that way. 

"These past seven years have been some I know none of us will ever forget," he started off. 

"We've been through a lot together, from quidditch matches and snowball fights," Lyn joined in, and they continued to trade on and off.  

"To Yule balls and inter-house pranking."

"We've formed new relationships," Lyn shot a loving glance at her long-time boyfriend Albus.

"And kept old friendships," Geoff looked towards Minerva who was sitting next to her boyfriend Kyle.

"We've dealt with old challenges in new ways," Lyn referred to the problem of keeping down dark art followers.

"And created some new ones while we were at it," Geoff laughed slightly, thinking of the swamp that now blocked the middle of the east fourth floor corridor, causing students to have to find a detour. 

"I think I speak for everyone when I say we've all been so lucky to be here," Lyn had to pause and wipe her eyes. 

"And we'll never forget it!" Geoff pumped his fist in the air. 

"Oh my gosh Mione, our babies are getting married!" Ginny looked at Hermione who was sitting next to her on the white wicker chair that was one of many in a large group of them situated outside in front of a white, rose covered gazebo.  Separating the chairs down the middle was a white carpet with pink rose petals being sprinkled on it by one of Ginny's nieces. 

"I know, oh shh, here they come!" Hermione said as the bridal march began. 

            Four people appeared at the end of the carpet.  Draco escorting Minerva, and Deimos escorting Lyn.  They began walking down the aisle in time to the music, and Ginny and Hermione's eyes filled with tears as they passed and went to join Kyle and Albus. 

"We are gathered here today in the joining of Kyle Andrew McGillivray with Minerva Lea Malfoy, and the joining of Albus James Malfoy with Allyn Estrellita Weasley Malfoy," the minister began.  "If there are any who believe that they should not become one, let them speak now or forever hold their peace."

            No one came forward.  The wedding proceeded beautifully, with everything going perfectly. 

"It is my great pleasure to introduce to you for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Kyle McGillivray and Mr. and Mrs. Albus Malfoy!" The minister announced as the two couples ran up the aisle amidst cheering and the recession music.

"Oh I'm so happy," Hermione smiled as she watched her children run past. 

"I love you," Draco responded, hugging her from behind.  "Till the end of time." 

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