My Little Pony: The War of Darkness

BY: Dragonfang33

Synapes: A group of Seven strangers appear in Ponyland during the Spring Festival, and with their appearance something that has never happened in Ponyland before occurs, an all out war against the Demon Lord Sha-rak, and his legions of Un-dead. A My Little Pony/World of Darkness crossover


A Gift and a Curse

p From the Diary of Alex Wolf

p Dear Diary

p Every time I gase out the window, it grows worse. Everyday the World I love, yet hate dies a little more, as the Demon Hordes and their Un-dead allies march across the surface of the Earth unchecked, and unchallenged, except by a few. My Team, Tower 7 is one of these groups.

p Who are we you might ask, well were a team of Slayers, united by our curses, and our goal to rid the world of the Demon Lords once and for all. First there is "Scorpion", a shadowy Werewolf with a taste for both blood and speed, then there's Hawk Harrier, a Hunter with out a conscence who kills at will, be it Un-dead or living. Kyle Lychar, a Vampire with both a taste for blood, and a thirst for revenge against the Hordes. Arthur Walker, is another mysterious character, a Mage with both a hidden past and an unparalled knowledge of what we face. Alex Hunter, a human who bares the powers of a Ghost, and the ability to see those who are invisible. Roger Hawker, a Demon warrior who dared to question the athority of the Demon Lords, now he's a renagade seeking revenge on the Lords who banished him from the fold. Then there's me, Alexander Wolf, leader of Tower 7 and a man divided between all the races of the Earth. For I was born Half-Wizard, Half-Vampire, but I was decendent from the other races, Demon, Werewolf, and Ghost, and this division of my heritage has lead to something far worse then hell. I've become a man divided with himself.

p Though we are united by our curses, and powers, we've all taken a vow, should either of us lose control over our monstress otherselves, the others would kill him right on the spot.

p Tonight though I have received the first good news, Arthur has informed me that there is a way to stop the Demon Lords and end the war.



p I know this doesn't sound like MLP material but I just had to know what would happen if the Un-dead got lose in Ponyland, I will post the next chapter after I get one review