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Chapter One

There were very few women in the wizarding world that understood what it was like to fall desperately in love with the most feared wizards of all. Granted there are some who don't deserve a woman's touch, but then there are those who possess a great deal of passion, skill and deliverance. Those were the men I sought after, the ones I wanted, and the ones I have.

Men and women alike feared the Death Eaters.

Me. I was fascinated with them.

Their dark, alluring charm captivated me, ensnared my senses and drew me to them like a moth to a burning flame. Women warned me of their danger, but it's danger I seek. The depth of their passion is unmatched and their poise and precision overwhelmed me.

I remember the first time I encountered a Dark Mark. He seemed careless in exposing it in front of me, promising that I'd not remember our encounter by the next morning. Perhaps it had been the way I idolized him all night long and insisted that he bear the mark with pride that had convinced him to let me keep our first memory together.

That single memory led to a hot, torrid affair that has lasted four months now. I shared my passions and my fantasies with him, and he shared his with me. I know him in ways that his wife will never know him and that is what will always bring him back to me.

My dear Lucius.

So handsome. So gentle. So refined.

So evil.

I love him dearly, but what's more to love a Death Eater, is to love two.

I met Severus one night when I was expecting Lucius to come by my flat. His wife had somehow detained him for the evening and was forced to cancel our scheduled rendezvous. He sent me an owl immediately, concluding his letter with the most peculiar instructions, requesting that I remain in bed as planned.

I dimmed the lights leaving only two candles burning on the vanity. Lucius loved having the candles burn as we made love. He says he cannot get enough of gazing about my naked flesh glowing in the dim of flickering firelight. I suppose his love of the flame comes from years of his wife never allowing such a thing as light upon embracing his intimacy – as if she were afraid of him seeing her body in its nakedness. Lucius stopped arguing having the bedroom reduced to utter blackness. With a crooked smile on his face he told me it was because easier to fake an orgasm to a blinded lover than it was to one who could see his indifferent expression.

I laughed when he told me this for I had never heard of a man faking an orgasm, nor could I imagine how a woman could ever love him so indifferently. If there was something -- some hidden secret about Lucius sufficient enough to be just reason not to love everything about him, I had not discovered it. I loved everything about him. And he – unable to resist me but unable to devote himself purely to me – loved everything about me. In the touch of light from both the moon and our candles I could make out the deepest expressions he made when he came into me. I both felt and tasted his plentiful orgasms and he mine.

Oh! How I'd kill to see that face again right now.


My lovely, luscious Lucius…

I had fallen asleep, for it had been nearly two hours before I felt the brush of soft suede gliding across my face. I could feel the chill of the air permeating my skin as he slowly drew the covers back and glimpsed upon my flesh. I could feel a dip in the mattress as he sat down on the bed next to me.

I could feel the warmth and moisture of his breath wafting gently across my shoulder, thus erecting a congregation of goosebumps that caused me as much pain as pleasure. His long, narrow fingers swept my curtain of hair aside and his soft, wet lips touched my neck.

I knew it wasn't Lucius by the way he touched me, and his sweet succulent moan was unfamiliar, but all the same arousing. This man's enticing technique wrought just as much spine-tingling stimulation as Lucius' did. I began to turn around to face him when I first heard his voice.

"Stay as you are," he commanded.

I nearly came when I heard those velvet words slip so deliciously off his tongue. Then, never having seen his face but only feeling his hands and his lips about my body, I let him carry out the seduction in dominant command.

It was torture not being able to see his face or to touch his skin. I longed to hold him, to kiss him, and to surrender to his intimate embrace. But he took his time bringing my arousal to the point of sheer ecstasy. I gave him my will and submission thus rendered myself his scarlet rose. Although I wanted him indefinitely and immediately, I exercised my patience and my submission. He took pride in his dominance and I didn't dare take that away from him.

No one dared to defy a Slytherin and few dared to take a Death Eater for a lover. Only those with an abundance or sheer lack of sense and knowledge challenged the dark wizards. I knew this man had been a Slytherin straight away. Lucius would not have sent anything but.

"You may rise," he whispered into my ear.

His long hair tickled my neck. Long, slender fingers encircled my wrists and brought me up ever so slowly. I turned my head, ready to look upon the face of the man who would shortly become my latest inamorato.