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Chapter Two

The twin flames from the candles glittered and danced in his black eyes. His thin lips turned up into a peculiar smile and he moaned deep in his throat as his gaze perused my naked flesh. His hands were warm and his fingers strong and nimble. When he combed his hands up into my hair and drew my auburn locks over my shoulders his thumbs brushed gently across my breasts and drew out an elongated, zealous moan.

I'm sure he meant for me to think that it was an accident that he had touched me, but I knew better. Lucius was the same way, always pretending to have bumped his hand against my breasts or intimacy when his sole intention was to advance our arousal. His jovial behaviour wasn't quite the sort I expected from a Death Eater, but gave me reason to love him even more. Lucius loved to play, and from what I could already see, so did his comrade.

"Lucius has told me an awful lot about you," he whispered into my ear before licking the nape of my neck and pressing kisses into my skin. "He told me you were the most astounding witch he'd ever had the pleasure of bedding. And believe me, that is saying something."

My hands danced about his arms and chest desperately seeking the bare flesh I longed to touch, to caress and to kiss. This man's clothing was thick. He was clad in at least two layers of garments bearing a terrible hindrance to my desperate desires. When my fingertips rose to caress his neck I was finally able to stroke his hot bare skin.

"Have you and Lucius shared many women?" I asked with serene curiosity as I began to rub just below his hairline.

"We have." He dipped his head below my chin and suckled at the hollow of my throat, his hair tickling my breasts. I touched my hands to each side of his head and massaged his scalp as his lips and tongue grazed across my flesh. "Occasionally we share simultaneously."

I moaned out loud at the thought of being one of those women. My insides shuddered erotically at the thought of being the meat in a Death Eater sandwich. Lucius was an incredible lover, and although I haven't quite yet experienced his friend in the fullest manner, I knew already that he would be just as splendid.

The way he touched me wrought immeasurable heat to my core – and he hadn't even touched that yet. His fingers were long and knew precisely how to arouse me, slowly. He had progressed from my neck to my shoulders, and from my shoulders to my breasts. Eager, hungry lips followed in pursuit of his sensational kneading.

Still fully dressed, he eased me down onto my back and tipped my swollen nipple to his mouth. I first felt his warm lips surround my areola, and then his pointed tongue darting from his mouth to taste and prod my hardened peak. When his tongue had lapped across every whit of my areola he turned and did the same to the next, lapping and suckling slowly as if he were trying to memorize the exact feel and texture of my breasts.

Even Lucius didn't pay such close attention to the profile of my body as this. I had to admit this man knew what he was doing. Not only was he preparing to distinguish my body from another woman's body blindfolded, but also, he was training himself to please me. I could tell he was listening carefully to the moans he erected from my mouth, thus telling him what I liked and what I liked better.

When his mouth had finished with my breasts he coiled his hands around my neck and for the first time he touched his mouth to mine. Softly at first, he stroked my lips with his own and massaged his fingers into my neck and throat.

When I felt his soft, wet touch brush across my bottom lip I opened up to him beckoning him inside. His tongue touched my teeth and then tasted my mouth. His hands came up to cradle my face and he tilted me from side to side as he worked his tongue inside my mouth, kissing me with the craze and zeal Lucius taught me to love.

 "You are undoubtedly the most beautiful witch I have ever laid eyes upon," he said and picked my hand up. He pressed a kiss into each of my knuckles and then let my fingers slip slowly from his.

"Then I presume you also expect me to be the most delightful fuck you have ever had as well," I whispered to him.

His left eyebrow rose conspicuously. "I have no doubt that you will live up to the expectations Lucius has set upon me," he said. "After all, Lucius is quite particular about his women. He and I have quite similar taste; say for some very miniscule differences. As Lucius prefers the flaming locks of auburn hair, my tastes lean towards the silky tresses of raven black."

He slowly drew a long, black wand from his robes and pointed it to my head. I closed my eyes and remained still and silent while he whispered a quiet incantation and dragged the wand down through the locks of my hair. For a moment my scalp tingled erotically. I giggled softly and then opened my eyes to see him combing his fingers through my hair.

The locks left hanging over my shoulders stood out vividly against my pale skin.

Black indeed.

I hummed delightedly into his ear and eased my fingers through my hair admiring its new shade. "Very well done," I complimented. "I don't suppose Lucius told you, black is my favorite as well."

"No," he said and gently shook his head, smiling crookedly. "I gathered that information myself."

I raised my brows conspicuously. "Oh really? Perhaps you would like to humour me. How can such information be gathered in such a short time?" I tucked my arms beneath the pillow under my head and watched him, anticipating his answer.

It appeared as though I had amused him, for he settled his body beside mine, wrapped his arm around my body and placed his head down on the pillow next to me. His fingers began to caress my side, occasionally snaking across to touch the satin skin where dark curls had once grown. "Lucius told me he first saw you in Knockturn Alley," he started. "You were at the sales counter making a purchase in a very naughty lingerie shop. He stopped to look at you, and bound by curiosity, wanted to know what sort of enticing treasures were in that tiny little bag of yours."

I was also bound by curiosity, for Lucius never mentioned witnessing me in that particular shop. "Do go on," I encouraged and snuggled myself into his embrace.

He hauled my leg up over top of his and began lengthening his caress to reach between my legs. I hummed delightedly as he carried on with the story I assumed would eventually relate to my black obsession.

"Lucius followed you out of Knockturn Alley that day," he said. "I do believe it was on the way to King's Cross when he finally caught up to you, insisting that you had dropped the Wanda's Wicked Wardrobe business card he had discreetly obtained after you had left the shop."

I could feel my lips spreading into an ample smile. I remembered when Lucius had called for me to stop. To be completely truthful, it had been his alluring voice that compelled me to turn around.

"Miss, I believe you dropped this," Lucius had said. He had the small, red card in his hand and was holding it out to me. I knew I hadn't asked Wanda for her card, so I supposed she had slipped it into my bag after I had paid her.

I had hesitantly reached out to take the card from Lucius, but before my fingers closed around it, he held it back and began reading it. His eyebrows perked up intriguingly, no doubt knowing exactly what sort of garments I had purchased, but played the fool anyway.

"What sort of robes fit into a package that small?" he had asked while pointing at the little bag in my hand. I could see right through that smile of his, so I had decided to play along with him.

"I could show you," I teased and wiggled the little bag in front of him.

He made to peek in the bag, but before he could see anything beyond the black tissue paper, I hauled it away and shook a finger at him. It was then that I saw that wild, rousing look in his stunning eyes.

"Not so fast, big guy," I told him. "You only get to look once. Be it now in this tiny, little bag, or in a little while around this tiny, little body?" I had asked as I seductively ran a finger down my side.

I could almost see his mouth watering as his eyes traced my finger and lingered on the form of my hips. His tongue darted out of his mouth and fervently licked those enticing lips. He hummed delightfully, pretending to ponder over the decision.

"If that is what I think it is," he said, eying my bag, "and I see you modeling it before me, I doubt I will be able to stop myself from taking you right here, in front of all these people. That would prove to be quite awkward should the Ministry hear of it," he said, "not to mention the words my wife would have for me when she found out."

My heart had sunk to the bottom of my stomach at that time. Not that I thought I had a chance of snagging him for my own husband one day. I was rather disappointed because I had so far been looking forward to have him challenge my second offer.

Grudgingly, I swiped the red business card from his hand and used my wand to etch my personal address on the plain back of it. He took the card back when I held it out to him. "My offer still stands, although you'll have to give me at least a half hour before coming by – if that is your desire."

And to my utter amazement, he did. Lucius and I spent the entire evening and most of the night together. He got to see the sheer black lingerie I had bought that day, and I also gave him the honour of removing it. It didn't take him very long once he realized I wanted him to take pleasure in experiencing the intimate vitalities beneath.

"So what is it about this tale that makes you think I fancy black so much?" I asked the man in my bed as I delicately stroked limp pieces of hair from falling in his face.

"Well, let's see," he said and hoisted his body up atop mine. His hands coiled around my wrists pinning me down to the mattress. His cloak completely blanketed my body keeping me warm in the rapidly cooling night. "You buy black lingerie in Knockturn Alley – a street known for its provision of Black Magic. Then you allow yourself to be seduced by a wizard in black robes, invite him into your home and then bring him to your bed where you ravish him upon black silk bed sheets."

He smiled down at me looking quite satisfied with himself. I returned his smile and let my fingertips dance behind his ear and along the nape of his neck, stroking his long, raven hair. "And as if that isn't enough, I may also add that you have not stopped playing with my hair since I arrived."

My hand froze as it was in his hair. There were several wisps trapped between my fingers and I realized that, yes, I do love his hair. I love black. I always have.

"Very good," I congratulated. "Lucius has quite a memory for detail. I had forgotten about the silk sheets." Tonight I had settled for my favourite pair of silver enchanted bed sheets. They were soft satin, warm and they sparkled in the light of the flame. "Will this do for you tonight?" I asked and rubbed the glistening sheet between my fingers.

"This will do just fine," he told me before dipping his head down to my throat where he suckled hard and hungrily, rekindling my flaming desire to embrace him intimately.

Both his hands and mouth slithered about my body, perking my senses and drawing liquid heat to my channel. Again, my hands found pleasure in massaging his scalp as his lips sought my roused nipples. He used his tongue and his hands to pull them back into tight buds.

Stroking and licking.

Stroking and then suckling.

"Oh Merlin," I cried as the fingers of his right hand crept towards my intimacy. I slowly separated my legs allowing him ample room to explore my depths.

He lifted his head from my taut nipple and looked me in the eye, his fingers still moving smoothly across my aroused flesh. "Regardless of what Lucius may have told you, that is not my name," he told me, a proud smirk on his face.

I moaned in the most erotic tone I could muster, and it must have tickled his senses because I could feel him press hard against me straight away. "By what name may I call my handsome seducer?"

He looked hard into my eyes. Nearer and nearer he came until his hot lips settled atop mine. He forced my lips apart and plunged his tongue deep into my mouth tasting every corner. Amidst our kiss his fingers spread my folds apart and thrust slowly in, deeper and deeper.

I gasped, amazed at how far he had reached. He touched me in places Lucius had never reached before – at least not by his hand. He moved so slowly I could feel every stroke. My eyes fluttered closed and a moan surpassed my lips and breathed into his.

In return, he breathed one single word into my mouth.

One I would never forget.


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