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"It's not fair. . "

"Nothing is."

"But. . there has to be something. . "

"There's nothing that you can do. We have to do it or we'll get killed. Even though we already told him that we wouldn't. I don't think that our 'boss' is the kinda guy who takes no as an answer."

Mai looked up at Bakura (the yami). "But why?"

"Because. This is the life we chose. We have to kill them."

Mai took a deep breath. "All right. I'll do it. I'll kill Yugi and his friends."



Yugi looked up from his math book, and saw that Mai Valentine had entered the game shop.

"Mai! I haven't seen you in. . years!" Yugi ran up to her, smiling. "It's so great that you're back! I have to call everyone!"

"No. . that's okay Yugi," Mai said. "I just came here to talk to you. I-Well, the reason that I left. I have to tell someone."

"All right, Mai. I"ll listen."

"Thank you, Yugi." Mai took a deep breath. "A few years---"

A cell phone rang. Mai's.

"One minute," She said, apologetically to Yugi. She turned around and answered her phone. "Mai."

"Did you do it?"

"No! I told you. . I can't!"

"You have to do it, Mai."

"How am I supposed to do that?"

"Easily. Just take your gun, and blast a couple holes through his head."

"Marik!" She whispered. "I told you, I'm not working for you anymore! Leave me alone!" And she slammed her phone shut.

"Mai? What's wrong?" Yugi asked.

"Nothing. . umm, I have to go, Yugi. Don't tell anyone i was here, all right?"

"Okay. . "

"Thank you, Yugi," Mai smiled, and ran out of the game shop.

'That was wierd. . '


"So you didn't do it?" Bakura asked Mai.

"I couldn't. . I just couldn't kill him," She said. "I mean, how does Marik expect me to do that? Yugi is one of my friends!"

"I can see where you would be hesitant, but if you don't he'll kill YOU!"

"I KNOW!" Mai cried, in frustration. "But what am I supposed to do?"

Bakura wrapped her into a hug. "We'll run away, like we talked about. Then Marik won't be able to bother us anymore."

Mai smiled. "All right."

"And don't worry, if he does come, I'll protect you," Bakura said, giving her a long, passionate kiss.


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