Hi, I just decided to change my files to html, because the formatting is much easier on the eye. Lol. I think it looks better too... So here's my disclaimer, I might as well add it in, seeing how I'm revamping the fic. ::The person who started it all is a great lady called JK Rowling. I'm doing an AU so I'm afraid I might just be warping her characters, and changing the way they are and what happens etc. However, full credit for such a wonderful series goes to her::

Chapter One - A boy called Ray

The streets of London were completely empty safe for a young boy and his companion, who were creeping across the road soundlessly, clothed in dark pants and shirt, with a sack flung over their shoulders. The tall street lamps cast long shadows in the area, making it remarkably creepy.

To the two young boys however, this was home, a place they had spent countless nights in, moving in the exact same fashion, for the exact same purpose.

When they reached the wall of the house, the taller boy gave the smaller, slimmer one a boost over it. Then, with a running leap, and his friend's assistance, he too cleared the formidable stone barrier.

Keeping a wary eye out, they descended silently, starting to move towards the residence. They had been given their assignment earlier the same day. All they had to do was follow instructions, and carry it out.

Edward, or Eddie as he was better known to his friends, was tall for his age. Broad in shoulder and with neat reddish brown hair, he was easily the most popular member of the Reynard's Boys, or the Thieves Guild as many chose to call it.

His companion was Ray. Edward had found Ray wandering the streets three years back and had brought the abandoned boy to Reynard.

Little was known about Ray. When pressed for his real name, the boy would just shrug and reply with an easy smile, "Just call me Ray." Small and slender, Ray was agile and sure of his work. His dark hair lay messily over his eyes, covering a lightning bolt scar that was on his forehead. Like Ray himself, the scar was a mystery to all who knew him. A pair of dark-framed spectacles perched on his straight nose, making his brilliant green eyes stand out.

A few feet away from the back door of the house, Edward stepped into a detector which immediately clamped around his leg, triggering a loud ringing bell throughout the residence at the same time. Horrified, Ray moved forward, conscious of the running footsteps that were headed towards them. Before he could get any closer however, Edward had stopped him with a shake of his head.

The rules were clear in this case, "Whoever falls behind, is left behind." Even if Ray had stayed with Edward, he would not be able to free his friend on time.

With a last desperate look at the prone figure on the ground, Ray turned to run, clambering up a tree and over the wall. Once over, he took off, moving as fast as he could to get away from the scene of the crime.


Halfway to headquarters, Harry crashed into someone. The man was tall and dressed completely in black from head to toe. He had a hooked nose and a rather pallid complexion. With some trepidation, Harry noted that the man was scowling fiercely at him.

A small part of him was tempted to just turn and run. Another part was cringing in disgust at the greasy hair that adorned the man's head, hanging to his shoulders.

With a muttered apology to the man who seemed to be frozen in place staring at Harry's features, the scowl slowly dissipating from his face, Harry made to move off, ducking past the man.

Before he could get much further however, the man shot out a hand to catch his arm. Still high-strung over having to leave Edward behind, Harry jerked before starting struggle.

"And I didn't even take his money," the boy thought to himself, a cross between annoyed and alarmed.

The man opened his mouth to say something, but before he could get any words out, a woman and a much older man had come clacking up the street. In the dim lighting, Harry could just make out some robes.

"Mental," he thought, "I'm stuck out in the streets in the middle of the night with some lunatics."

The old man sighed wearily. "Severus, let the boy be. I'm sure he did not mean to bump into you. We've got far more important…"

The old man cut off as the woman breathed almost reverently, "Upon my word, it is him, Albus."

Albus looked surprised for a moment before shaking his head, "Where have you been, Harry Potter?"

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