Song of the Pomegranate

A/N: Well, it's a poem about a pomegranate, which also contains heavy references to the myth of Hades and Persephone. I'll admit that it's short and pointless but I got inspired. Also, if any readers are wondering about the status of 'Epitaph Empress' (which this poem isn't linked to), worry not! There's an update in the works! Enjoy the poem, people.

Surpassing loveliness

Is good enough to feast upon

So I feasted upon her

I, the pomegranate

Feasted upon bright Persephone

As she feasted upon me.

I hung, ripe and immobile

Promising death

And with the illusion of life

I trapped a goddess.

Her curious eyes swallowed me

I tempted her to swallow more

I glistened for her

In my moment of glory.

She may have eaten me

But in the end, I ate her

I let her tear at my flesh

I let her split me open

I let her look upon my seeds

Nestled bright within me

Bright and ripe for the picking

My juices sip at her fingers

As her trembling, starving, hands

Clutch at my life.

She tears my heart out

I bleed and she eats

And I laugh

And the Underworld laughs with me.

She knows not to eat

But she eats

I compel her to eat

Death compels her to eat

The myth compels her to eat.

Her sweet mouth, sweeter still

With my aftertaste

Drips a brilliant, juicy red

Red like blood

Red like a warning

Against forbidden fruit.

We both bleed together for this

We are both split open

We are both satisfied with the taste

And horrified at the consequences

We both belong to Death now

Now and forever.

I, the pomegranate, sing

And dripping red Persephone

Is my song.