The Right Turn

TIME: September 1956

Hawkeye Pierce walked as quickly as possible down the busy street. He was going to be late for work again, and he didn't need that. He would drop off his two year old son at the sitter's each morning before work and then rush down the street to work. Both were in walking distance from his apartment, but somehow he always managed to be late at least twice a week. He had a car, but kept it in the parking garage all week. He would use in mostly on the weekends. Every other weekend he would take his son to Maine and they would go visit Daniel and the rest of the Crabapple Cove family.

Life as a single father was a never ending job, but he would never give it up. He wanted to give Danny the best life possible, and sometimes he felt like he wasn't doing that. They lived in a big city instead of a small town like he did when he was growing up, and Danny didn't have a mother. Things weren't the way he pictured, but that didn't mean they were bad. They were just the opposite.

His weekly routine consisted of waking up at six thirty to take a shower and then being done by seven because that's when Danny would wake up. Then Hawkeye would make the two of them breakfast, get ready to go, and drop the baby off on his way to work. After he got out of work at six, he would grab the baby and go home to have dinner. After that he would let Danny play while he cleaned up, then give the baby a bath and it was off to bed for the little guy.

The weekends were better. They were able to spend more time together. Every other weekend they drove to Maine, and this weekend was one of their weekends to go. Hawkeye hoped that he would end up in Maine again one day, but was waiting for the right job to come along. He knew he wouldn't be happy in Maine unless he was happy at work too.

Every Sunday evening was laundry time. Hawkeye hated laundry and rather than keeping up with it all week, he did it all on Sunday night. It wasn't that bad anymore. Not now that Danny was a little older. He was pretty entertaining when they hung around the house waiting for laundry. He loved spending time with his son, but there never seemed like there was enough time in the day for him. At least not when it came to Danny.

Daniel Sherman Pierce was the product of a love affair Hawkeye had right after the war. Danny's mother, Diana, wanted nothing to do with him from the moment she found out she was pregnant. Hawkeye convinced her to carry the baby to term. He even proposed to her time and time again and each time she turned him down. Hawkeye tried to work things out with her but she wanted nothing to do with it. She regretted carrying the baby to term, but by the time she decided that it was too late to do anything.

Once Danny was born Diana flew away as fast and as far as she could. Hawkeye hadn't heard from her since and knew that he never would. When she was pregnant and mad all the time, Hawkeye started to feel guilty about all of it. But that changed once he held Danny in his arms. He wouldn't change it for the world. It would be he and his son forever and there was nothing wrong with that.

That evening after work Hawkeye picked his son up and the two of them walked home. Danny hadn't been feeling good and the sitter said he had been fussy all day. There was a flu going around and Hawkeye hoped it wasn't that. They had plans to leave for Maine in the weekend. He'd have to see how Danny was feeling in the morning and then go from there.

"Daddy," Danny whined as they walked down the street. He was in his father's arms.

"What's the matter, buddy?"

"No feel dood," he pouted.

Hawkeye rubbed his son's back as they walk. "I know you don't. We're gonna get you home and then Daddy will take a look at you."

"K," he said sadly.

Hawkeye took his child home and gave him some medicine. Danny fell asleep while he was eating dinner. Hawkeye washed the sleeping child's face and then put him to bed. Hawkeye hoped Danny would be better in the morning. He really wanted to go see his father this weekend.

The next morning Hawkeye loaded Danny and their suitcase in the car; they were going to Maine. He decided that if Danny was going to be sick, he could be sick anywhere. It's not like he was really sick, it was just a cold.

Hawkeye was sitting still on the road waiting for the oncoming traffic to clear so he could turn left down another street. That's when he heard and then felt a crash to the rear end of his car. He felt the car jerk and then Danny started to scream. Hawkeye looked in the rear view mirror and then got out of the car. He opened the back door and talked to Danny as he did to calm the baby down.

"What the hell is the matter with you?" He yelled at the unknown woman. His head was still in the car trying to unbuckle his son.

"ME?!" Screeched the woman. "It wasn't my fault. Some jerk ran into me and that's what made me hit you!"

Hawkeye turned his head at the familiar voice and looked into the familiar face that belonged to it. "Margaret?"

"Hawkeye?" She said in disbelief. She ran over to him and threw her arms around him giving him a warm hug. "What are you doing here?" She asked when she pulled back.

"Well, we were on our way to Crabapple Cove, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen." He bent down and grabbed Danny out of the car. The confused baby laid his head down on his father's shoulder. "This is Danny," Hawkeye smiled.

Margaret smiled brightly at the baby. He had his father's jet black hair and blue eyes. He was a chubby little thing with a runny nose. Margaret placed her hand on the little boy's back. "Hi honey." She looked at Hawkeye, "Is he yours?"

"All mine."

"Wow," she smiled. She looked at the baby and then at Hawkeye. "How have you been?"

"Great! You?"

"Pretty good until now," she glanced at the vehicles. Her car was in bad shape, but his looked fine. She was far enough away from him that her car only tapped his. But that other car rammed into her.

"Yeah. What the hell happened?"

Margaret looked at the car behind hers. "That idiot came barreling down the road and couldn't stop in time."

Hawkeye looked at the man in the other car. He hadn't seen him before. "Lets go see if he's okay." Hawkeye let Margaret over there to check on the man. He was about 75 and looked like he shouldn't have been driving in the first place. "Sir, are you alright?"

"I don't know," the man said. He had bumped his head pretty good and just gained consciousness. He was old and was hurt. "Did I hurt anyone?"

"No sir," Margaret said. She felt bad for the guy now and felt a little guilty calling the old man and idiot. "We're fine. We'll get you some help."

"I'll look at him," Hawkeye said to her. He handed Danny over to Margaret and opened the car door. "Take him over there so I can take care of him," he said to Margaret. He pointed to the grassy place on the other side of the road.

Danny started to fuss a little and Margaret looked at him, "What's the matter little guy? You don't know me, do you? It's okay. Daddy's helping the man in the car and then he'll take you. I won't hurt you; I promise."

Danny looked into her eyes and felt that there was something there that he could trust. "Mame?"

"Name? She smiled. "What's my name? My name is Margaret. Can you say that?" Danny tried to say it but he couldn't do it. "How about Maggie? Can you say that?"

"Maggie," he smiled proudly.

"Very good," she praised. Margaret looked him over while she talked to him. "I don't let just anyone call me Maggie. You should be honored. Are you sick honey?"

"No feel dood," he informed her.

"You don't feel good? Well, why was Daddy taking you to Maine? Where's your Mommy? I bet she would straiten him out about this."

"No mommy."

Margaret looked at him odd. "No mommy? I'll have to ask Daddy about that. Do you have any boo-boos honey?" Danny shook his head no. "Okay. You're all checked. Nothing but a runny nose." Margaret reached in her purse and pulled out a tissue for him. She wiped his nose and he cooperated like a trooper, and then he laid his head down on her shoulder and looked out so he could see his father.

Margaret stood there rocking the child and rubbing his back soothingly. Hawkeye walked over to them with a smile when the EMTs got there. Danny had his arms and legs wrapped securely around Margaret with his eyes fighting to stay open. He was so cute. He looked like he was stuck on her.

"The ambulance is here," he informed her. "The police should be coming soon so we can make out the accident reports. Did you check him?"

"I did. Not a scratch on him. How about you?"

"Fine," he took his son back. "How about you? Are you okay?"

"I think so. Nothing broken," she smiled. "Just my car."

"Such a shame. A brand new T-bird convertible. I'm sure it'll be okay. A couple of stitches and bandages and it'll be as good as new."

She smiled at him and then stared at him for a moment. It was so odd to see him again. She literally ran into him. "So, how are you?"

"Great. I live here in Boston. I was on my way to see me father got the weekend when you ran into me. How about you? Do you live here?"

"No, not yet. I was here for an interview I went to yesterday. But today I was headed to New Hampshire to see my sister until I get an answer on a position somewhere. I'm glad I ran into you though."


She laughed. "Yeah, I was just thinking the same thing. Its been what, 3 years?"

"About that. You here alone?"

"Yes I am."

He was fishing for information now. "Your husband didn't come with you?"

She knew what he was doing and smiled, "I'm not married. Where's your wife?"

"Not married either. Its just Danny and I."

She smiled and then lost it and looked angry at him. "What the hell are you doing taking him away when he's sick?"

"What's the difference? He can be sick anywhere. It's not that bad of a drive from here to Maine."

Margaret rolled her eyes at him. He was a typical man. "You do not take sick children away from home!"

"Oh, and how do you know that?" He challenged.

"I'm a nurse and a woman."

"Well I'm a father."

"I'm sure you're a wonderful father too, but you're an idiot for wanting to take him away from home when he doesn't feel good. He needs the comfort of his own home."

"Yeah, well that's where we're headed after this."

When the police pulled up they talked to them and gave them all the necessary information. Margaret had to get a tow truck for her car because she couldn't drive it like that. That meant that she was stuck in Boston until her car was ready, and they wouldn't be able to touch it until Monday. Hawkeye waited with her until the two truck came. His car was fine. Just a scratch, but that was nothing. She had barley tapped him.

She looked at him with a smile as she watched her new car being towed away. "Could you do me a favor and give me a ride?"

"Sure," he smiled. "Where are you headed?"

"Hotel I guess. You know of a nice place that doesn't cost an arm and a leg? I need a place to stay until my car is ready so I can leave town."

He opened the car door for her, "I know of a place. It isn't that clean, but its free." He placed Danny in the back and then sat in the driver's seat.

She gave him a confused look. "What are you talking about?"

"My place," he stated as he started the car up. "You're more than welcome to stay with us if you don't mind a little mess and a two year old who apparently has a cold."

She smiled at him, "Thank you, but I couldn't. I'll find a place."

He looked at her and pouted like a child. "Please stay with us."

She chuckled, "Okay, but only if I'm not imposing."

"We'd love to have you. I'll fix up my bed for you."

She narrowed her eyes. He had been good so far. "Pierce," she scolded.

"Not like that," he laughed. "I'll sleep on the couch. You can have the bed."

"I can't do that. I'll sleep on the couch instead."

"Alright." He wasn't going to argue with her about that or anything else right now. "I'll make dinner. How does that sound?"

"Sounds good."

"Wonderful," he said with enthusiasm. "It'll be nice to cook for someone who appreciates it. Its hard to tell with my son. He eats food off the floor, so he's not a good judge when it comes to taste."

Margaret laughed at him. "You haven't changed."

"Just more mature."

"I like that though. It's about time you stopped acting like a 13 year old boy."

"I figured Danny needed a father, not an older brother.."

Margaret smiled and looked to the back seat to see the child. He was sleeping peacefully. "Where's his mother?"

"Don't know. She left the day she was released from the hospital and hasn't been back since. She never will either."

She shook her head sadly. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be. She wasn't good for either of us. We're better off without her." Hawkeye saw her smiled and decided that it was time to chance the subject. "Now Miss Margaret, why aren't you married with a bunch of babies?"

She gave him a small smile and sighed a bit. "I still haven't found Mr. Right."

He pulled into the parking lot, "Here we are. Would you do me a favor and get the baby while I get the suitcases?" He has his and Danny's, and now he also had Margaret's to carry.

"Of course I would." She picked up the sleeping child while Hawkeye grabbed the luggage.

"Follow me." Margaret followed him through the parking garage and into the building. They rode the elevator to the fourth floor and he led her in. "Put him in his bed," he pointed to the room.

Margaret saw the room that was his. It had race cars in it. "You sure that's not yours?"

He smiled, "Ha, ha."

She smiled and brought the baby to his room. She laid him in his bed and shut his door leaving it open a crack. She looked around for a moment at the living area. It was very masculine and messy. The few pictures that were on the wall were crooked, and there were toys everywhere. She wanted to straiten up, but held back.

"I'm in here," Hawkeye called from the kitchen.

Margaret shook her head an followed the light to the small kitchen. Hawkeye was in there with his head in the refrigerator. "Want something to drink?"

"Sure. What do you have?"

"Well, I have milk, orange juice, and apple juice, and beer. What would you like?" He stood up and smiled at her.

"How about a beer? I could use one."

He smiled and grabbed two bottle of beer out. He took the top off hers and handed her the cold bottle. "There you go madam."

"Thank you," she smiled. She watched him sit down across from her and then went to take a sip of her beer. When she did that she craned her neck and winced in pain. She put her beer down and placed her right hand on the back of her neck to guide it to an upright position again.

"Oh Margaret, are you okay?"

"Yeah, just a little stiff."

"You should have let the EMTs look at you. I told you, you were hit pretty hard." He pushed his chair out and stood up. "Let me have a look."

She removed her hand from her neck and felt him replace it with his own hands. "Ah, that hurts."

"Sorry." He said but didn't stop his movements. "You were hit pretty good young lady. You should know that you're going to be sore for a few days at least."

"I know. At least you weren't hit hard. It would have been horrible if Danny would have gotten hurt too."

"Yes it would," he agreed. "Later tonight I'm going to massage your neck for you. I don't want you sore for too long. You're gonna start a new job somewhere."

"I know. I just don't know where." She said as she watched him sit back at the table and take a sip of beer.

"What do you mean?"

"I have a few options. I'm not sure which I'll take. If this one in Boston comes though, I'd like to take that. It seems like a wonderful job."

"What is it?" He asked with interest.

"Its at Boston General and I'd be the head nurse for OB."


She smiled at his disbelief. "Yes I would. What's so hard to believe about that?"

"I'm on the cardiac team. I'm not chief surgeon yet, but I'm working on it."

She smiled at him. It seemed so odd to be sitting there like that with him. They were having a normal conversation. "That's incredible. That means if I get the job we'd be working at the same hospital."

"That's wonderful, but what's so great about that job?"

"Well," she smiled. "I love the babies, and its great hours."

"What is it, if you don't mind my asking?"

"Of course not," she smiled. "Its fulltime of course, I'd work Tuesday through Saturday 9-5. For a nurse, those hours are to die for. Everyone I know would kill for that."

He smiled at her. He had to agree that nurses hours seemed to be pretty screwy. "If you would like I could put in a call for you."

"Would you?"

"Sure I would. Who do I need to talk to?"

"Um.I guess that would be Pamela Heaton."

"I know her well. I'll call her right now. Don't go away."

She smiled at him. He walked out of the room and made a phone call. She sat alone for a few minutes looking around the kitchen. It was odd to be there with like that. They had taken different paths after the war, but somehow they ended up together again. Now Hawkeye Pierce, Romeo of Korea, had a son and was a single father. Margaret imagined that put a cramp in his dating life, but he didn't seem to mind that.

When Hawkeye came back he had a smile on his face. "You'll know on Wednesday, but I'm pretty sure you have the job. I'll know on Monday and I'll tell you, but you won't 'know' until they say so on Wednesday, okay?"

"Okay. Thank you."

"You're more than welcome my dear lady." He took a seat at the table and began working on his beer again. "You're not drinking yours. Something wrong?"

"Hurts my neck."

"Let me get you a straw."

"No thanks. I don't like beer through a straw, but I will take a glass of milk like that if you don't mind."

"Not at all. Help yourself. The cups are in the cabinet next to the refrigerator, and the straws are on the counter in that bag."

Margaret got up and found what she needed. "This is a nice place you have here. It's not the cleanest place, but its nice."

He smiled at her little comment. "I've never been known for my cleaning skills, but if it bothers you, you're more than welcome to clean up."

"I might do that," she said with a smile. "You know me. I'm a neat freak."

"You're pretty neat, but I wouldn't call you a freak."

She rolled her eyes and took a seat. "Ha, ha. Very funny."

He smiled at her and watched her movements for a moment. She was even graceful and breathtaking while she drank milk out of a straw. "So Miss Margaret, how is life treating you?"

"Well, it was hard when I left the army, but it was something that I needed to do. I've been a civilian for two years now and I love it."

"Glad to hear that. Where have you been? I talk to BJ and the Colonel sometimes and neither know where you've been. Colonel Potter would love to hear from you."

Margaret looked down into her glass of milk. "I miss him."

"Write him sometime."

She smiled, "I think I will. Lets see, the last three years I've been in Germany, France, South Carolina, Virginia, Montana, and then I ended up here in New England. My sister lived up in New Hampshire and I wanted to be closer to her. She's about to have her fourth baby, and I decided it was time to start getting to know my family better. I've been away so long."

"You're right. Family is the most important thing in life. I thank God everyday that I have Danny."

"He is a cute baby," she smiled at the proud father. "He looks just like you."

"Are you saying I'm cute?"

She gave him a small smile, "I never once said anything to make you think otherwise, did I?"

He gave her a very amused smile. "No, I guess you didn't."

"I'd ask you about your life, but I can see the change for you. That little boy has done wonders for you. I think I like you better now."

"I didn't know you could like me any better than you already did."

Margaret just about spit out her milk trying to keep from laughing. "You're a funny man."

He gave her a warm smile. "Would you like to unpack some things and get settled a little?"

"That's okay. I can live out of a suitcase for a while. It doesn't bother me."

"You're not doing that. While you're here, this is your home too. I'll make room for you." He finished off his beer and then stood up. "You wanna follow me and I'll show you around?"

"Sure." She stood up and grabbed the back of her neck. It was stiffer than she realized. She massaged it for a quick moment and followed Hawkeye out of the room.

He showed her around each room except Danny's. She found that the place was three bedroom, not two. Only one of them was an office and didn't have a bed. She wished it was a guest room for her sake. With her neck hurting her already, she knew that by the end of the night she wasn't going to be able to sleep on that couch. She didn't have a choice though, but she began thinking that she should have taken Hawkeye up on his offer.

Margaret had already had a look around the living room, but Hawkeye gave her the tour of it anyway. He did the same with the office. He told her to make herself at home and use anything she needed. If she needed to get away from him, she could escape to his office if she pleased. He showed her the bathroom and told her to feel free to put her stuff in there and set it up, but make sure that Danny couldn't reach it. He even gave her the tour of his bedroom and was going to make some space in a couple of draws for her, but she said no. She didn't feel comfortable with that and told him she'd set up her things in his office.

Danny woke up a little later and got to know Margaret better. With his little cold, he just wanted his father, but he was open to her. He was anything but shy. He loved people and especially women. He didn't have a mother of his own and he loved how caring they seemed to be. Hawkeye was a wonderful father, but he wasn't a mother. He didn't have that intuition or the know how to be one.

Margaret made some phone calls late that afternoon and unpacked some things that she needed. Hawkeye spent the late afternoon making dinner and trying to entertain his sick son. Danny didn't care about that, he wanted to be held and cried because he couldn't be. Margaret fixed that as soon as she came out of the office.

She saw Danny standing in the kitchen crying and asking his father to hold him. Hawkeye was telling him that he couldn't, but he would in a few minutes. It was just because he was sick. He was usually a very good baby and didn't cry.

"Danny," Margaret said. "What's the matter honey?"

He looked at her and then at his father, "Take me," he whined.

Margaret walked over to him and knelt down on the floor to be eye level to him. "Do you want me to take you?"

He thought for a moment and looked into her eyes. "Pwease."

She gave him a warm smiled and picked him. It hurt her neck to bend down and pick him up, but she was fine once she stood strait up again. Hawkeye caught her wincing. "Margaret, you're getting a massage later."

"I am?"

"You are! I'm a doctor and I can't have Danny sick and you hurting at the same time. I have to help someone and I can't help the common cold, so that leaves you."

"Yes Doctor," she smiled as she sat down at the table placing Danny on her lap. Danny leaned back on her and watched his father continue to cook. Margaret moved some hair out of the child's eyes and gave him a kiss on the head, forgetting about her neck again. "Ahh," she groaned in pain and annoyance. "It's a good thing I don't have a job right now; I wouldn't be able to do anything."

Hawkeye glanced at her and smiled and then went back to cooking. "So, what did you find out?"

"I won't know anything about my car until Monday. I called my sister and told her what happened. I'll just have to take a weekend and go see them after I get settled somewhere."

"Here is fine for now," he said not looking at her, but concentrating on the food on the stove.

Margaret smiled at him and watched him make his meal. He seemed to know what he was doing and that came as a surprise to her. "Smells so good."

"I know."

She smiled and nodded her head. He was always pompous and loved acting that way. "How is your life? It must be hard raising Danny on your own. It must slow down your dating habits. I'm sure it isn't like it used to be."

Hawkeye turned around and gave her a quick smile. "Well, no, it isn't. Danny is the best thing that ever happened to me, but you know how it is with kids. I can't date like I used to, but," he grinned. "I get in my fair share of dating."

"I'll bet." She wasn't really that surprised about it. He had never been short of admirers.

"I have a date this Friday, so if you're not doing anything and you're still here, would you mind babysitting for me?" He didn't want to sound like he was always out dating, but he didn't think asking would hurt. It might show her that it was okay for her to be around because he wasn't trying to chase after her. Now that he saw her again he didn't want to lose her; he wanted her in his life. She was the only female that he had ever been friends with.

"I can do that as long as I'm here. If I don't get that job than I won't be. I'll have to move on to the next best offer."

"I'm sure you have the job. Once they talk to some people you've worked with, I'm sure they'll be begging you to work for them."

She smiled at him and watched him do his cooking in silence for a bit. It was more than odd to be sitting there with his son on her lap watching him cook. She hadn't seen the man for three years and now here she was. She was sitting at his kitchen table. It all seemed so unreal the way it happened.

She was shaken out of her thoughts by a voice talking to her. "Will you put the baby in his highchair?"

"Huh?" She looked at him with a puzzled look on her face, but before he said anything it clicked what he had said to her. "Oh, sure."

The three of them had dinner together, and it was a very good dinner. Margaret cleaned up the kitchen while Hawkeye played with his son. It was a little difficult to do that with her neck as stiff as it was, but she had to do something. He offered his home to her for as long as she needed and then cooked her dinner. It was the least she could do to clean up.

That night they sat in the living room and chatted. Hawkeye held Danny on his lap while they talked. Since he was sick, he wasn't his normal energetic self. Margaret would see that in a day or two when he started to feel better. Right now he was sitting quietly on his father's lap fighting to stay awake.

"Pierce," Margaret whispered. "You're son is asleep."

Hawkeye looked at the boy on his lap. His breathed was deep and steady. "I'll put him to bed and I'll be right back."

"Okay," she smiled.

Hawkeye stood up and brought the child to his room. He tucked Danny in his new bed and turned the nightlight on for him. He closed the door and left it open a crack, and then left. He saw Margaret sitting very tensely on the couch. Her neck has been getting worse and worse.

"Let me give you that massage now," he said walking over to her.

She smiled up at him and couldn't refuse. It would feel so good. "Okay. Where do you want me?"

He grinned and she gave him an angry look. "You can sit on the floor in front of the couch. I'll sit on the couch."

She didn't say anything, but tried to nod. Then she moaned in pain because her neck wouldn't allow her to. She slid off the couch and sat on the floor. Hawkeye sat behind her and put his legs on either side of her. Than he moved his hands o her neck and shoulders. "Wow, you're really sore, aren't you?"

"Uh huh."

"Why didn't you say something before? I would have done this earlier."

"You were a little busy. You're arms were full."

He smiled, "Can you take this off?"


"Your shirt. I want to get at your skin. It'll be easier."

She unbuttoned her pajama top and slid it down her shoulders some. She didn't let her shirt go low enough so he could see anything except cleavage. She didn't care about that. She just didn't want to give him a peep show. "How's this?"

"A little lower and I'd be a happy man."

"I'm sure you would," she slapped his hand. "This is all you're getting."

"I'll take what I can get." Hawkeye began to rub her neck and shoulders.

"Oh, Hawkeye, that feels sooo good."

He smiled and continued to rub her neck and shoulders. "I'm glad." Hawkeye massaged her for as long as she wanted, which was close to a half an hour. Than he felt her really relax and realized that she began to drift off to sleep. "Margaret, you wanna go to bed?"

She opened her eyes and came back to reality. Her neck had been getting increasingly sore as the day went by and now it was feeling so much better. "I think that would be a good idea."

"Me too," he smiled. "You take my bed."

She was buttoning up her shirt, "I couldn't do that. We already decided that I would sleep on the couch."

"It's my house, and I make the rules. Your neck is killing you. That's easy to see. And you are taking the bed."

She stood her feet and looked at him, "Hawkeye, I don't want to do that."

"Too bad," he stood so he would be more intimidating, but that never worked with her. So he decided to do what worked with her. He got a sincere look on his face and pierced her with his deep blues, "Please take the bed. I haven't seen you for three years, and I want you to be comfortable so that you'll hang around and I won't have to wait another three years to see you."

She could never refuse him when he was being sincere, and she hated that he knew that about her. "Okay, but just this one night. Hopefully my neck won't be so stiff tomorrow."

"I don't know," he led her to the bedroom by the small of her back. "You were hit hard in the back. It might take a few days for your neck to feel right again. Maybe you should get it x-rayed so you know for sure that nothing was damaged."

"I'll think about that."

"I'll do it for you Monday, if you want."

She smiled as they stepped into the bedroom. "If I'm not feeling better by then, I'll take you up on that offer." He turned the bed down for her and stood there waiting for her to lay down. "I can get myself in bed."

He chuckled, "Oh, sorry. I'm used to tucking Danny in every night."

"I can handle it."

He gave her a soft kiss on the cheek, "Goodnight Margaret."

"Goodnight, and thank you."

"You're welcome," he smiled on his way out the door.

Margaret slept wonderful that night. She felt oddly comfortable in Hawkeye's bed. His pillow smelt like his cologne, and it was calming to her. She easily fell asleep that night and didn't wake up until she heard the laughing of a little boy coming from the kitchen. She got out of bed and quickly through her robe on and dashed into the bathroom before being seen. She wanted to fix her hair and make sure she was presentable before she went into the kitchen.

Hawkeye was just putting breakfast on the table when Margaret walked into the kitchen. He gave her a wide smile, "Good morning. It's about time you woke up."

She smiled at him, "I slept well last night."

"I'm glad. Sit down," he said pulling out a chair for her. "I'll serve you. Would you like some coffee?"

"Please. Just black." She smiled at the baby in the highchair that was set up next to her. "Good morning honey. Are you feeling better?"

He smiled at the woman that he had come to really like. "Feel betta."

"Good. I'm glad. Now you and I can get to know each other." He smiled at her and ate his French toast. Margaret looked at Hawkeye when he sat her coffee down in front of her, "Thank you."

"Here you go," he handed her a plate of French toast he had ready.

"Wow, thank you."

"You're welcome." He smiled and sat down in the chair across from her. "How's your neck?"

"It's a little stiff, but much better. I think a shower this morning will lossen it up a little."

He grinned at her as she took her first bite of the food. "I'd offer to shower with you and give you a massage under the running water, but I have to keep an eye on Danny."

She narrowed her eyes at him. He never stopped with the passes. "I think I can handle it myself."

A little laugh escaped, "Just thought I'd ask."

Margaret rolled her eyes at him and then looked at his son. "You're daddy is bad."

Danny looked at his father seriously, "Bad boy!"

Margaret laughed, "Good boy Danny. You keep him in line."

Hawkeye looked like he was hurt by what was being said. "I resent that, Margaret. I'm not a bad boy."

"I bet you are," she grinned. A grin spread across his face, "See."

"You got me. How do you like the food?"

"Wonderful. I'll have to return the favor tonight."

"Margaret, you don't have to pay me with your body."

She groaned, "Pierce!"

"Sorry. I'll be good; I promise."

"You'd better." She warned.

A little while later, Hawkeye and Margaret cleaned the kitchen together. Then Hawkeye offered her to have the shower first while he got Danny dressed. She wasn't one to turn that down. When she was through in there Hawkeye took a shower while she kept an eye on the baby for him. Hawkeye was amazed at all the things that woman used in the bathroom. It looked like a woman lived there, and he had to admit that he liked that. It also smelled like a woman and it was a refreshing change that he took comfort in. He also took advantage of Margaret being there and keeping and eye on Danny for him; he took a nice long shower.

"Maggie," Danny called from the living room.

"Yes honey?" She was sitting at the kitchen table working on her second cup of coffee and reading the newspaper.

"Maggie," he called again.

"Whaty?" She played along. She could see him from where she was sitting and knew that he was fine.


"What do you need honey?"

"You," he said.

She smiled and got up and walked into the living room. "You need me? What do you need me for?"

"Pay," he smiled and held up a plastic car for her to play with.

She sat down on the floor with him and played cars with him for a while. They were still sitting there when Hawkeye got out of the shower, and neither one seemed to care. Danny was having a blast playing with his new friend and Margaret was laughing and having a good time too.

"You two seem to have found something to occupy the time."

Margaret smiled up at him, "We certainly have."

"I'd love to play, but I have to do the damn laundry." He was less than enthused.


"Bye-bye," Danny said to his father.

"I'm not going anywhere. Are you trying to get me out of your hair so you can have Margaret to yourself?" He smiled and looked at Margaret, "He's a real ladies man. Takes after his father."

She rolled her eyes, "I'm sure."

Hawkeye spent most of the day doing the laundry. Margaret asked him why he waited until the last minute to do it. It didn't make any sense to her why he let it pile up for a week before he would touch it. He gave her his reasoning and it still didn't make sense to her.

That evening Hawkeye took Margaret and Danny out to dinner. It wasn't anything fancy. Just a nice dinner for the three of them. Hawkeye and Margaret were enjoying each other's company very much and Danny didn't seem to mind sharing his father. In fact, he enjoyed the extra attention he was getting from Margaret.

Monday morning Hawkeye got up and found that Margaret had gotten up with Danny and started breakfast. Hawkeye sat down and enjoyed it with them. Then he took a shower and by the time he was out and dressed, Margaret had Danny cleaned up and ready for the sitter's. She even packed his diaper bag.

"Margaret," he smiled walking into the living room. "You should have come to stay with us long ago. The morning in this house has never run so smoothly."

She smiled and picked Danny up. "I do run a pretty tight ship, and you could use a little organization around here."

He took his son into his arms and grabbed the diaper bag Margaret handed him. "Well, we get along somehow."

"I know, and I'm proud of you."

A genuine smile spread across his face. "I'll see you later. Here are the keys to my car. Feel free to use it to do any running around that you have to. I'll be back just after six."

"Thank you." She smiled. She kissed Danny on the cheek, "Bye honey. I'll see you later and I'll have dinner ready for you and Daddy when you get here."

"You don't have to do that."

"I want to. I haven't cooked dinner yet and I told you I would."

"Alright. Bye Margaret. Call me if you need anything or if you just need a lunch date."


Hawkeye left that morning with a smile on his face and so did Danny. He wasn't in a hurry, because for once the two of them left the house a few minutes early. Danny's sitter was glad to see that he was feeling better. All he had now was a runny nose, but he was happy again.

Margaret called about her car and they gave her the runaround because she was a woman. That prompted her to get into Hawkeye's car and go pay the dealership a little visit. She took any anger that she had out on them, and by the time she left the garage later that afternoon, they were working on her car and would have it done for her on Friday. They had to paint spots and that would take a little while.

She also stopped at a grocery store and picked up some food for dinner. She wanted to make them spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. She knew Hawkeye liked that and had never met a child that didn't like it. She started working on it at four so that everything would be ready by six and they could eat right away.

When Hawkeye walked into the house he could smell what was being cooked and immediately smiled. "Honey, we're home." He placed Danny on the floor and took the coat off the child before allowing him to go free.

"I'm in the kitchen. Dinner's done."

Danny took off for the kitchen as fast as he could. "Maggie!" He said with excitement.

She turned around and picked up the charging two year old with a smile and a welcome embrace. "Hi honey. Did you have fun today?"

"Me hungy."

"Well I made dinner for you." She gave him a kiss on the cheek and sat him in his highchair. "Do you like spaghetti?"

"Yummy," he smiled.


Hawkeye walked in and went strait to the stove to see what things looked like. Margaret walked up beside him and slapped his hand. "I'm the cook and their will be no peaking and sampling."

Hawkeye smiled at her, "You're cruel."

"Yes, I know. Now go sit down at the table."

Hawkeye sat down and Margaret served him for a change. It was a welcome change for him too. He was used to making dinner every night for Danny and to have someone else do it was almost like a vacation. He had to admit that having someone there to come home to was very nice too.

"Margaret, that was wonderful. I'm so stuffed that I don't think I'll be able to move from this spot."

"That's not a problem. You've treated me all weekend. Can I get you a beer?"

"I don't have anymore."

"I went and did a little shopping today. Would you like one?"

He smiled, "I'd love one." She reached in the refrigerator and produced a nice cool bottled beer for him. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." She turned to Danny, "Are you done sweetheart?" He nodded yes, so she walked over and wiped him down before letting him roam free in the apartment. He fought with her the entire time she was wiping him down, but she won anyway. "There you go honey. Go off and play for a while."

He didn't need anymore encouragement than that and took off for the living room. When the kitchen was clean and dishes were done and put away, Hawkeye and Margaret moved into the living room. The once neat and clean room looked like a hurricane had been through it. Hurricane Danny.

Margaret sat down on the chair and looked at Hawkeye who was relaxing on the couch now. Danny was in the middle of the floor occupied with his favorite toys; his cars and trucks. "So," she said. "Did you find anything out for me on that job?"

A smirk spread across his face. "If you want to know, you have to give me a kiss."

"Fat chance. I'll wait until Wednesday."

He laughed knowing that remark was coming before it left her lips. "It's yours. They'll call you Wednesday morning and tell you, so you better be here."

"Oh I will. My car won't be done until Friday. Now that I know I have this job I should start looking for a place of my own and get the rest of my things sent here from Virginia."

"That sounds like a good idea. Are you still taking that weekend trip to your sister's once your car is fixed?"

"I will provided the dealership is telling me the truth about it being finished Friday morning."

"You never know. You're more than welcome to stay with us for as long as needed. Sometimes its hard to find a reasonable place here in the city."

"Thank you, but I hope to be out of your hair as soon as possible."

"No hurry."

"Maggie," Danny said.

"Yes honey?"

"Me want baf."

"You want a bath buddy?" His father asked.

"No, Maggie," he said.

"You want Margaret to give you a bath?" He nodded yes. Hawkeye looked up at Margaret, "Do you want to do that?"

"Sure." She stood up and picked up the child. "Oh, I moved my things out of your room so you could have it back again. The couch is mine."

"No argument here."

Margaret gave her new admirer a bath and put him in his pajamas. After that he wanted his father to read him a story and put him to bed. When he was asleep the two adults talked with each other about the past and the future. The future was up in the air for both of them, although Hawkeye had a direction he wanted to go in for Danny's sake. Margaret was still looking for the same thing she always was. It was odd, because Hawkeye had something she always wanted, but never thought he could give it to her. She found out she was wrong.

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