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Summary so far: Harry is put in the Slytherin house in his 6th year, to protect the lives of his friends, Ron and Hermione. Unlikely friendships develop, Harry/Snape pairing.

Authors: SeritaSnape, ThailiaNicolita, Orchid, Ues the Quill for truth only, CosmicAngel, AmethystStar

Oh.. and note.. Story got off to a bumpy start.. heh. I had to fix some of it :o


A blonde haired boy sitting in the front row on the Slytherin side was pointing his wand. Few people noticed.

All the recently filled vials filled with Pep-Up Potion crashed to the floor, breaking. Everyone in Professor Snape's potion class groaned.

"30 Points from Gryffindor, Potter. And thanks to you, anyone who's vial you knocked over gets no marks. Unless...of course, they haven't taken care of their leftover potion yet." Snape's voice was full of pleasure. Everyone in the room glared at Harry. Hermione still had some of her potion left, and immediately filled a vial with it.


"I suggest you clean this mess up, Potter. Unless you want a detention, too."

"I didn't-"

"Detention, Potter!"


After the mess was cleaned, and class ended, Ron and Hermione escorted Harry to the Great Hall.

"Great, Just what I need, another missing mark." Ron muttered.

"Another missing mark? You think you have something to complain about? I have to serve detention with him!"

"He knows you didn't do it Harry! He saw-"

Ron's words were cut off abruptly as Draco Malfoy shoved, roughly past him, knocking him to the floor.

"Wanker!" Yelled Ron from the ground. Malfoy turned slowly, smirked, then continued on his way.

Harry reached down and pulled Ron to his feet.

"C'mon let's eat." Harry said gruffly, trudging into the hall.

"You know, and Snape knows he did it." Hermione said, quietly, to Ron and Harry.

"Who did what?" Ron said, as if he had completely forgotten they were having a conversation.

"Honestly, Ron!" Hermione said, exasperatedly.

"Well, who am I supposed to think you're talking about? Or what you're talking about? You said "he" and "it" and you didn't-"

"Oh knock it off already. She said you know that Malfoy is the one who knocked over all the vials.

With his wand... Why does he keep covering for Draco?" Harry added the end just a little too loud. He felt a hand upon his shoulder.

"It's rude to speak about teachers without their knowledge, Potter..." It was Snape.

Harry said nothing, not waiting any more detention with the potions master, than he already had.

Snape walked off, back towards the teachers table, again.

Harry throw a side-ways glance at his two best friends and looked back down at his food, not saying anything until the end of lunch, where at he jumped up, grabed his book bag and made a beeline for his next class, leaving Hermione and Ron still at the table.

They stood up. Ron shook his head, Hermione sigh. They had no idea what was with their best friend, but, as always, they were going to going to find out. They didn't care if it took the rest of the school year.

Ron and Hermione slowly got up and walked to their next class.

After class they all left together, Harry seemed to be looking right and left every 5 seconds.

"Harry are you OK?" Hermione asked.

Harry jumped. "Oh yeah I'm fine, I just don't want Snape to give me another detention" They made their way to the next class.


Finally it was dinner, Harry, Hermione and Ron entered the Great Hall. And who did they come across but one of their top ten asshole occupants.

Severus Snape.

They cautiously tried to avoid him but hurriedly making for a group of 3rd year Hufflepuffs.

"Potter, Weasley, Granger, you three here" he said and he pointed to the ground in front of him.

The trio slowly walked over.

"We didn't do anything wrong" Harry said, a little too quickly. Snape scowled.

"Got something on your conscience, Potter?" Snape asked, slowly.

"No" Harry said, looking at the ground.

"We are just extremely hungry" Ron said putting a hand over his stomach.

"Is there something you'd like sir?" Harry asked.

"Yes there is, I wanted to talk to you about your detention Potter."

"Yes, but why did you want Hermione and Ron?" Harry asked coolly.

"You will address me as sir or professor and I wanted to see them as I was wondering why you all seemed so jumpy the moment you saw me?" Snape said back in a suspicious tone.

"We weren't jumpy, we just really wanted to get something to eat" Hermione said rather fast, then caught Snape's eye and added. "Sir."

"Well you two best mind your manners and Potter you shall see me tonight night for your detention, in my dungeon, right after dinner."

"Yes sir" said Harry with a gulp and the trio walked away as Snape watched their backs.

"That was horrible, I don't get why Snape always has to pick on us" Ron said taking a seat at Gryffindor table.

"He's head of Slytherin house, naturally the head of that house would pick on us." Hermione said matter of factly.

Harry didn't seem to be paying attention to anything they were saying.

"I wonder what he wants me to do for my detention?" He said looking at his plate.

Ron, practically ignoring Harry's question, commented to Hermione. "That's not true, he doesn't pick on everyone in this house as much as he does Harry. He has had it in for Harry since day one!"

"Ron!" Hermione said, sharply, then looked at Harry. "He probably wants you to wash cauldrons, or organize-"

"As if Snape would give Harry such an easy task as that! He's probably going to make Harry scrub his smelly-"

"Ron!" Hermione said, sharply, again.

Harry, ignoring their mindless chatter, mumbled. "It's because I'm my fathers son. He doesn't understand how different me and my dad are. He thinks I'm just like my dad, that's why he doesn't like me."

"Harry that's not true, He knows your not your father, remember in first year when he saved your life, he wouldn't have done that for your Father" Hermione said.

"He's just using his power over you to get back at your dad. He's weird and twisted no point in trying to change it. Now can we please stop talking about him, I'm starting to lose me appetite" Ron said digging into his food.

Hermione raised an eyebrow. "You lose your appetite, I think you're ill" She put her hand onto on Ron's forehead.

Ron pushed her hand away. "Slowing down eating" He said before shoveling more food in his mouth.

Harry and Hermione laughed.


That night during detention, Harry had to wash out cauldrons and organize the classroom's stash of potions ingredients - in alphabetical order. Before he started, though, Snape wanted to speak with him.

"You may sit, Potter" He said, somewhat nastily. Harry sat down in a chair in front of Severus's desk, looking rather uncomfortable.


-Back in the Gryffindor Common room-

"Oh this is so boring, when is Harry going to get back" Ron said.

"Knowing Snape he'll be ages, you could do your History of Magic assignment" Hermione said.

Ron shot her a look. "Harry and I always do our homework together plus it's not due for 2 weeks."

"Whatever, look Crookshanks wants a pat, get him some attention" Hermione said turning back to her assignment.

Ron picked up Crookshanks and stroked him carelessly.

"You know what Hermione, you do look rather Pretty when you concentrate on something, like homework" Ron said.

Hermione fidgeted uncomfortably. "I do?"

"Yeah you look really pretty, why don't you come sit with me" Ron patted the seat next to him.

"Actually I've got to do this" she turned back to her assignment nervously.


-Back in Detention-

Snape stared at Harry for what seemed like an eternity.

Harry finally broke the silence, unable to handle it any longer, "Well, what do you want, sir?"

"Why haven't you told any of your little friends about my pensieve, Potter?"

"Excuse me?" Harry said.

"You heard me Potter, Why haven't you told any of your little friends. I thought the moment you were out of my office you'd have told every person in sight."

"Why? I'm not like my father, What I saw is between you and me now, no one else" Harry said sincerely.

Snape stared at him, not saying anything. Harry continued.

"Yet, Sir, I can't understand why I didn't tell anyone after-" Harry stopped talking for a moment, a flicker of pain flashing over his face before he continued, "After Sirius died. If you would have continued my lessons, it wouldn't have happened. You'd think I'd seek to hurt you in anyway." Harry, not liking to think about his godfathers death, held back tears. He still wasen't over it, then again, it's only been 3 months.

"Don't ask me to explain the inner workings of your mind, Potter." Snape said, coolly. He continued in a softer, almost careing tone, "Do you honestly believe if we would have continued you Occulmency lessons, you would have learned enough by then to stop the image from coming through?"

Harry was silent for a long, very long, moment, under Severus's gaze.

After about 3 minutes, Harry finally responded, quietly. "I.. I guess not. Then it is my fault," Harry went on, ask if talking to himself, forgetting Snape was there, "If I would have used the mirror device that nice instead of the floo network- I wouldn't have endangered anyone. Sirius wouldn't have died. It's my fault. It's my fault. It's my fault." Harry's voice got quieter everytime he repeated that.

Snape, feeling some of his hatred torward the boy lift a little (expecially since Potter never told anyone what he saw), spoke. "No it's not, Potter."

"May I get to work, now, Sir?" Harry said, almost inaudibly, obviously holding back tears.

"No, Potter." Snape said lightly, thinking 'Why Aren't I enjoying this?' "Just go back to your common room. We can hold your detention another night."

Harry was shocked, he looked up at Snape. He nodded and left, he reached the door and turned. "Thank you sir."

Snape nodded and Harry continued to walk back to Gryffindor tower.

He gave the pass word to the Fat Lady. He was still trying to digest and put into context what had just happen, little did he know he wouldnt be able to digest what he was about to see.

He entered the common room and froze.

Ron and Hermione were lip-locked. On the couch. Harry took in a deep breath, and quickly went up to his dorm, not wanting to interupt his two friends, happy they had finally admitted their feelings.

As soon as he entered the dorm, he heard Samus Finnigan's voice.

"Didn't want to watch your two friends snogging either, did you, Harry?" Seamus had just seen Dean and Ginny kissing; Not in the common room (Ron would kill Dean.)

Harry nodded.

"Hey i thought you had a detention with Snape" Seamus said.

"i did, Snape couldn't, um, He's changed the night" Harry said.

"Well alright, so whn do you think they'll be done?" He pointed to the direction of the common room.

"Don't know, best not go disturb them, well you can if you want but i'm not" Harry said, he was trying to fight back laughs, at the sight of his friends kissing in the common room. "So how long they been at it?"

"Not that long" Seamus said.

Neville appeared at the door.

"Hey Neville" harry and Seamus said.

"Hey um has everyoen seen that?" He pointed in the same direction as Seamus had.

They both nodded.

"Well night, hey Harry aren't you meant to be with Snape?"

"Yeah Neville, but he's changed the night."

"Ok" Neville and Seamus at down to begin their assignments.

'I'll wait to do mine with Ron' Harry thought. 'This is going to be a little akward, having my two best friends together, I'd be a tag along now. Maybe I should hang out with Seamus, Neville and Dean a bit more.'

Harry immediately squashed the idea, they'd never thing of his as a tag along, would they?


Harry fell asleep on his bed waiting for Ron. The next day, during breakfast, the two were really nervous acting, and were holding hands. Neither of them were very talkative, so he tried to speak with Dean or Seamus or Neville, but Dean seemed too caught up in Ginny, Seamus and Neville were working on a potions assignment.

Harry sighed, got up, and left the Great Hall, making his way to the Owlery. 'Maybe I'll write Moony,' he thought.

When he reached the Owlery, he found someone else in there.

Draco Malfoy.

"Hay, Potty, I hope you don't mind-" He said, sarcasticallly, yet a hint of seriousness in his voice, "-All the other Owls have gone for some reason."

Harry narrowed his eyes, "What are you talkign about, Malfoy?"

Draco smirked, "You really are dense, aren't you? I borrowed your bird."

Harry stared, "She actually let you near her?" He said, disgustedly.

"She was rather friendly, acutally." Draco said, quietly.

"Impossible. That would mean she likes you, and she she's very picky about the people she likes.

She won't let-" Harry thoguht of a good example, and fast, "Anyone except Me, some professors, Hermione, Ron, and like I said, a few select others near her, unless I tell her to."

"Facsinating, really, Potter." Draco said, "Theres an Owl returning now, why don't you use that one?" He started torwards the door.

"I'm not writing a letter to anyone." Harry muttered, and for some odd reason, Draco turned and looked at him. Harry had changed his midn about writing to Remus. He had nothing to write, anyway.

"Then what is the point in you being here?"

"I just, I just wanted to see Hedwig if that's ok with you" He turned to leave the owlery.

"Harry" Draco called.

Harry froze- Malfoy just said his first name.

"I'm sorry, i'll ask next time" Draco had just been nice.

"It's all right, i don't really mind" Harry said, with a small, somewhat forced smile.


Harry strolled back to the common room, deep in thought. He mumbled the password and sidled into the common room.

"Harry!" Hermione rushed over to him. "How did your detention go last night?"


Why did I do that? Nice to Harry? What'd he do? Send me on a guilt trip? Draco frowned at himself, decided not to think about it anymore, and went back to his dorm to wait for those half-wits, Crabbe and Goyle.


"Snape reschedualed it." Harry said, without thinking to cover up the part where he saw them.

"Snape? rescheduled a detention? How did you manage that?" Hermione asked, incredulously... then it hit her. If Harry got detention rescheduled, then he would have come back to the common room and seen... Hermione paled.

Harry only grinned at her, "You might want to find a more private place next time. Come on, let's go to breakfast."

Ron, who had come up behind Hermione, was a shade of bright red. He mumbled something that Harry took as a remark of assent.

"Yes," said Hermione, "let's go."

Upon entering the Great Hall Hermione realized that her original question had never been answered.

"So Harry, Why did Professor Snape reschedule?" She asked curiously.

"Rescheduled?" Echoed Ron.

Harry opened his mouth to answer but was cut off...

"Hey, Weasel, I've heard you got yourself a girlfriend!" It was Draco Malfoy.

"Yeah, so?" Hermione said, before Ron could utter a word.

"Whats this, Weasel, the Mudblood has to stick up for you?" Draco drawled.

"At least I have friends who would," snapped Ron.

Malfoy sneered. "The way you talk you should have been a Hufflepuff."

"The lot of them are brighter than you, Malfoy," said Hermione, "And better people."

"Watch it, Granger," said Malfoy. "Remember what I said mudbloods and mugglelovers-"

"What are you doing, Mr. Malfoy?" Came a low voice. "I expect members of my house to sit at their own table."

Draco looked at Snape, stunned. Snape never called him Malfoy- and usually enjoyed watching him tease the Golden Trio.

"I was just... having a word with these two." Draco said, glareing at them.

"I suggest you go back to your seat, now" Snape said. Draco turned on his heel and stomped back to his table. Snape turned to Harry.

"The detention is for saturday." he said shortly, turning.

"Saturday?!" Ron said, Incredulously. Snape turned to stare at him. "But it's a Hogsmeade weekend!"

"Tough luck," said Snape. "Perhaps Potter should consider that the next time he plans on getting a detention."

Ron glared and looked like he was about to say more, but instead held back a yelp as Hermione kicked him.

"I will see you Saturday, Potter," said Snape before handing him a piece of parchment with the date and time on it.

"Well that sucks, mate," said Ron after Snape had left.

Harry shrugged...

Ron stared, "You don't seem to care. You're missing out on Hogsmeade AND its to spend it with Snape!"

"He's not that bad." Harry said, then pursed his lips Why did I say that? Hermione and Ron looked stunned.

"Y-you, He what?" stammered Ron.

Harry shrugged again, "I've got to go, I need to look something up in the library, see you later."

Ron and Hermione gave him odd looks as he quickly grabbed his things and left the great hall without even touching his breakfast.

Harry regretted his decision as his stomach growled while he sat in a back table in the library. He hadnt originally planned to go there but he figure it was as good a place as any. He was trying to ponder something other than food right now though. Why on earth had he said that about Snape?