It has been three days since that faithful raw that I told the world the truth. I was sitting on my bed in my dorm room at school. I haven't talked to my dad or Shane let alone Jeff. I sat there trying to convince myself that no one had seen the show on Monday Night. Usually Smackdown would be taped on a Tuesday and then shown on Thursday but today it would be different, today Smackdown would be live. I just really hoped that no one in the dorm had watched RAW. Yeah right who was I kidding RAW was the most talked about show in our dorm.

"Oh my gosh Katie. Did you know that someone in our dorm is a McMahon?" My roomate Chrissy said as she opened the door. "Oh really, did you find out who?" I said. "Well I didn't see the show, but oh my gosh Kate the person who lives with that McMahon is so lucky. I wanna be friends with her." Chrissy said.

No sooner did she say that our other roomate Jen walked in the room. "KATIE KATIE KATIE, why didn't you tell us that you where a McMahon? Why didn't you tell us that Vince McMahon is your father, that Stephanie and Shane are your sister and brother?" "Oh my gosh katie, why didn't you tell me?" Chrissy said staring at me. "I just didn't and still do not want to talk about it ok? I am sorry Chris but eventually I will tell you both everything." I said. "Ok well then can I ask you one question?" she said. "Ok go ahead." I replied. "Well since you are a McMahon, I can't believe that I just said that, but do you happen to know any wrestlers, like Edge, Christian or Matt and Jeff Hardy. I love Jeff." she said. "Oh my gosh... not only is she dating Jeff but she is going to have his baby." Jen said. "WHAT?" Chrissy said as she almost chocked on the pop tart that she just put in her mouth.

"Oh Kate, you have some major explaining to do." "I'm sorry, I just think that there is too much to explain. I promise I will tell you the entire story soon." I said. All of a sudden the phone rang. I thought maybe it was Shane again. Before when he had called I told him that I was not there. Chrissy picked up the phone. "Hello, Hang on one minute ok? Katie its for you." Chrissy yelled.

me: Hello
jeff: Hey Katie.
me: Hi Jeff. How are you?
jeff: Hey I am good. But I really need to talk to you. Every single time that I call you never answer or I get the answering service, then I leave a message and you never call me back. Are you mad at me?
"Hey Kate, Chris and I are going down to the student hall, we will be back in a few. If you need anything just give my cell phone a call ok?" Jen yelled. "Ok see you later." I yelled back.
me: Sorry Jeff. My roommates just wanted to let me know that they were going to student hall.
jeff: Its ok, but we really need to talk about everything. You have not talked to me since you took off after the segment. I yelled your name but you didn't listen. Matt said that maybe you told me the truth so that you would never have to see me again.
me: Jeff, no that is not it. I just don't think now is the best time to talk about it. And I have been really busy.
jeff: Its ok hun. I really understand. I just think that we really need to talk.
me: Jeff, I really can't talk right now. I have a lot of studying to do. I have a Trig test tomorrow.
jeff: Its ok. We can talk about it another time. Just remember that pie thing equals 3.14.
That was the one reason that I fell in love with him. He always wanted to help me study and maybe this would be a good way to talk to him.
me: Thanks Jeff, Would you like to come over here and helping me study?
jeff: you don't mind me coming over do you?
me: If I did would I have asked. Nah I don't mind come on over.
jeff: Alright I will be over in a few.
me: ok. bye
jeff: bye..