[JR] Welcome to Raw is War from the sold out Continental Arena. I am Jim Ross right along side of Jerry the King Lawler. And let's get this show under way.

No Chance ... that's what ya got Up against a machine too strong, Pretty politicians buying souls from us are PUPPETS Who'll find their place in line But tie a string around your finger now boy, 'cause it's, it's just a matter of time, cause you've got... No Chance... No Chance in Hell. Vinces music played throughout the arena. Vince, Linda, Stephanie, Shane, Jeff, Matt and Kendal all made there way down to the ring.

[Vince] Today the McMahon family experienced personal joy and also personal sadness. After the birth of my grandaughter McKenzie Nicole Hardy, my daughter Katherine McMahon Hardy passed away. She had a infection and they could not revive her. The McMahon family would like to let everyone know that Jeff and our family will be taking some time off to digust this. Thank you.

I remember walking around and finally coming to my house. It was a few days after I had my daughter and I really wanted to see her. I walked into the house and everyone one was there. My entire family and they were crying. I was not sure why but they were all crying. I walked over to the people sitting on the couch.

"I should have known. I should have been there with her. She would not be gone right now." Jeff said as he sat on the couch holding our baby girl. "Jeff, I am right here." I said but no one could hear me. I realized that I was gone. No longer bond to this earth by a body. But why could I see my family there, why was I with them when they were in so much pain? How could I have helped them? I needed them to know that I was there with them.

Jeff got up from the couch and he walked to the hallway and into the bedroom where I used to sleep when I stayed home. I followed him trying to figure out a way to reach him. He sat on the bed and cried. "Oh, why did this happen? Why? Explain this to me." He said as he grabbed a glass statue of the stand and threw it across the wall. I could not stand to see him in so much pain. "Katherine... Katherine." I heard a man call out in the distance.

I saw him standing over by the mirror calling me. "What? Please tell me what is going on?" I cried. "I came to see you." The man said with a smile. "Please, do not take me away from my family." I begged. "It is time." he replied. "No, I need to be with my family, My daughter needs a mother and a father to be with her." I said. " Your daughter will be just fine. She is loved by her family and that is what she will need most." He said. "Wait, I know that she will be loved but she needs her mother's love to. Oh please let me be with them. I promise I will be a better person and I will not take things for granted anymore." I cried. "Listen, in time you will come to see that your daughter will be loved more than any other child ever could be, by her father as well as her mother." he said. "You mean you are allowing me to go back?" I replied. "You were never truly gone. That is why you are here. McKenzie is going to need you and Jeff and love with get you both threw anything. Just remember that love will help you survive everything. Your love for each other is strong and true and you must always remember that. I learned too late about loving someone and I never said goodbye to my daughter McKenzie. Just remember to love and you will be fine." The man said as he left.

I woke up in the hospital room. Jeff was sleeping next to me. "Jefffff" I said in a dazed state. "Katie, you're awake. NURSE." Jeff yelled. The nurse came in and check me over. "Katherine, you gave us quite a stir. They told us that you might never wake up from the coma." My father said. Coma, I must have been in a coma when that man came to see me. I said to myself. "There is something that I need to tell you all." I said outloud this time. "I love you all and I never want to be away from any of you. Family is the most important thing in life and I want to keep our together forever." "Well I hate to break up the happy reunion but I just wanted to see if Katherine would like to hold her daughter. She placed the baby into my arms. "McKenzie, I really like that name Jeff." I said thinking about the man I had meet. "I thought you would. He said as he kissed me on the head.