Henri returned to France with Gabert and his family. He remained there until the French revolution broke out. Henri kept dispaches of the war whoich he immidiately sent to James who pupblished them in his paper. Once the fighting got heavy and the royals were starting to be sent to the gullitine, Gabert sent him and most of his family back to America where they would be safe. Moses took them in and let Henri be an assistant at his school until the end of the war. Once it was over and Gabert returned to America, he took them back with him. Henri grew into a strong young man, who never got over his huge appetite. But he got more mature with age, eventually marrying Gabert's youngest daughter and settling in the plantation Gabert eventually settled in.

Moses went on to teach in the school he had helped set up and remained devoted to it all his days. Eventually he hired a pretty young African American schoolteacher who shared his dreams of freedom. She herself was a freed slave. They were married and gave possession of the school to their three children, who continued the fight for freedom.

Mrs. Radcliffe went back to Canada where she never had contact with the Phillips family again, eventually dieing miserably of pnemonia, alone. Cato went to America after her death and became a teacher at Moses's school.

Anne and Samantha went back to London where Anne eventually married Alec and they moved to his plantation, where they refused to acknowledge any part of Sarah or her family. Samantha stood by her cousin and wrote her letters, coming to visit every once in a while. When Samantha married a soldier, she insisted on coming to America for her wedding so her beloved cousin could be a part of it. Her and her husband fell in love with America and settled in Virginia where he enlisted in the American army, along with their son.

Elizabeth and Samuel Phillips went back to their home in New York where Elizabeth wrote to her daughter and new son every day. They sent them copies of the paper, and Elizabeth's heart swelled with pride every time she read it. They visited James and Sarah at least once every month and never let James forget that he was part of their lives now. They loved both of them and their eventual grandchildren with all their hearts.

Sarah never regretted giving up her family name and the wealth that came with it to marry James. They both settled down to working on the Rising Sun, doing what they loved to do. James, despite the many assignments he had to go on, made sure to be a true and loving husband, always there whenever Sarah needed him, espcially when she had the first of their two children. The children, Priscilla and James, grew to love writing and adventure as much as their parents, and when Sarh and James both decided to retire, the paper was given to the children, where it continued to florish. They took to sitting by the fire, holding one another, and remembering all the many adventures they had gone through together.

James and Sarah had one of the most loving and most successful marriages ever. Although there were times when James would wake up in the middle of the night, reaching for Sarah in the dark. Sarah would know he had that dream again. He had often told her about it. He was standing on the boat docks and Anne was pulling Sarah away from him, screaming, "You can't get married, you can't get maried!" He would reach out and try to stop them, but his feet were rooted to the spot. He couldn't stop them. He would wake up then and reach for her, trying to reassure himself she was still there. Sarah knew there was only one way to do that and she would come to him. In the warm afterglow of their lovemaking, she knew that this was the place for her, the place she was truly meant to be. Here, she truly was his princess.