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As soon as the flickering slice of light disappeared, Nynaeve collapsed into a chair and sighed heavily.

"Are you alright, my dear?" Lan asked.

"Yes, I'm quite alright. Just tired. And fed up. Fed up of this babe." Lan looked so hurt she wished she hadn't said anything. "I didn't mean like that. It's just such a bind having to carry it around all the time like a weight permanently strapped to my front. Have you any idea how heavy this thing is?" She rubbed her stomach where the babe had begun to kick. She wondered if it had heard her. "I can't sleep, I can't walk for more than half an hour at a time without having to rest, my hair's completely disgusting and greasy, my skin is oily, I eat so much you'd think I had four babes inside me, not just one, and, basically, I'm so fat I sometimes wonder why it is you still feel the way you say you do about me." She breathed heavily. This child was really starting to hurt her with it's kicking.

"Nynaeve, two things," her husband said to her, walking over and sitting on the arm of the chair. He took the hand that was rubbing her stomach and let his take over. "Firstly, you're right I have no idea what it's like carrying a child, having never been subject to the position before. But secondly, are you not still the same woman I fell in love with? Do you not think carrying our babe only makes me love you more? I know it can't be easy for you, and I have had experience with your sleeping positions during the night, but you are not fat and disgusting, your hair is not greasy and your skin is not oily." As if to prove this, he stroked his free hand over her cheek and then kissed it. "You are still the gorgeous woman who stole my heart all that time ago in Emond's Field. You are still the radiant beauty who I swore my love to. You are still my el'Nynaeve Mandragoran."

Nynaeve just stared at him for the longest time. Then, slowly, all her fear, pain, confusion and despair seeped away, leaving only love and a sense of something like dependency. On Lan, she was sure this was, but she didn't know why.

"You have an incredible way with words, al'Lan Mandragoran. You could make the fattest, ugliest woman in Andor sound like a queen. But don't tell Elayne I said that; you know what she'll think it's implying! Not that it is of course. Oh, I don't know. I just wish it'd all be over and I could just go to sleep and not wake until the morning."

"It will. Only six weeks to go. I cannot get over how quickly the time has gone since Elayne and Romada told us you were with child."

"I know, time flies when you're having fun. Or having a baby in my case!"

Lan laughed and Nynaeve joined in. He really was a different man. Any child would be proud to have him as a father, and any mother proud to have him as her child's father, as Nynaeve was.

Nynaeve had not been haunted by the glazed-eyed babe in her dreams for some months now, something which she was all too happy about. She had even stopped thinking of it all together and found it extremely difficult to conjure up the image again. Lan avoided asking her about her dreams, just in case, but he was pretty sure she would tell him if anything happened.

In the next two weeks Nynaeve did nothing except lay around the Tower, dozing, ordering Novices around and watching Lan practice the sword. Elayne returned early from Tear and Travelled to Nynaeve and Egwene every day. She even brought her two babes along a couple of times. They were the cutest little things Nynaeve had ever seen. She had almost forgotten her time as Wisdom in Emond's Field, when she helped birth babies. She had of course thought all the babes adorable, but now, with the reality that she was about to have one very soon herself, Elayne's darlings looked like angels.

In no time at all, Nynaeve's due date was only a week away. She looked and felt like a beach whale, and was about as much use. As Elayne had said, she had lost the ability to channel, and it was like losing all her limbs. She could do nothing except sit and be, and it pained her no end. She had to rely on Lan, Novices, and sometimes even herself to fetch and carry things she needed.

One day Lan broke his arm after an awkward fall in the practise yards, and Nynaeve was utterly useless. She criticized the Healers and complained that they were not Weaving correctly, though in truth she was just jealous that they were curing her husband and not her. She was ratty and tired, her hair greasy and her body swollen. But on top of all this, a greater fear prayed upon her mind, and those of all people.

The Dark One had once again broken free from his prison. It had been five years to the day since Nynaeve and Rand - or Lews Therin Telamon - had risked their lives and those of their entire armies to kill The Betrayer once and for all. But it had not worked correctly. For on that day, a new prophecy had been made, by none other than Moiraine.

She had come back from another land, Nynaeve thought, to help her and Rand in their time of need. Or not. In the midst of battle, a door had appeared, from where Nynaeve couldn't tell. Moiraine, clad in her traditional pale blue, stepped out and glided through the chaos as if she had not a care in the world. She seemed not to even see the anarchy of war going on around her.

And on reaching Nynaeve, the Blue Sister, presumed dead for more than ten years, wove flows of air and spirit and conjured up an image. Nynaeve couldn't it take it all in. She thought she must have been slain and was having visions in death, but that was not true. She wasn't sure whether to be scared or relieved, or both. Moiraine, alive? How could this be?

But the image in front of Nynaeve halted all her fantasies. She was sure time had stopped and captured herself, the smaller woman and the hallucination up and held them there. Everything else ceased to be, and again she wondered whether something had somehow killed her and she was now dead and had passed to another place. But there in the back of her head she could still feel Lan, and that tiny portion of familiarity, something she was sure of, kept her from screaming insanity.

She had not thought of the prophecy or the image for four years, and now it had once again painted itself across her eyes. A child, Moiraine had shown to her, a babe. It was a girl, dark ringlets flowing over a small, perfectly formed body. She was beautiful, but her eyes had a pain there too great to ever be put into words. They held no feeling, just a dull light, the embers of a dying fire. And as Nynaeve stared at her, transfixed, she changed. Not swiftly, but gradually. Her hair thinned and paled, her face grayed, and the kindling fire in her eyes was extinguished. Nynaeve found herself staring into the face of a ghost child, a small infant, a lifeless babe.

Moiraine's voice was harsh and cold when she spoke, not at all like the melodious tones she used to speak in. Her words still rang clearly in Nynaeve's head.

'Two and one,

And all the same

While one lives on

One shall fade

Her spirit awoken

Whilst hers is broken

He shall see, He shall weep

And He shall face the re-born.

For something so terrible as Death itself in form,

A life that was not meant to be

Born of a mother's loving

Two breaths, then no more it seems.

She will truly be

Love for hate

The beginning of the end

A life for a death

A life that was not meant to be.'

Then Moiraine has vanished as suddenly as she had appeared, back through the gateway, never to be heard of again. Nynaeve had long wondered about the meaning of her riddle, but had given up all hope of ever discovering the truth. She didn't like things she couldn't do, and the resurfacing of this prophecy played on her agitated mind through out the last week of her pregnancy.

But then six days later all previous worries disappeared when suddenly the spine freezing pain of a contraction gripped her body. She cried out for Lan and after four hours became immersed in an agonising – and what eventually would turn out to be a thirty three hour – labour.

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