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Chapter 1

A little boy cowered under his desk, his hands pressed to his ears to filter out the shouting and crashing.  His amethyst eyes were shut tightly and tears ran down his face.  His golden bangs hung over his face and his black hair stuck up.  He was wearing a pair of blue cargo jeans and an orange sweatshirt with a blue stripe going across the middle over a white T-shirt.  Another crash made the 10-year-old whimper, wishing it to be over.  Even with his hands over his ears, he could still hear the shouting.

"…I'm a manipulator!?  You should talk!  You're the one who cheats everyone…!" a male voice was shouting.

"You don't know what the hell you're talking about!  It's your fault, and you know it!  You went out and got yourself a girlfriend!"  a female voice rang through the house.

"She's just a friend!  Nothing more!  You're the slut, you bitch!"

"How dare you call me that!  If you weren't shouting all the time, maybe things would be different!"

"So I'm to blame, now?!  Just me!?  That's funny…it takes two!"

"I don't care!  Don't you think at all?!"

"At least I think about other people's feelings, unlike you!"

"Go fuck yourself!"

"You go fuck yourself!  You're the only one who'd want to!"

"We did a while ago, you know!"

"And it was a mistake!"

"Are you saying he was a mistake?!"

"I'm saying fucking with you was a mistake!"

"You're such a bastard!"

"It takes one to know one, bitch!"

"Maybe he was a mistake!"

"You're dissing him now!?  That's pretty low, even for an ass-bitch like you!"

"Oh, inventing new words, are we?  You think that makes you so smart?"


"Shut the fuck up!  I'm smarter then you think!" the male voice again.

"That's why you spend your nights at bars getting drunk all the time!"

"At least I don't go around like some damn whore!"

"Ex-cuse me?!"


The little boy whimpered, curling into a ball.  It would all be over, soon.  His parents would shout themselves hoarse, and then it would stop.  How many vases and other objects get broken during their fights…?  The boy looked at the puzzle pieces in front of him, and started to fumble with them, putting it together.  The arguing continued in the background.



"Fucking whore!"


More tears ran down the boy's face.  The puzzle pieces dropped out of his hands as he cried some more. 

"You should have filed years ago!  It's your fucking fault!" his father shouted.

"My fault!?  You're the one who could have filed, you bastard!"

"Fuck!  I'm not taking this shit from you or anyone else!  Go fuck yourself, whore!"


"Don't you dare talk to me that way, you lecherous bastard!"


"Say that again and I'll punch even harder, you damned whore!"

"Damn you to hell, Takada!" his mother shouted.

"Fuck you, Shike!"

"Like I'd want to with you!?  I did it once and it was a fucking mistake!"

"You're the mistake!"

"You are!"

"Fuck you!"

"Fuck you!"






The boy moved the puzzle, throwing the sheet over himself.  He knew what was coming.

"I'm going out!  Say hello to your fucking whore for me that you're with!" Shike shouted.

"Damn you to hell, Shike!" Takada shouted.


The door slammed shut.

All that the boy could hear was his own crying and the occasional flutter of glass tinkling and then splintering into thousands of shards as it hit the ground.  He curled up, his breath coming out in short, scared gasps under the sheet that covered him from sight as he heard the footsteps coming.  Heavy stomping.




Then, silence.  Suddenly, his door was slammed open, putting another dent in the wall he just repaired the other day from it.  He tried to quell his fast breathing and river of tears, fear of being detected by his drunken father.

"YUGI!" Takada bellowed, "Where the fuck are you, boy?!"

Yugi bit his lip to keep from whimpering, and he squeezed his eyes shut.  Please don't find me…please don't find me…

Just then, the blanket was ripped off of him, causing him to be thrown forwards at his father's feet.

"Little bastard!" Takada picked him up by the shirt front, "That's where you were hiding, you little chicken-shit!"  He cocked his hand back and let a punch into Yugi.

Yugi cried out in pain, which made his father punch even harder.

"Damn you!  This is your fault!" Takada shouted, "If you were never born, then we wouldn't be fighting!  You're a mistake, you damned child!" 


Yugi cried out.


Tears ran down Yugi's face from the pain.

Takada threw Yugi against the wall, hard, and Yugi slid down, gasping air into his lungs when his breath left him.

Takada kicked him a couple of times for good measure, "Whadda got to say for yourself?!"

"G-g-go…m-men……n-n-nasai!" Yugi choked out, bowing his head.

Takada growled and kicked him again, "Not good enough!  You don't mean it, you fucking mistake!"

"I-I'm s-s-sorry!" Yugi shouted.

"Don't raise your voice to me!" Takada grabbed the nearest item, a hardcover book, and hit Yugi with it.

Yugi cried out as blood went flying.  His own blood was oozing from the wound on his forehead as he crashed into his folded futon bed, toppling it over on himself.  He struggled to pull himself free, but it was too late.

Takada threw the book into him, and it hit him square in the chest, knocking the wind out of him.

Yugi coughed.

Takada grabbed him harshly by the arm and pulled him to his feet, then lifted him up by his arm and squeezed.

Yugi screamed in pain, tears running down his face, "I'm s-sorry!  I-I'm sorry!"

Takada grunted and dropped Yugi to the ground.  He gave him one last kick that sent the boy flying into the wall, then walked out of the room.


Yugi could hear the door slam shut, signaling that his father was going back to the bar.  He closed his eyes, sinking to the ground, and cried.  He curled up into a ball.  His head hurt, his face hurt, his arm hurt, and his left wrist was very painful where he had been grabbed and twisted.  His chest hurt, and even breathing hurt.  His tears came out like his breath, quickly.  His breathing came out in short gasps to try to minimize the burning pain in his chest. 

Yugi cried.  He should be used to it by now.  It had been happening often, for the past month…maybe longer.  He lost track.  His parent's arguing turned into great rage at one another, and they'd often strike each other, then one or the other would come up and strike him.  He feared his father more, because the man was relentless.  Usually, his mother would only hit him a few times until she started to cry, then would rush out.  But his father hit him more.  Enough to hurt him for a while, but just at the right point so he wouldn't have to go to the hospital so they wouldn't know what was happening.

Yugi cried, shakily snapping more pieces into the puzzle.  I wish…I had friends.  Good friends.  That I can talk to.  He sniffled and shakily snapped more pieces in. 



Japanese – English:

Gomen nasai – I'm sorry