Chapter 1: Fate

Peter Parker is your basic run of the mill seventeen year old. Maybe his I.Q is a little higher than most, but overall, he's just a face in the crowd. He'll never be anyone terribly famous or terribly important. After college, hell, he has no idea what's gonna happen after college. Thank god for fate. Fate, it's the only reason you're reading this story. Fate. Fate...

Peter lives in a little house located in Forest Hills, New York. His parents died some time ago and he now lives with his aunt. His last remaining relative.

Today, our glasses wearing face in the crowd had something on his mind. His best friend, Harry Osborn, had recently lost both of his parents in a freak accident at one of Mr. Norman Osborn's famed research facilities. Peter would truly miss Norman and Liz. They always seemed so warm and compassionate. But Harry had always told Peter they were monsters. Either way, Pete had a funeral to attend.

"Come on Peter, we'll be late!" called Aunt May.

"Be right there!"

Harry hated funerals.And seeing as this one was his mother and father's, it was that much worse. Even though Harry disliked his parents, they were still his parents, and he knew he would miss them dearly. In time, he would get over their passing. But the thing that Harry simply could not overlook, was the accident itself. It seemed there had been a huge power surge, and then the building just collapsed. They never did find Norman's body...

The funeral didn't go nearly as bad as Peter expected. He gave his condolences to Harry and the rest of the Osborn family and that was that. Aunt May, who had been close friends with Liz Osborn, seemed to be slowly getting over her death. It was a damn shame. They were so young.

Days passed. Harry, who had been staying at Peter's house was starting to break down. Aunt May was having these horrible migraine headaches and the first day of senior year was coming up fast.

It was four o' clock in the morning on the night before the first day of school when Peter awoke to rain pouring on his face.

" Why the hell is the window open?"

When Peter looked around the room he saw what he feared was going to happen. Harry was gone.

The first day of school started out normal enough. He said hi to his friend Meg Jacobs, aced a couple of pretests, and then Flash came along.

Flash Thomson is cool. He's the quarterback. He's the guy that always gets laid. Blonde hair, blue eyes, he's the full package. And it seemed that he and his little gang always had it out for good old Pete.

" Hey Parker, I haven't seen you for the whole summer. You know what that means, don't ya?" questioned Flash in that sarcastic voice of his.

"No, what Flash?"

" It means I owe you two whole months of ass kickings.!"

And with that, two of Flash's stoolies knocked Peter to the ground. Flash then stood over him, spit in his face, and kicked him in the gut. Lying helplessly on the ground, Peter felt a sharp sting on the back of his neck and he began to fall.

Harry Osborn knew in his heart that his father was still alive. It wasn't possible that they couldn't find his body. Harry felt so alone. His father may not have always been there for him, but he loved him. And he needed that love back. Peter and May were great to him, but they couldn't fill that void. He felt sorry for not even leaving a note, but he couldn't, if he ever expected to find his dear old dad.