Author's note: Ok, these aren't all that great, at least I don't think they are, but I wrote them when I was thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. It's just that I recently found them again and figured I would post them. All of them are about Imhotep and Anck-su-namun, except for "The Two Warriors", which is basically inspired by the fight scenes Ardeth and Lock-nah, Anck-su-namun and Evelyn, and Imhotep and Rick. Please review, and be nice!!!

Disclaimer: I own nothing related to The Mummy or its sequels. I was simply inspired poetically and decided to listen to my muse. Please don't sue me, Mr. Sommers, I love your movies.



Two lovers met,

In a forbidden tryst;

A kiss they stole,

Placing their lives at risk.

Their love worth

More than their own lives;

Imhotep, high priest,

Anck-su-namun, Pharaoh's wife.

Alas, they were found out,

And Pharaoh's anger

Brought them to a panic,

Placing Seti in grave danger.

Out if desperation and rage,

They killed Seti;

But free they still were not,

Med-jai had heard the cries of their king.

Finishing their deed,

The lovers looked as the warriors came,

And feared they would never see

Amun's light again.

Anck-su-namun begged

Her lover to leave;

But he refused,

Not wanting her death to grieve.

But she persisted,

Reminding him of who he was;

And that he could bring her back

So they could be joined in love.

Reluctantly, he left,

All the while promising that

He would indeed

Bring her back.

He saw from his hiding

The Med-jai enter the room,

And watched as his lover

Took her own life, sealing her doom.

He silently screamed,

And swore to himself

That he would bring her back

From her tormenting Hell.


Silently, he sleeps,

Waiting patiently

To awaken once more

And be with her for eternity.

Silently, he sleeps,

Trapped forever,

Until the book is read,

And then he will sleep again, never.

Silently, he sleeps,

Encased in obsidian stone,

Like a fly in amber,

Dreaming of his loved one.


The battle fierce,

The attack brutal,

Between ancient foes,

Fed by their loathing.

They fight again,

This last time,

They fight to kill,

Hungry for revenge.

In this final battle,

This game of survival,

They find renewed strength,

Thirsting for blood.

Who shall win,

Who will die?

These eternal warriors,

Craving to kill.


She has left me,

There is nothing to live for;

She has left me,

My world is no more.

A called out to her,

I yelled out her name;

I called out to her,

But she never came.

I look at my enemies,

And see their true love;

I look at my enemies,

And know they've been blessed from above.

I do not want to live,

Without seeing me lover's face;

I do not want to live,

If we won't share the same fate.

I let myself fall,

I just let myself go;

I let myself fall,

To the Hell below.