Legend Of Mothman
Author: Gothic Spook
E-mail: gothic_spook@hotmail.com
Rating: PG
Key words: DRF, DRR
Category: Case file
Summery: John and Monica go to West Virginia to investigate the legend of Mothman
Disclaimer: Don't belong to me. Property of CC, 1013 and FOX. Yada yada yada.
Spoilers: none really. maybe season 9
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Authors notes: Mothman is a real legend that I spent ages finding information on. I have used real names and events, but obviously different time frame. Its very interesting and I thought it would make a good case file. Please review and tell me if it does.

We haven't had one decent case in months' Monica told John as she looked through a cabinet full of files.

I know but there's not anything interesting to investigate' He told her. Just as he said this Monica pulled out a file and opened it.

This could be interesting' she told him.

What is it?' he asked.

Ever heard of Mothman?' she asked back.

Are you serious, that's nothing more than a legend' he stated.

I don't think it is, there have been thousands of sightings and witnesses since the 1960s'

Its probably just some bird that's flying about' he suggested.

Well we haven't exactly got anything better to investigate. What do you say?' she asked with a hopeful smile.

Fine, but I get to pick the next case we investigate with no arguments from you' he told her.

Agreed' she said and they shook hands on that deal.

Well I guess we better go home to pack and meet at the airport. Where exactly is this
Mothman?' John asked.

West Virginia, meet you at the airport in a couple of hours' She told him and went to her car and back to her apartment to pack a suitcase.