Continuity: The end of the episode aired 09/14/03.



Electric Death



circuits firing, rims of power and energy

flicking between plastic-lined

wires to dance agitatedly, macabre technology that whirls

behind her blank, unmoving features, ever

calm and watching unblinkingly as death approaches in a slender pinstripe suit

I am not afraid of you

but she does not welcome the expression of sadistic

glee, the lack of realization of self

as it pertains to the android – he sees her only as a doll to be punished and

shattered like heavy porcelain, and already the

wires in her body are cutting off around

the tiny holes of twisted metal, electricity shutting off and leaving them senseless;

He wishes to harm Roger, does he not?  I cannot

help Roger anymore if I die…

the sense of self is quietly jealous, that when Gabriel is

occupied with killing – or in his eyes, seeing only a doll to be dismantled,

deactivated – the silent R. Dorothy Waynewright,

Angel might escape, and Angel might be the one to help

Dorothy's Roger; but she does not feel

terror or fear, none of the inexplicable emotions of dread

crossing Angel's face – and closer draws

slender death, smiling sweetly

I do not fear you so long as Roger

is alive

even if she must sacrifice him to Angel, even if

she will die an electric death, a soulless being who loves and needs –

and Angel once asked how a man or woman

could love an android, much less the opposite – and he,

pinstriped death, takes another step with

a Cheshire smile, but she does not fear; Roger will continue though

she supposes she will not, and the lines of a story

love you forever

circuits firing, a way to avoid death, to renew her fight, in the quick whirrs

of electrical thought:

she knows, with implacable certainty,

that she could very well live, just as she might

perish, but even as she thinks swiftly, she is annoyed at his

tardiness – Roger must win his battles now

Roger Smith, you are a louse.


how does a man love an android, or

an android a man, and

how does one kill a soulless machine

or a man with naught to lose?

take the one and

the other will fall…






Notes:  I love cliffhangers.

Disclaimer:  I own zilch.  That's right – zilch.  It's a valuable commodity in some circles.