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Times of yore.

          "Why exactly are Dylan and Harper on earth?" Tyr asks with no amusement in his voice.

"Harper said he had to meet someone there," holo Rommie reports.

"Who could he possibly want to go to earth to meet?" Tyr questions.

"I don't know. He was very vague on the details." Trance tells him.

          Tyr lets out a low growl and walks away. He had just arrived back from getting supplies on a slipfighter only to come back to a practically empty ship. Dylan and Harper took the Eureka Maru to earth. Beka took another slipfighter to get some cargo on another planet. Which means Rommie and Trance were the only ones protecting the ship.

          "Beka is back," Rommie's voice, sounds through the ship.

Tyr makes his way to hangar in time to see Beka getting out. Beka turns around and looks at him then quickly looks away. Tyr notices a large bruise under her left eye.

"What happened?" Tyr questions her.

"I hit my head," she says meekly.

Tyr looks dissatisfied. Beka leans in the ship to get her cargo. When she does so her hair falls to the right. Revealing an even larger bruise on the back of her neck.

"I suppose you got that from hitting your head too," Tyr sarcastically states.

 When Beka turns around Tyr takes the cargo from her hands and sets it down.

"Take off your jacket," he says, eyeing her black leather jacket.

Beka stands there frozen in fear. Her face is pale white making her artic blue eyes stand out more than the bruise.

When Beka doesn't comply Tyr takes another step closer to her. Beka's hands begin to tremble and her teeth clinch tight. Tyr stands still, not knowing how to react to her being so afraid of him. Beka takes the opportunity to get out of there and fast. Tyr quickly catches up to her and holds her still.

"What are you doing?" holo Rommie yells.

"Ship check Beka's physical condition," Tyr orders.

          Rommie's eyes go back and forth as she scans.

"Beka what happened to you?" AI Rommie asks, coming into the hall with Trance.

          Tyr holds Beka with one hand and unzips her jacket with another. Beka's arms are so tense Tyr can't take it off of her.

"Don't make me cut this off of you," he threatens.

Beka hesitantly relaxes her arms. Tyr takes her jacket completely off. Everyone gasps in horror. Beka's arms are covered with bruises, cuts and burns. There are deep gashes on the part of her back that they can see.

          Trance's eyes well up with tears. Rommie scans Beka again and again trying to get a clue as to who would do this to her. Tyr looks stoic on the outside but on the inside he is boiling with anger.

"Beka who did this to you," Tyr asks calmly.

Beka doesn't answer. She only hugs herself and whimpers quietly.

"Beka?" Tyr asks louder. "Who?"

Beka crouches down on the floor against the wall still hugging herself. "You guys did," she finally answers.

          Everyone stares at her in bewildered silence. Rommie speaks up first.

"Trance take her to medical," she says.


          Dylan and Harper both used their wits to surpass Nietzschean surveillance and landed the Maru safely on earth. Now they can only make it five feet before they have to hide from Nietzschean guards.

          Dylan can't help but wonder what is going on with Harper. The whole ride to earth he was more calm cool and collected then he ever was since Dylan has known him. What scared him the most was the fact that he didn't speak unless spoken to and also that glazed over look in his eyes that he still has right now.

          "Where are we going?" he whispers to Harper. The whole way there Dylan has been following Harper, but Harper hasn't given a single clue as to where they were going or even who they were looking for.

"To find her," he answers in a monotone voice.

          The Nietzschean guard has left. Dylan and Harper run until they spot three more in the distance.  Dylan and Harper hide behind a charred oak tree.

          "There," Harper says, pointing to a burned building right behind the Nietzscheans.

Dylan stares at the building not sure what Harper wants. Dylan looks at Harper trying to get some clue why he followed him to this God forsaken planet. Harper's eyes remain fixed on the building. Dylan turns around when he hears a noise that sounds like a loud gush of wind. He faces a building and a vortex forms in the middle of it. The vortex is yellow with blue electrical volts swirling around it. The Nietzschean guards stand in defense pose around the vortex, not knowing what to expect from it. None of them would have guessed a young women being spit out of it.

          The young woman cries out as she hits the rocky ground hard on her back. Two Nietzschean guards grab her arms and stand her up as the third draws his weapon at her. Panic fills the girl's eyes. She stares at the weapon for a second then looks up at the weapon holder.

          "Who are you?" the gun holder demands.

"My name is Emma de Lauro," the young women answers. "Where the hell am I?" she asks before a coughing and gagging fit takes over her. The same Nietzschean kicks her in the stomach, knocking what little breath she has out of her. The only thing keeping her standing is the two Nietzscheans holding her arms. Emma struggles desperately to catch her breath.

          Dylan and Harper are ready to attack the Nietzscheans, but the Nietzschean again points his weapon at her. Any sudden moves, Dylan knows the Nietzschean will fire without any remorse.

          "Were asking the questions here Kludge," it says to her.

Emma finally catches her breath only to have another coughing fit. The Nietzschean doesn't take its weapon off of her the whole time. When Emma's coughs subside enough she looks up at the gun holder. He aims his weapon between her eyes.

"Where are you from?" he asks her.

Dylan watches as Emma stares intensely at the man's eyes.

"I have a better question for you." Emma says. "Why are you holding a snake?"

Dylan looks from the woman to the Nietzschean in confusion. The Nietzschean looks at the weapon in his hand. All of his features become startled and he throws the gun. All three Nietzscheans surround the one petite woman and begin to beat her. That is when Dylan and Harper move in for the attack. Dylan tackles one of the Nietzscheans and Harper picks up the discarded weapon and shoots the two remaining.

          Dylan and Harper run to the woman to make sure she's okay. She has gone into such a bad coughing grand mal that she can hardly get enough breath in between. Dylan easily picks her up and runs with her back to the Maru. Harper leads the way shooting every Nietzschean trying to attack them.

          When they get to the Maru the girl is barely conscious. Harper jumps in the pilot chair and Dylan lays Emma down on the floor right by the bunk beds.

"Harper get us out of here," Dylan orders.

"Right on it boss," Harper says as his usual self.

Dylan watches Harper get the Maru off of earth. Then comes the warning beep on the computer.

"Um, Dylan, we got Nietzscheans on our tail."

"Lose them Harper."

"Alright. Entering slipstream in three, two, one."

          Dylan feels the familiar jolt and then the centrifugal force of the steering. When they are out of harms way Harper turns around and asks, "Uh, Dylan. What were we doing on earth?"

"Don't be silly Harper," Dylan says, walking over to Emma.

Harper stays in the pilot's chair waiting for his hands to stop shaking. "I'm not being silly. What were we doing?"

Dylan lets out a deep breath. "We were saving the friend you wanted to go see so bad. Now, would you help me administer medical treatment?" Dylan says once he realizes Emma is fully unconscious and barely breathing.

"What do you mean 'my friend'," Harper asks, coming around the pilot's chair. Harper gets a look at Emma. "Wow! I have HOT friends. Does she need CPR?" Harper asks hopefully.

"Get me an oxygen mask," Dylan says, propping Emma to a semi sitting position with pillows, so she can breathe easier. Harper brings him the mask and he puts it on her.

"Who is she, Dylan?" Harper asks, resting his hand on Emma's wrist enabling him to feel her pulse.

"What do you mean 'who is she?' " Dylan says, two notes shy of yelling.

Harper can't help, but feel startled. He also realizes the woman's pulse is going up as well.

"Dylan," Harper says, taking Dylan's hand and placing it on the young woman's neck. "I think your scaring her," he finishes.

"What…?" Dylan begins to shout, but feels the girls pulse jump. Dylan gets up and walks until his head is clear. When he is calm again he sits back down by Harper and Emma. "Harper, you were the one that told me you needed to go to earth and wanted me to come with you. When I asked you why you needed to go, all you would say was to find her. Then we found her, we got her out of harm's way and now you can't remember who she is?" The confusion on Harper's face answers his question.

"I can't remember asking to go to earth. None the less finding a girl on earth." Harper looks down at the slender red head and studies her. "She looks to clean shaven to be from earth." Harper concludes.

"She came out of some vortex," Dylan claims.

Harper studies Dylan's face. "There's more isn't there?"

"She made a Nietzschean think his gun was a snake."

"Great," Harper says, "now were going to have two mysterious women on our ship." Harper looks at her pale face, he likes her already. "Does Ms. Mysterious have a name?" he asks.

"She told the Nietzschean it is Emma." Dylan looks at her and smiles. He knows he's going to be in for another interesting week. "Let's get Emma on board the Andromeda," Dylan says.

"Yeah," Harper jumps in. "They are probably having a way better time than us."

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