Baby Love

Rating: R

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Chapter 1

Lizzie suddenly sat straight up in bed. "Not again!" She yelled as she ran to the bathroom starting the third week of her sickness. She puked her guts out in the toilet and then lay back against the cold floor. "I don't think this is normal." She said out loud. She then remembered something and got up slowly and went back into her room and then came back into the bathroom baring a small box.

"That's it. I'll just take it. Although I hope I'm right and I'm not." She stopped. She couldn't even say the word. Lizzie had no clue what she would do if she were pregnant. She read the directions on the box and the slowly opened it. She pulled one test out and did what she had to. It said she had to wait for ten minutes. She figured that nobody else would come into her bathroom since it was connecting to her room and only her friends used it.

So she decided to leave it on the counter top and then she heard the doorbell ring downstairs. Deciding to let her mom get it she went back into her room and lay on her bed. She closed he eyes and opened them again as she heard somebody enter her room. "Connor?" She said. He smiled and came to sit on the bed with her. "I thought you were." She was cut off by his kiss. She returned it eagerly.

When they finally pulled apart she looked him in the eyes. "I thought you were with your father and were going on a trip? You weren't supposed to be back for another month!" She exclaimed/yelled and he knew she was just happy to see him. Connor smiled at her. "I know but I couldn't live without you baby." He said and pulled her into another kiss.

He quickly pulled back though. "And beside dad had to cancel the trip." He told her and she nodded and they kissed again. This time she pulled away from him. "I missed you so much Connor even though you were only gone for two weeks." She said. He held her against him. "I know. I missed you to. So much." He told her kissing the top of her head.

"I love you." Lizzie suddenly told him. She smiled and looked up at him. "I love you to." He told he back and then they both lay back onto the bed that they were sitting on. She was spooned against his chest. And his arms held her tight. "You wanna stay at my place tonight? I don't think your parents will mind. They still think we are just friends." He said giggling. She giggled to. She knew her parents thought that they were just friends and she loved it.

Because of that they had gotten away with a bunch of stuff. They thought Connor lived with his parents but the truth was that he lived by himself. "I would love to." She responded to his question and tried to get even closer to him if possible. He was now kissing her neck and gently sucking on some places. "Oh Connor that feels so good." She said and then she saw the clock on her wall and then suddenly remembered. "Connor we can't. Not now." She said sitting up wishing that they could. It was too risky anyway. Lizzie's parents were downstairs and her friends could come by at any moment.

Connor moaned and started to protest but her fingers on his lips silenced him. "I'll be back in a moment." She said and looked away from him frowning and started walking towards her bathroom. What was on that stick could change her life forever. She got to the bathroom slowly and shut the door behind her not bothering to lock it. She sat on the toilet afraid of what it might say.

She did everything but look at it. She picked the box up again. "Ok blue if positive and pink if negative." She read out loud and sighed then placed the box down. She finally had enough courage to look at it. She closed her eyes reached out for it and felt around for it. When she felt it she picked it up and brought it so he could see it when she opened her eyes. She held it there for a moment realizing again that this could change her life forever. She slowly opened her eyes then closed them at what she saw. She threw the stick in the trash suddenly not afraid anymore and slowly walked out to where Connor was still laying on the bed.

She lay down beside him again and looked him in the eye frowning. She suddenly felt tears streaming down her face. Connor suddenly looked worried. "Lizzie are you ok? What's the matter?" He asked wiping at the tears that just kept falling on her face. "Connor. I'm pregnant."

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