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Full summary: Sakura Kinomoto is a rich, happy-go-lucky type of girl. Because of her dense and childish nature, her older brother Touya thinks that she'll never grow up and will never be independent enough to be by herself. Sakura got annoyed because she thinks that at the age of 20, she is fully capable of taking care of herself. She made a bet with Touya that she could spend three months working as a secretary in one of Fujitaka's corporation buildings, just like any normal, middle-class girl could. She wouldn't let the news spread that she's actually the boss's only daughter and will be paid the same amount that regular secretaries would be paid. And who is Sakura working for while she plays secretary? The famous Li Syaoran who fires at least five secretaries in a year...what will happen?

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The Secretary's Secret

Chapter 1: Introducing the Immature and the Picky

"Miss Sakura, it's already half pass noon." The maid gently nudged a honey brown haired girl on the shoulder.

"Five more minutes . . ." a muffled voice said.

"But, Miss Sakura, Mr. Kinomoto said to have you ready in fifteen minutes. He wants to have lunch with you and Mr. Kinomoto Junior." The maid said.

"I'm not hungry . . . tell them I'll skip breakfast . . ."

"You already did." A voice smirked near the door.

"Go away and let me sleep, Touya." The honey brown haired girl grumbled at her older brother.

"When will you ever grow up?" Touya shook his head. His sister is already 20 years old for goodness sake!

Touya turned to the maid, who's in her late fifties. "Dump some cold water on her, it'll save you the trouble, Mary."

"Okay, okay, I'm up! I couldn't sleep with all your voices yapping anyways." Sakura grumbled, sliding out of bed.

"Get ready, dad wants us to meet up with a couple of his client's sons and daughters." Touya said.

"Oh, daddy probably wants to set me up again." Sakura grumbled.

"I remember how awful the last guy was. Sometimes I feel so lucky that I'm married." Touya snickered and walked out of the room.

"Yeah, well, when I turn 27, I'll be married too, you know!" Sakura shouted to her brother, who had already walked out of the room.

"Miss Sakura, Mr. Kinomoto still wants you to--"

"Yeah, I heard, Mary. I'll get ready." Sakura smiled, hopping down the bed.


"Yes, and this is my daughter, Sakura." Fujitaka smiled. Sakura stared at the young man in front of her. He's even older than Touya! He must be at least 29.

"Dad!" Sakura nudged her father gently.

"What is it, dear?" Fujitaka asked.

"I'm going to the restroom." Sakura sighed, getting up. Sakura let out another huge sigh as soon as she left. Her dad is a rich businessman and always has clients. Her mother Nadeshiko (AN: is that how you spell it? Please tell me in your reviews if it's not correct! By the way, I want Sakura to have a mother in this story, okay?) Is the only who understands that Sakura doesn't wish to be set up with rich snobs.

Sakura quietly slipped out the door of the restaurant.

"Got away again, eh?" A voice smirked. Sakura turned around to see her brother, her sister-in-law, and her twin nephews, sitting in their family car.

"Aunty Sakura!" The twins, Mike and Nike shouted. They're five years old, and they look like mini Touyas.

"Hi, Sakura. Touya knows you'll be escaping again, so we're here to pick you up." Rina, Touya's wife, smiled. Sakura knew Rina for a long time. In fact, it was her who played matchmaker for her brother!

"Thanks, Rina! You guys are the best!" Sakura slide into the backseat and played with Mike and Nike.

"Mommy bought us new toys, Aunty Sakura!" Nike said, holding up a race car.

"Daddy bought us new toys too!" Mike held up an action figure.

"Aw, they're so cute!" Sakura giggled.

"Sakura, when are you ever going to grow up?" Touya sighed.

"What?" Sakura asked.

"It's so obvious. You've been rich most of your life and not to mention, a bit spoiled too. You just don't understand how hard it is to actually make a living out here. You should really stop being so . . . childish." Touya sighed.

"Hey, I'm not childish! I can be very mature also, but I just don't want to! And for your information, I can make a living out there by myself, doing a regular job like everyone else." Sakura stated firmly.

"You never even had a part time job before in your whole life. When all your friends are in high school, at least most of them got some kind of job in Mc Donald's or something. But you never have to worry." Touya replied.

"So, Tomoyo's rich too and she isn't spoiled!" Sakura exclaimed. Tomoyo Daijouji is Sakura's best friend ever since elementary. The two of them are also cousins.

"Tomoyo actually worked. She helps her mother with the Toy Company. We just saw her in one of the toy companies own by the Daijouji's while we're shopping to buy the boys new toys. She told us she's going to open up her own clothing line in the next couple months." Touya said, as he turned a corner.

"Yeah, I know. Tomoyo told me all about it already." Sakura said.

"See what I mean? Tomoyo has her future career already planned out. But what will you do for a living? You don't expect to be one of those rich snobs, who rely on their parents' money, do you?" Touya asked.

"Of course not! I hate people like that! I'll show you, Touya! I'm not immature and I am mature enough to have a job and earn a living." Sakura said.


A 22 years old chestnut haired man drove in his car to the office. He opened the door and walked into the lobby.

"Good morning, Mr. Li." People greeted him. He smiled back with a slight nod. His name is Syaoran Li, quite well known for his hardworking and for being the pickiest. He has a reputation for firing about 5 to 7 secretaries in a year.

Syaoran stepped in the elevator, along with tons of other people. He waited patiently as the door was about to close.

"Wait! Wait up!" A voice said. A man immediately pressed a button, making the elevator doors open again.

"Thanks!" A girl with long brown hair breathe heavily as she managed to make her way into the elevator at the last minute. Syaoran stared at the girl.

"Maple, is that you?"

"Oh, Mr. Li, hi!" The girl said. Syaoran looked at his watch. It reads 9:10 am. He had an early meeting with a client at 8:00 this morning, and he's due back at his office around 9:30.

"You're supposed to be in the office at 9:00. And it's already 9:10. What's your excuse?" Syaoran glared. Maple gulped.

"Well you see, I was working late last night, and my alarm clock's batteries went dead, so I--"

"Forget it, I don't want to listen to your excuses. You don't have to come back tomorrow." Syaoran said firmly.

"What?" Maple gasped.

"You heard me. Today will be your last day. I don't think I need a secretary who can't even read the time. What if you're late for a meeting with a client? I suggest you pack up. There are some extra cardboard boxes under James's desk." Syaoran stated as if it's everyday that he fires a secretary.

The elevator made a dinging sound as it reached the 15th floor. Syaoran walked out coolly, as if nothing has happened, while Maple slowing followed him out, gaping in shock. All the other people who are still in the elevator stood silently, as they had just witnessed the famous Li fires another victim.


"Maple, you're back! Can you bring these in to Mr. Li? They need his signature." Eriol said, holding out a blue folder to Maple.

"I can't, I have to pack first. And I won't be here tomorrow either." Maple grumbled.

"What? You're fired? Since when?" Eriol asked, shocked.

"A few minutes ago, when Li saw me in the elevator." Maple replied in a huff.

"He fired you in the elevator?" Eriol asked, his blue eyes wide.

"Yes. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go ask James for those extra cardboard boxes." Maple huffed, walking away.

Eriol shook his head as he went into Syaoran's office. Syaoran and Eriol are best friends since elementary.

"You fired another one?" Eriol asked.

"Yes, she was 10 minutes late." Syaoran said.

"Syaoran, that was the fourth one this year!"

"And your point is?"

"Never mind, just forget it. This means we'll need a new secretary, don't we?"

"What do you think?"


"Dad, I can do this! I have to prove Touya wrong! Please, it's only for three months!" Sakura begged.

"I don't know, Sakura. You'll be working for Syaoran Li, the pickiest in the whole company. I heard he just fired another secretary this morning." Fujitaka said.

"Let her go, dad. The kaijuu would be fired in no time, so you don't have to worry." Touya smirked.

"I'm not a kaijuu, and I won't be fired! It's only for three months, dad! And you can still check on how I'm doing! Please?" Sakura begged.

"Just let her, honey. It's about time Sakura get out there and work. She never had a part time job when she should have back in high school." Nadeshiko said gently.

"Well . . . okay, fine. But only for three months, and if you get fired before then, there's no second chances, just because you're my daughter." Fujitaka said.

"Yes! That's great! Oh and dad, can you guys not let the company know I'm your daughter? I don't want any special treatments." Sakura said.

"That'll be fine. But you must promise that you won't work yourself too hard, okay?" Fujitaka said.

"Okay, I promise! Yes, I get to be a secretary for three months! I'll show you, Touya! I'm not too childish for a job!" Sakura stuck her tongue out at her onii-chan.

"We'll see about that." Touya smirked.

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