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Last Chapter:

Sakura looked down at her feet. "I was thinking that Kat needed you by her side more."

"Sakura, don't think that. I need you too. Promise me you won't do anything that silly again?"

Syaoran asked, wrapping his arm around her.

"Okay." Sakura smiled. "But what about Kat?"

"I talked to her last night and she finally realized that we should all let bygones be bygones. We're still friends and nothing more." Syaoran told her.

"I'm glad I made that silly bet with Touya in the first place." Sakura said.


"Or else I would never have met you." She giggled.

Syaoran chuckled. Leaning in, their lips met in a sweet kiss.

The Secretary's Secret

Chapter 18: A Sweet Ending

Five years later

"Syaoran-kun!" A hyper Sakura leapt onto his back.

"Sakura! You scared me." Syaoran said.

"I know." Sakura giggled. "How was your day?"

"Well, it was good, but the company had decided that they want a female model to advertise for the new product." Syaoran said.

One year ago, Sakura had stopped working as Syaoran's secretary.

"What's wrong with a female model?" Sakura asked.

"Well, nothing, it's just that now I have to go tell that male model that we can't use him anymore. He was quite upset about it." Syaoran explained.

"Oh, I was out today and I bought a copy of Rei's newest movie!" Sakura said, showing Syaoran the box.

"Let see." Syaoran peered at the box. "Rei has been making a lot of movies in Japan ever since he got famous in Canada."

"Yeah. How are he and Meiling doing?" Sakura asked. After Sakura left, Syaoran was of course looking for another secretary. Deciding that she needs a job, Meiling was hired.

"You wouldn't believe it, he comes to the office everyday looking for my cousin." Syaoran chuckled.

"He really likes her, doesn't he?"

"Yeah. Meiling said they're going out." Syaoran said.

"Oh, Rei and Meiling-chan makes such a cute couple! Just like Eriol and Tomoyo-chan!" Sakura squealed.

"Tomoyo comes everyday to the office to find Eriol too. She said she wants to make sure that he doesn't flirt with the female workers." Syaoran grinned. "But sometimes when Tomoyo doesn't come, Eriol gets off early. I wonder why." He smirked.

Eriol and Tomoyo had started to go out with each other, and had gotten married three years ago.

"By the way, why are you trying to find a female model? What product is being advertised?" Sakura wanted to know.

"A new toy, a singing teddy bear." Syaoran said. "The company decided that they want to have two kids playing with the teddies, then the mother comes out and creates this 'warm family' atmosphere kind of thing." Syaoran said.

"Who are you going to use?"

"I have no idea yet."

The next day

"Did you call the other model yet?" Syaoran asked.

"She said she wants higher pay." Eriol sighed. All day, the two of them have been phoning different models trying to find one who would do a commercial advertising the singing teddy bears.

"What about the model with the green hair?" Syaoran frowned.

"We're going for a mother look. Have you ever seen a mom with green hair?" Eriol groaned. "This is hopeless!!"

"Too bad Tomoyo is six months pregnant, or else we could have used her." Eriol sighed.

"Aren't you happy to be a father?" Syaoran asked.

"Of course I am. Hiroshi is happy to be an older brother too." Eriol grinned. Hiroshi Hiiragazawa is Eriol and Tomoyo's oldest son, and he's two years old.

Suddenly, a knock was heard on Syaoran's office door.

"Come in." Syaoran said. Meiling entered.

"Hey, it's lunchtime." She said.

"We're trying to find a model that could play the mother part." Syaoran sighed.

"What about the kids? Who's going to play that part?" Meiling asked.

"Oh no! We're so occupied with the mother's role that we forgot to find someone to play the kid's part!" Syaoran slapped himself on the forehead. "How forgetful can I get?"

"Wouldn't it be cuter if the kids were twins?" Meiling grinned.

"You know, that would be a great idea." Eriol grinned as well. Syaoran looks up and saw the evil grins on his cousin and his best friend's face.

"Oh no . . . don't tell me that you're thinking of asking--"

"That's exactly who we were thinking of asking to play the roles!" Both of them replied.


"But nothing, this couldn't get easier! And here we are, pondering what to do! Now that it's settled, we can go for lunch!" Eriol got off the chair and headed for the door.

"Well, I suppose it's not that bad of an idea . . ." Syaoran said to himself.


"How was work today?" Sakura asked. She and Syaoran were currently eating lunch at a cafe.

"Oh it was okay. We found the perfect model for the commercial." Syaoran informed.

"Who is it?" Sakura asked.

"It was Meiling's idea."

"Who is it?"

"She said the commercial would be cuter."

"Who is it?"

"We would have asked Tomoyo to play the mother, but then she's six months pregnant, and there's no other model wanting to take the part."

"Who is it????"

"There's this model that wanted to take the part, but then she has green hair and the image of moms doesn't have green hair."

"Who is it?!?"

"Oh, would you look at the time! I'll drive you back home, then I have to head back to the office!" Syaoran said, grabbing Sakura's hand.

"Syaoran! Who is it???"

"Who is what?"

"Who is--oh great, now I forgot what I was asking!" Sakura rolled her eyes.

Later that night

"You never told me who were the models you hired!" Sakura said.

"Oh, yeah, I never did, did I?" Syaoran grinned.

"So, who is it?"

"Well, as I have told you, the company want this 'warm family' theme thing, so we want a mother and a kid, playing with the toys right?"

"Yeah . . ."

"Well, we found the perfect mother and the kids." Syaoran said.

"So, who is it?!?!"

"Here, I'll tell you." Syaoran leaned over and whispered it into Sakura's ear. Sakura's emerald eyes widen.

"Syaoran! Are you sure? I mean, they don't have any experience!"

"Wouldn't it be cute thought? They're twins!" Syaoran grinned.

"Well, I suppose it would be fun." Sakura thought about it.

"Of course it would be. Now the commercial filming would take place tomorrow."

"So soon?!?! What if they're not ready??"

"I'm sure they'll do fine." Syaoran said.

The next day

"See, Sakura, I told you everything would work out fine." Syaoran grinned. The commercial filming was over, and it turned out fine.

"Yeah, I guess it did." Sakura smiled.

"Good job, your twins were excellent, Mr. Li!" The director said as he walks by.

"Mommy, Daddy, we want ice cream!!" A pair of three years old twins tugged on Syaoran and Sakura's hands. It was a boy and a girl.

"I want a chocolate sundae!" The boy laughed, his auburn eyes were twinkling with happiness. His name was Xiao Lin.

"I want a strawberry cone!" The girl giggled as Sakura scooped her into her arms. Her name was Xiao Ying.

"I think Lin and Ying is getting impatient." Syaoran laughed, as he picked up Xiao Lin in his arms as well.

"Okay then, mommy and daddy will take you out for ice cream now." Sakura said, and the family strolled out of the studio.

A month later

"Syaoran, guess what I got in the mail today?" Sakura said excitedly.

"What?" Syaoran asked. He's currently in the kitchen, making breakfast.

"A postcard from Kat!" Sakura said. Ever since Kat and Syaoran became friends once more, she had moved to America with her son, Kane.

"Really? What did she say?" Syaoran asked, as he placed some pancakes on Ying and Lin's plates.

"She said she saw our commercial and she thinks it's the cutest thing ever." Sakura laughed.

"Well, I'm glad. After all, I do have the best family." Syaoran grinned.

"I think I have the best family too." Sakura smiled. "I still remember that I used to think you're a big mean and strict person when I first met you." She giggled.

"I used to think that you're a clumsy person. And I still do." Syaoran smirked.

"Hey!!" Sakura protested.

Her husband chuckled. "But I love you for it anyway."

~The End~


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