The Legend of Zelda and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Toki no Cardo




Yami Yugi just stared at the screen, eyebrows raised in slight amusement, as his little hikari practically pounded on the strange device he held in his hands. The "controller" as his aibou had called it had three handles that joined together to form a wide, flat surface that held different multicolored buttons. His hikari's tiny hands were wrapped around the center and right handles, with one thumb permanently glued to the control stick and the other flying across the green, blue, and one of the yellow buttons at a dizzying speed.

Yugi Mutou was either ignoring his other self, or was blissfully unaware of the Egyptian spirit's musings as he blinked against the sweat trickling down into his eyes from the effort he was putting into the video game. It was that blasted tail that was getting him so worked up. He just had to hit that damned tail one more time and he would win the game. The tiny computer chip inside the game cartridge seemed to know that he was only one hit away, as it was forcing his target to be that much more difficult to get to.

The little teenager winced as his character got hit, and quickly forced the game sprite to get back to its feet, ignoring the vibration in the controller from the hit and the annoying beeping sound that meant he was low on hearts.

Just one more hit on that tail...

Yes! The tail was vulnerable! He instantly made is game sprite swing its sword...

That was when the screen froze, the music humming on the note that it left off at as small glitches appeared on the display. Yugi blinked, not believing his incredibly BAD luck. He pounded on the controller, as if that would get his character moving again, before rolling forward from his sitting position and pounding on the fairly small unit that was his Nintendo 64. The display flickered a bit more, before it snapped to black. Holding his breath, Yugi pounded on the uncooperative unit again...

Only to see his game character riding his horse in the game's opening sequence.

"GODDAMMIT!!!" Yugi shouted, nearly throwing his controller at the television. Yami Yugi jumped, not used to his hikari raising his voice like that.

"Aibou!" he exclaimed. "Calm down! It's just a video game..."

Yugi fumed from where he was slightly laid out on the floor of the parlor, glaring at the translucent blue system resting innocently before him. "Zelda no Denesetsu: Toki no Ocarina" was quite an old game, but he had not known of its existence until recently. Since it was so old, he had to pick up a used copy of it from the local video game store, but since then he had been unable to put it down. The legendary game and its characters enraptured him; so much so that he hardly played any of his other games anymore. There was just one problem with his copy of the game: it tended to freeze in the most annoying of places, like it just did. By the time he realized how much of a problem it was, it was too late to exchange it at the store, and considering how far he was in the game, rather pointless to do so, considering he would have to start all over again.

The little teenager buried his face in the carpet. "I'm never gonna beat this game, am I?" he asked, his voice muffled.

Yami Yugi smiled, resting an encouraging hand on his shoulder. "I'm sure you will, aibou," he said. "Though, I must admit, it will be quite annoying going though that whole tower again."

Yugi groaned at his words, realizing that he had not saved the game since he first entered the final area. That time, he really did throw his controller at the television; only it fell short of the screen, thanks to the controller wire that connected it to the Nintendo 64. Yami Yugi sweatdropped at the little one's actions.

"Aibou, I think you've been hanging around the tomb robber too much..."

Yugi sighed, slumping his shoulders, before he rolled over onto his back. "Wouldn't it be cool, mou hitori no boku?" he asked. "Wouldn't it be cool if it was all real?"

Yami Yugi grinned. "I think our lives are exciting enough already, aibou."

Yugi sighed dreamily, wondering what he would do if he were a legendary Hero of Time...

/_\ /_\ /_\

Beautiful sweeping fields, towns full of lively villagers, forests sparkling with the light of faeries, the sound of cuccos crowing; this was the wonder that was the mystical land of Hyrule. Everyone in the land was happy and content; now that the Imprisoning War was not even a memory in the minds of the people, save for a select few.

Everyone was happy... except for one person...

Princess Zelda sat alone on the balcony that extended out from her room, her royal blue eyes filled with sadness. The seven years that had been washed away by fate had passed, and she was once again near adulthood. Soon, she was to ascend the throne in her long passed on father's place, and rule over a peaceful Hyrule. By all rights, that should have brought her happiness, and if not for the vacant hole it her heart, it would have.

She sent her sorrowful gaze out to the stars. Seven years ago they parted, promising they would see each other once again, when they were as they had been in the erased future. Seven years ago, they promised to unite under the blessing of the goddesses and the Triforce... but seven years was soon turning into eight, and Zelda had the distinct impression that something had happened that prevented her hero from returning to her.

Clenching her fists at her sides, she went back inside her room and grabbed her cloak. Not missing a beat, she swept the fabric about her shoulders as she left her quarters and the castle, only stopping briefly to tell the guards at the gate that she was going to the Temple of Time. No one stopped her; they knew she had been restless as of late, and seeking the guidance that may be found at the Temple was probably the best thing for her to do.

Zelda slowed a bit as she came to the Temple of Time; old memories from a time not lived stirring up familiar and painful emotions within her. Quashing them, she stopped when she reached the door before pulled up her harp from where it hung at her side. She carefully strung out the Prelude of Light, deciding to enter the Temple that was as opposed to conventional means, and silently berating herself for not doing so while she was still at the castle.

The door before her suddenly dissolved away, and before she could blink, she was standing where the Master Sword stood sleeping in its alter. The Sword of Evil's Bane was listless, its edges dulled and the pure silver color of the blade tarnished. If this did not prove that there was something wrong, she did not know what did.

Zelda clasped her hands before her in prayer, casting her eyes up pleadingly.

"Please, Farore, great goddess of courage," she intoned. "Please, send to us someone who can save your champion. I beg of you. Send someone who can help Link!"

/_\ /_\ /_\

Yugi yawned tiredly, plopping into bed, before nuzzling up against his darker self. Yami Yugi smiled at his little light, wrapping an arm around him and grateful he had finally calmed down from before. After vocally pondering how great it would be to live an adventure like in his video game, Yugi had tackled the game again, making sure to save it after he had conquered all the necessary areas so he could reach the final boss.

Unfortunately, the game froze again during the worst possible part. Yugi had gotten in his final hit on the boss's tail, but after that he had to recover a sword that had been cast away from his character during the battle and deal the final blow. Just as he swung the sword was when the game decided to freeze again, which sent Yugi cursing and Yami Yugi backing away from his aibou.

"I still think it would be great, mou hitori no boku," Yugi murmured sleepily. "Riding around on that cool horse. Shooting down evil Poes. Saving all of the Sages from the bad guys. That's a cool adventure."

Yami Yugi chuckled, holding his aibou tight. "Well, I'd hate to tell you to stop dreaming, aibou, but nothing like that is ever going to happen in this modern world."

Yugi giggled. "Stranger things have happened," he said, poking his darker self in the chest. Yami Yugi really did not have an argument for that.

"Just get some sleep, aibou," Yami Yugi said patiently. "You've got school tomorrow, remember?"

Yugi made a face, but complied, snuggling a bit closer before drifting off to sleep. Yami Yugi smiled at his little angel, and was about to join him in sweet slumber, when an annoying tapping sound reached his ears. Frowning, he gently untangled himself from Yugi and padded his way across the room to get to the window, only to see a rather peculiar sight.

A glowing green triangle of light with a golden center was hovering outside the window. That in itself was strange, but the fact that the golden triangle looked both two-dimensional and three-dimensional at once just baffled him and gave him a headache staring at it. The thing kept tapping against the glass, and after a moment of debate, Yami Yugi opened the window wide and allowed it to come inside.

The triangle hovered above his face for a few moments, as if judging him. Yami Yugi blinked, perplexed, as the strange thing flew over to his aibou. The thing hovered before his sleeping form for a moment as well, before it started circling him, starting from his feet and going up to his head, going right through the mattress as it did so. For a brief moment, Yugi glowed slightly, before he disappeared in a burst of green light.

It took Yami Yugi a moment to realize what had happened. When he did, he was beyond furious.

"Where's my aibou?!" he demanded as the glowing triangle came toward him. "What did you do with him?"

As if in answer, the strange thing started flying circles around him as well, in the same manner as it had to Yugi. Before the spirit of the pharaoh could even protest, he disappeared from the world he knew...

/_\ /_\ /_\

Zelda felt her heart sink slightly. She had hoped that the goddess Farore would have responded right away somehow. Disheartened, she reached for her harp and was about to teleport out of there, when she felt an odd presence behind her. Whirling around in surprise, she nearly dropped her instrument.

An image of the Triforce of Courage shone a brilliant green behind her.

The princess knew it was not the REAL Triforce of Courage. That would only have appeared on its own when the person who held it within himself died, and she knew she would have been able to sense THAT. Not knowing what else to do, she waited for the image of the Triforce piece to do what it was there to do.

What happened, however, was not what she expected to happen. After a moment of waiting, the green aura around the Triforce piece expanded and grew brighter to the point where she had to shield her eyes. With a burst of magic, two young men were suddenly deposited on the ground with an echoing THUD. One had obviously been asleep, for he let out a snort when he hit the ground that stated as much. The Triforce of Courage hovered over the two of them a bit, before disappearing as quickly as it had appeared, leaving a baffled princess and two very bewildered young men behind.

Yugi gazed around, bleary-eyed, wondering why he had been so rudely interrupted from his peaceful napping. It took him a moment to realize he was sprawled out on a cold marble floor, and that his other self had landed on top of him.

"Mou hitori no boku..." he began wearily. "Off..."

Yami Yugi's numb mind somehow managed to get his body to fulfill his hikari's request. He moved off of his little one, looking around the place they had ended up in astonishment. Though it was hard to see, as it was obviously nighttime here as well, he could tell the room they had ended up in was made of polished marble. On a slightly raised dais in the center of the room, a tarnished old sword was embedded in a small slab of stone. Standing next to it was a beautiful young woman with blonde hair, strange pointed ears, and wearing a long pink gown. Yami Yugi found himself staring at her; why did she look so familiar?

Zelda was also staring, though not for the same reason as the former pharaoh. The two men that Farore had sent her had to be the two strangest men ever to touch Hylian soil. They both had the same oddly spiked, tri-colored hair that seemed to defy gravity. One was much shorter than the other, and she assumed them to be brothers. The shorter of the two was clad in a light blue shirt and trousers decorated with little stars. The taller only wore a pair of black pants. Both of them had the same violet eyes, though one's were wide with innocence and the other's narrowed with experience.

The three of them stared at each other for a long moment, exchanging bewildered looks, before someone finally had the courage to say something. Zelda bowed to the two of them, a bit meekly.

"Greetings, those chosen by the goddess of courage," she greeted. "I am Princess Zelda, heir to the throne of Hyrule. I am the one who requested you to come here."

It took a moment to register, but when it did, Yugi's jaw literally hit the cold marble floor. Yami Yugi nodded silently to himself, helping his aibou keep his mouth shut. He thought he had seen the woman before, though he almost did not recognize her. Sixty-four bit graphics only showed so much detail.

"You're... you're really... ZELDA...?!" Yugi exclaimed breathlessly. The princess nodded in affirmation. The small teenager blinked a couple times, before he gave his other half a punch in the arm.

"I told you so!"

Yami Yugi just rolled his eyes. Zelda watched their antics, a little concerned. These were the two chosen by Farore to help Link? She fought back a sigh, already feeling a sense of dread creeping up inside of her.

/_\ /_\ /_\

The trip back to the castle was quite interesting, to put it mildly. When the little one - Yugi, as Zelda quickly learned his name was from how often the taller boy kept telling him to calm down - was not gaping at the scenery, he was hounding her with questions. After about the fourteenth question, Yami Yugi (whose name she had learned from Yugi talking back to him) finally told him to stop it or he would duck tape his mouth shut. Zelda did not understand what it meant to have a person's mouth duck tapped shut, but she doubted it was very pleasant.

Once they reached the castle, the princess instantly lead the two unlikely heroes to the gardens, to that same place she had met him all those years ago. Yugi looked about in awe, before running to the windows in the walls on either side. He tried to look inside them, before complaining that there were no pictures of Mario or Yoshie. Zelda REALLY did not know what he meant by that, and had a feeling she did not want to find out either.

"Don't mind him," Yami Yugi said from behind her. "This is a little... different for the both of us."

"I understand," Zelda said quietly, as Yugi ran up to the little window that looked in on the throne room of the castle to peer inside. "You do not come from this world, do you?" She gave him an odd look. "Nor do you exist as Yugi does."

"That would be a yes to both," the pharaoh replied, an easy smile on his face. "Where we're from all this -" Yami Yugi swept his hand about, as if to encompass of all Hyrule - "is just a video game; not reality. As for me..."

He trailed off as Yugi came running back toward them. "Mou hitori no boku!" he exclaimed. "It's just like in the game! It's just like Toki no Ocarina!"

Yami Yugi winced. "Hush, aibou," he scolded. "You're loud enough to wake the dead."

"They do that at night anyway," both Zelda and Yugi replied.

The pharaoh fought back the urge to roll his eyes. These video game things had always been beyond him. Sure, like most other games, he performed really well at them, and there was not a single one in Yugi's collection that he had not mastered (much to his hikari's annoyance). He just did not understand what the big thrill was; you pushed a button and the character on the screen moved. Whoopee; back during his reign in Ancient Egypt, he did not need a button to do the same thing to REAL people.

"Anyway," Yami Yugi went on. "Why are we here?"

A very serious look crossed the princess's face at his question. "Since you mentioned the Ocarina of Time, I have to assume that you know of the Imprisoning War that occurred, yet did not occur?"

Yugi blinked. "Hunh?" he asked. "It happened all right! See, Link had to rescue the Sages, and -"

"Aibou, let her finish."

Yugi pouted; it was a look that was so adorable and reminded her so much of HIM when he was younger, that Zelda could not help but chuckle. She recovered her seriousness after a moment, but there was still a slight smile tugging at her lips.

"Well, after the war was over," she continued, clasping her hands before her, "Link and I went our separate ways, with him leaving a promise to return from adventuring seven years later so we would be together."

It was hard to miss the dreamy look that had suddenly appeared on Yugi's face, but he did not really care. That was just so romantic; he always thought - ever since he first encountered the video game Zelda - that the hero and the princess would make a good couple.

"So, what's wrong?" Yami Yugi asked, breaking his reverie. "He hasn't returned?"

Zelda shook her head. "It's nearly going on eight years. Under normal circumstances, and with anyone else, I wouldn't be concerned. But Link went on his quest for the soul purpose of finding adventure. Not only that, but the sword you saw at the Temple, the Master Sword; it has become dull and tarnished, as if it is reflecting that there's something wrong with Link. That is why I asked Farore, the goddess of courage, to summon you."

Yugi blinked, reality finally setting in. "But..." he protested, looking up to his other self for help. "We're not heroes. Not like Link anyway. We don't even know how to use a sword!"

Yami Yugi poked his aibou in the shoulder. "YOU don't," he corrected. Yugi pouted again.

Zelda just smiled gently. "Farore IS the goddess of courage, whose part of the Triforce shines as a beacon for all heroes, no matter what world they're from. I trust her judgment, just as you should trust yourselves."

Yugi found his feet interesting at that, having nothing to say in response. Yami Yugi rested a hand gently on his shoulder, before turning to the princess once again.

"Will you return us home afterwards?" he asked.

Zelda nodded. "Does that mean you'll...?"

Yugi looked up at his other self, and the two of them came to a silent agreement.

"Where do we start?"

/_\ /_\ /_\

"Aibou, remind me why I agreed to this again?"

Yami Yugi stared at his reflection in the mirror as he asked his question, the disdain practically dripping from his voice. The princess had allowed them their own rooms for the night so they could finish the sleep they were rudely deprived of. When they awoke the next morning, the tailor had stopped by, dropping off a set of cloths for both of them that Zelda thought they would enjoy. Though Yugi was practically bouncing off the walls over the outfit he had quickly grabbed and ran behind a screen to put on, Yami Yugi could not be any less enthusiastic.

The simple fact that the outfit had no leather in it whatsoever was one of the small irritations about it. Some of the others where that green and white were NOT his colors, the boots were just ugly, he had only one belt not counting the sword sheath on his back, and he had to tie his spiky raspberry and black hair back so as to accommodate the cap, leaving the blond of his hair sticking out from underneath. He felt like a complete moron wearing something like that, and promised himself that the next village they stopped to, the first thing he would do was get a clothing change.

Yugi stepped out from behind the changing screen, wearing his outfit proudly. It was the same as the pharaoh's, with the fact that he was not wearing the white under shirt and pants being the exception. He bounced Yami Yugi away from the mirror to get a good look at himself.

"Wow! I look good!" he exclaimed, as Yami Yugi sweatdropped.

"Aibou, maybe we shouldn't have agreed to this," he replied.

"What are you talking about, mou hitori no boku?" Yugi asked innocently, going over to where a row of weapons had been set out for them during the night. He picked up a small sword that was big enough for him to use and slid it into his own little sheath.

"I'm saying that this may be a little bit out of our league," Yami Yugi answered as his aibou picked up a shield that suited him and slung it onto his back.

"Well, if I recall, I was the one who had misgivings last night, while you seemed to be all gung-ho about it," he said, before picking up a small bow and plucking at the string. It twanged in response. "You think I should take this?" he asked. "I was pretty good during archery classes in gym."

"I'd be afraid you would use me as target practice," Yami Yugi joked.

Yugi pouted, before taking once of the oddly shaped nuts among the weapons and throwing it at him. The nut missed the pharaoh and landed on the ground, exploding in a burst of smoke. The two of them coughed, fighting to breath in the choking smoke that had appeared, before Yami Yugi raced for the window and threw it open. The smoke escaped out into the castle grounds, enabling them to breath again. The Egyptian spirit turned back to his hikari, a stern paternal look on his face.

"Aibou..." he began.

Yugi laughed nervously. "Ah... so THAT'S what Deku Nuts do! I never used them before; I thought they were pretty useless."

Yami Yugi smacked himself in the forehead. If they managed to get out of the castle alive, not to mention rescue Link, it would be a miracle.