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It was a perfect summer's eve, the warm wind whistling faintly through the tall oak trees, the gentle waves crashing timidly along the receding shoreline, and the millions of sparklers hooting off rays of light in the sky, casting a long, eerie shadow of the Tower over the murky water. It was one of those nights where you wanted to stand outside forever to take it all in and thank God you were alive. That is what many people of the innocent city were doing, enjoying all life had to offer. The Titans, however, were locking indoors, doing no such thing. They were KILLING life by idly staring blankly at the television.

Robin groaned and flipped mindlessly through the channels, one arm draped lazily over Starfire's slim shoulders. Her pretty red head lolled comfortably on his chest. "Man, why is nothing EVER on TV?!" he asked loudly, watching the pictures flash by rapidly on the screen. The boys shook their heads, not knowing the answer. Suddenly, as if by some act of God, something caught their eye, and they commanded Robin to change back to channel 138. He obeyed, and smiled when he noticed it was an episode of 'Whose Line Is It Anyway?' "I LOVE this show! It's hilarious!" Cyborg commented as he reclined into his seat. On the screen, 2 comedians, Ryan Stiles and Colin Mockerie, were performing a improve skit, obviously, it being the basis of the show. In this particular sketch, Ryan was pretending to be Batman, while Colin was acting as Robin. Colin seemed very upset about something, and when the laughter from the audience was quelled by their previous joke (the Titans did not know what it was, having just flipped it on) he spoke.

"But Batman!" he whined, "I don't wanna dress up like Wonder Woman!"

Starfire felt Robin tense beneath her, and glanced over at an intrigued Cyborg and Beast Boy before averting her gaze back to the screen.

"Aw, c'mon Robin! It'll be fun! Just do it!" His fake mentor commanded, but the Canadian still looked very skeptical.

"I just don't understand! Why do I have to dress up like a girl?!" Ryan suddenly looked very apprehensive.

"Uh-well.......the thing is.........aw, c'mon Robin! I keep a little boy locked up in a cave! People are starting to talk!"

At this, the room erupted with laughter, from the boys at least, and Starfire did her best to hide her giggles. Robin was NOT amused, and glared at the set in hopes of possibly being able to burn it down. When this task failed him, he muttered an obscenity under his breath and promptly switched to another network. "Gee, that was so clever. I've never heard that joke before. Ha ha ha." he uttered monotonously, and when the boys refused to let up their fits, Starfire sent them a look that would make Osama Bin Laden pee his pants, and they ceased, whimpering. The next show that caught their eye was an episode of 'Friends,' and Cyborg, being an avid fan of the series, ("So I like a girl-y sitcom! Big deal! So what if I like the jokes? So what if I think it's funny? So what if I anxiously await each upcoming episode to see the building relationship between Rachel and Joey?!........oops.") identified to the others that it was the episode where Monica confessed to Chandler that on the night she slept with him, she was originally looking for Joey. He did not seem pleased with this, and angrily stormed to the door, but the petite brunette stopped him. "It's not that big a deal!" she cried, stopping short in the kitchenette. Chandler, one hand perched on the doorknob, whirled on her, infuriated. "Of course it's a big deal! You came to hook up with Batman and instead you had to settle for Robin!" With that he exploded out of the room, leaving his friends looking distraught. Monica opened her mouth to speak and Robin moaned slightly, bracing himself for impact. "This is so wrong." Monica murmured, her face in her palms. The camera panned to Phoebe, who looked zoned out, as usual. "I know! Robin is SO gay!" she exclaimed all too happily.

Robin growled as the boys erupted with screams and taunts at Lisa Kudrow's line. The leader's cheeks were a deep crimson, and the others could not tell whether it was due to his embarrassment or his anger.

"What IS this?! Make fun of ME day?!" Robin shouted loudly, angrily channel surfing once again. Starfire snaked her arms around his waist in an attempt to soothe him, but when the next program appeared, he simmered down on his own. It was a football game, a harmless, innocent football game between the Tennessee Titans (how ironic) and the Chicago Bears. Robin sighed, relieved, and smiled, stroking Starfire's side. "FINALLY. Something that DOESN'T mock my pop culture status." he murmured, tossing the remote onto the adjacent coffee table. As the 2 commentators were cast into view, Cyborg was suddenly struck with a deliciously evil plan, and smirking deviously, snatched the remote and hit the 'mute' button. Instantly, all sound was gone. It was then he cupped his hands over his mouth and spoke in an elderly man's voice whenever the man on screen moved his lips. "Yes, Chuck, it seems the Titans are going to attempt a 45 foot field goal for the win today. Speaking of Titans, don't you think Robin is a little fruit? I mean, the spandex, the color scheme, the time, money, and patience spent on hair care, he's may as well be walking around in a rainbow flag! What do YOU think he and Batman were doing?" Beast Boy stifled a laugh as Starfire's eyes narrowed at the mechanical man, awaited Robin's explosion.

Amazingly, Robin did nothing of the sort and his reaction was just the opposite. He removed his hold on Starfire and imitated Cyborg's movements, waiting for the other man to move his lips wordlessly, and spoke in a strong, bold voice. "Fruit? What are you TALKING about, Bill? The kid's got the ladies hanging all over him! Plus, did you notice he's the only male Titan to get a girlfriend, his amazing, incredible, perfect teammate, Starfire?" he smiled at her, and she grinned at the complement. "Unlike that ass, Cyborg. He couldn't get a date if he tied and gagged a girl and dragged her through the town. And he smells like motor oil, too. Yep, when he gets a girl, pigs will not only fly, they'll learn the human language, become immensely intelligent, and enslave the human race!" Robin grinned victoriously as Cyborg steamed from the ears with gritted teeth. "HEY! You'll pay for that!!" he shouted, and leapt out of his seat charging at the boy with every intention of turning him to lunch meat. Robin calmly turned to Starfire. "Star, defensive maneuver 20-4/Omega." he said simply, and when Cyborg was within an inch of the couple, Star had encased the 2 in a protective orb of green energy, which Cyborg ran head-long into. The electricity jolted him through his cybernetic parts, sending him flying backwards into the TV set. He composed himself and ran back over, shouting angrily at the 2 in objection. Robin stuck out his tongue at him and pulled Starfire into his awaiting lap, beaming and propping his chin on her delicate shoulder. "Have I told you lately that I love you?"

Beast Boy laughed at Cyborg's overreaction, he could only imagine his image in the public eye had HE been Batman's sidekick. Robin took those blows gracefully, Cyborg would, well, most likely scream. And punch something. He always had to punch something. The green lad brought his hands down on the soft cushion on either sides of him and pushed himself up, strolling out of the room and into their kitchen. "I'm getting something to drink." he called over his shoulder, but the others didn't hear; Starfire was giggling to the point she could barely breathe and Robin was repeated everything Cyborg said, much like a 4 year old. The metal man was throwing a fit. Beast Boy shook his head and scoffed, an amused smile tugging at the corners of his lips. He reached up and opened the cabinet door, searching for a mug of some sort. He found a large glass in the very back, and grudgingly stood on his tip-toes ("Damn genetics......I HAD to be short....") to pull it out. He inspected it; there were fine remains of soap particles the washer seemed to miss. He chipped them away with his thumbnail, but grew bored with it quickly, and shrugged as he walked to the sink. Beast Boy reached to the faucet and turned the knob, holding the glass beneath the running water. Slowly, he watched the glass fill, and when it was nearly to the brim he flicked the knob off and turned, his back to the insanity, to grab a snack to accompany it.

All of a sudden, Beast Boy's keen, animal-like ears picked up something out of range for anyone else. It was the faint pattering of 2 heel-clad feet walking anxiously down the hall towards the main room, a billowing cape fluttering behind them. He knew instantly who it was. Raven entered the main room with her hood down, her lilac hair tousled ever so slightly. She made her way towards the door, but stopped for a moment to stare at the fight in the living room. She shook her head. "Cyborg, we've been through this. You call him gay, he calls you pathetic. Give it up already." she said in her dark tone. Cyborg turned only his head to face her, his mouth hung open, the words he was about to say hung in space. He crossed his arms and 'Hmmph!'-ed annoyed, slumping defeated back into his seat. Starfire let down her wall and sprawled out on the couch, resting her head in Robin's lap, and cooed happily when he ran his fingers through her long, silky garnet locks.

Beast Boy shrugged it off, just another night at the tower, right? With his back to his friends, he could not see what was going on, but was, of course, able to hear the conversation. He took small, hasty steps in the direction of the fridge, where he secretly hid his last tofu dog in the vegetable bin so no one would steal it. Though, granted, no one really WANTED it anyway. He heard Raven slowly walk to the door. "I'm going out. Don't wait up." she said tonelessly, her fingers lingering on her cape hem. "And just where are you going to, little lady?" Cyborg asked playfully from his position on the couch. Raven turned back, an emotionless expression carved into her pretty features, but there was something different. About her eyes, was there a glint of excitement in those round, amethyst jewels? "If you must know, I'm going to a poetry reading of classic Emily Dickenson at a remote café downtown-" She hesitated a minute or so, before adding the next word. "-with Carden."

Beast Boy froze, his right foot suspended from the floor in mid-step. CARDEN? Scary, dark, 'Life is pointless' goth-kid Carden? What was she doing with HIM?! "Again?" Robin asked curiously, trying his hands at a braid. "That's, like, the 3rd time this week." Beast Boy's formerly loose hold on the glass reflexively tightened. Raven placed a hand at her hip and nodded. Cyborg, interested, leaned over, his forearms resting on his thighs, holding him up. "So, are you 2.......ya know? An 'item?'" he said slyly, completing his last word with air quotes. Beast Boy's hand took a life of its own and constricted on the cup like a snake on its prey. It was the only part of his body that was mobile, the rest was completely paralyzed. Raven shook her head. "No. We're not going out." He inwardly cheered. "But.......I really enjoy his company." she said this like she sounded almost HAPPY. Raven + happy = WHA?!?!? Beast Boy's hand was trembling, the glass vibrating with it in his strong grasp. Starfire sat up, and Robin's failed attempt at a braid immediately fell apart. "I think that it is nice for you to find someone like yourself. Perhaps by opening to him, you will be able to open more to us!" she said cheerily, smiling at the dark girl. Raven shrugged, offering no real answer. "It's possible. Carden's...........good to be around. He knows me."

Beast Boy could feel a tightness building in his throat. His knuckles, despite his green skin, were perfectly white, yet he still clutched the glass like he was strangling Carden himself. The cool water shook violently in the cup, spilling out all over the kitchen floor. Raven was closing in on the door, when Cyborg called something to her. "Hey, who knows, Rae? Maybe you won't be the ONLY girl with a boyfriend!" Raven stopped, smirked slightly out of the corner of her mouth. "Maybe." she muttered softly, hopefully even. A loud shatter broke the momentary silence in the hall, and all heads whipped around to the source. The kitchen floor was totally drenched, and hundreds of shards of glass hit the floor, accompanied by a splash of water that drenched the kitchen tiles. After the smash settled, a barely audible dripping was heard, a trickle of crimson droplets were landing in the mess, and Beast Boy stared in shock at his bleeding, mangled hand.

"Beast Boy?" Starfire inquired, concerned, and hopped off the couch to see her friend's disposition. Upon arrival, she gasped at the sight and cringed at the smears of watery blood on the once immaculate kitchen floor. The others rushed over to join them, all reacting to the scene negatively. "Dude, you ok?" Cyborg asked, eyeing the muddle of glass. Something jerked the shape shifter out of his trance and he returned to the real world, finally acknowledging the presence of his 4 friends. He also realized the searing, unbearable pain in his right hand, and he groaned at the throbbing, feeling the pulsating presence of every piece lodged into his skin. "Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine." he said finally, holding his wrist tenderly. "What happened?" Robin asked, retrieving a dish towel to wipe away the spills. Beast Boy shook his head, not daring to reveal the true answer, for even he was not entirely sure. "I-I don't really know. I mean, one minute I'm getting a snack, and the next I can't feel my hand! The glass just......blew up!" he lied convincingly. Cyborg's eyes drooped slightly. "Oh, but how? I do not understand. We bought these glasses at Wal-Mart, they were supposed to be top of the line." he muttered sarcastically, in a tone much like Raven's.

Raven had been watching the green boy's hand the entire time, plotting how such an event was even conceivable. She raised an eyebrow skeptically at his tale and took a step towards him, her hand reached out for his. "Let me see it." she commanded, but he quickly pulled away. "No! It hurts!" he whined, holding the back of his hand like an infant. Her hand hung in space, awaiting his, and her patience was running thin. "Beast Boy, I have no time for this, give it to me." she instructed, this time more forcefully. Beast Boy whimpered and shook his head, Raven groaned, annoyed, and with one swift motion snatched his wrist and held it up for her to view. A faint shade of pink was painted against his green skin. Raven observed the wounds for a moment or 2, then held her available grey palm over it. Beast Boy yelped in surprise as his hand blackened and outlined in white, and watched her in awe as gently, she lifted the remains of the glass from his palm, now stained with a dark scarlet, and cast them aside into the trash can. The glowing did not cease, and he gasped as the slashes in his palms miraculously sealed, leaving no remains of their presence whatsoever. Raven dropped her hand to her side and released Beast Boy, the glow dying down.

He watched as his hand returned to its normal green tone, and examined it scrupulously. It felt fine, better than before, even. He clenched a fist tightly and opened it again, feeling no pain whatsoever. He shifted his gaze from his healed hand to the sorceress before him, and offered her a tiny, thankful grin. "Thanks." he breathed, feeling the smile spread. The girl nodded, and unknown force tugging at the corner of her lips. "Don't mention it." she replied, and for a split second, Beast Boy could have sworn her bright eyes danced, shimmering slightly in the faint light. She cleared her throat and glanced up at the clock, and any gleam that her eyes possessed a moment before had completely vanished. "I'd better go, Carden's waiting." she muttered, and floated over to the exit with a wave. Beast Boy's face sunk; he had forgotten that little detail, and any feelings he was receiving from her a moment ago seemed to explode in his face. The other Titans waved her off as she left, and began a light conversation. Beast Boy didn't listen, their words were like a drone of bees circling his head. There was a hole forming in the pit of his stomach, growing larger by the second. Darkness enveloped him like a blanket, gripping him tighter and tight around the throat, until the scarce breaths he was able to inhale were short and unfulfilling.

Cyborg waved a hand in front of the joker's dark, dazed eyes. "Dude? Anyone in there?" he asked, and with that he snapped back to reality, the sheen returning to his olive eyes. "Huh? Oh, sorry. I was just.......thinking about something." Cyborg gave him a look while Robin raised an eyebrow, intrigued. Beast Boy did not feel like fielding the impending questions, the gaping void in him was far too wide to do much else at the moment. "I think I'm gonna hit the hay." he muttered and dragged his feet back to him room. The others exchanged glances, the disposition of their comedian friend was very out of whack, and they walked after him. "Aw, c'mon BB! 'Freddy vs. Jason' is on at 9! We were gonna throw stuff!" Cyborg persuaded, but the shape shifter continued drudging out the door.

"Nah, that's ok. I'll catch at later. See ya in the morning." he mumbled, and disappeared down the hall. The mechanical man looked over skeptically at his comrades and dropped his left shoulder. "Something is not right......." Starfire murmured, placing a pondering finger to her chin. Robin shook his head while Cyborg shrugged. "Hell if I know what it is." he muttered, and lifted his 2 enormous arms and flexed, examining the bulging muscles he produced. "Hmm, I could use a little pump-up. I'll be in the weight room if you need me......call me before the movie comes on!" And with that he vanished to train, leaving Robin and Starfire all alone in the room. Starfire turned to her boyfriend with a coy smile. "So, Robin, what do you wish to do?" she asked, grinning. Robin chuckled and placed his hand at her 2 curved hips. "Well, let's see, we're alone, together, by ourselves, with no one else around........what do YOU want to do?" he asked with a crafty smirk. Starfire laughed and pressed her forehead to his, whispering directly into his ear. "Well, I am not entirely certain how to perform the Earth task of 'making-out' yet........perhaps I need more practice." She smiled with her bright eyes half-closed sexily, and Robin grinned from ear-to-ear. "You read my mind." he replied, and her lips smoothly met his as she gently pulled him on top of her body on the couch.

Beast Boy entered his room and closed the door with a 'SLAM!' He slumped against his door and felt his knees buckle beneath him, slowly sliding to the floor. He pulled up his knees and buried his face in them, moaning slightly. He glanced up at the huge game station beckoning him from across the room, but he turned away, for nothing could offer him compensation at this moment. He reluctantly rose and crossed to his bed, climbing the ladder to reach his top bunk, where he thrust himself into his soft, fluffy pillow. "Why is this bothering me so much? Raven meets up with one guy and I act like she beat me with a stick. I should be happy she's happy, right? I mean, no one loves Raven more than me, and she deserves what's best." he seemed satisfied with the thought, but pressed the pillow closer into his face.

*Do you have any idea what you just said?*

Beast Boy yelped and leapt up in shock, searching for the owner of the known voice. It sounded vaguely familiar, but he couldn't pin point who it was. His dark eyes scanned the room, and when they found no one a chill ran up his spine. Suddenly he was struck with something. "Wait, how did they hear me? I said that in my head!" he said aloud.

*I'm IN your head, idiot.*

Beast Boy screamed and jumped up, hitting his head hard on the ceiling. He tumbled down to the ground, hitting it with a thud, put despite his pain he jerked up, glaring at no one inparticular, and pointed an accusing finger. "Who are you and what do you want with my BRAIN?!" he shouted at the apparition.

*I'm not here to take your brain, you doofus. Why would I even WANT it?*

Beast Boy growled at the insult. "Then if you're not a brain-sucking alien from the planet Zorflax, who ARE you?" The voice sighed.

*I'm your conscience. You know, that little voice that tells you what's right and wrong?*

Beast Boy nodded in understanding, but suddenly his eyebrow's furrowed. "Wait, if you're my conscience, shouldn't you be a little cricket dancing around and stuff?"

*No, that is a cruel and overused cliché among clichés.*

"Oh." Beast Boy replied, but he cocked his head as he thought of another question. "Wait, isn't talking to yourself the first sign of insanity?" he asked, frightened.

*Probably, but I wouldn't worry about it. Lord knows you've been off your rocker since day 1.*

"Did you come here for a REASON, or do you just plan to mock my intelligence?" he irately questioned.

*Right, right. Before this pointless argument, do you know what you said?*

Beast Boy pondered for a moment. "Nothing worth going insane over........"

*About Raven, maybe?*

"Nope, not a thing."

*You SAID you LOVED her.*

"I said WHAT?!?!?!?!?" Beast Boy's eyes widened and his jaw dropped to the floor in shock. He quickly tried to defend himself. "I-I didn't say THAT. Well, maybe I did, but not in that sense! Raven's like my sister.......my tall, shapely sister.........who I've fantasized about.........about a million times." He realized quickly this wasn't helping his argument and tensed up. "NO! I didn't mean LOVE, like Robin and Starfire, I meant LOVE like 'Oh my god! I love you!'" He giggled nervously.

*Admit it. You love her like a fat kid loves cake.*


*Stop stalling.*

"You couldn't be any more wrong. I do not, repeat, do NOT love Raven! She's my friend!"

*Why do you think you feel so bad that she's out having fun with what's-his- face and not you?*

He didn't respond.

*I'll tell you why. Jealousy. You're jealous of him.*

He jumped. "I am NOT jealous because I DON'T love her! Geez!!"

The voice was silent for a second, but spoke again in its angelic tone. *Can you do it?*

Beast Boy looked up quizzically. "Can I do what?"

*Lie to yourself.*


*I didn't think so. You can perform this masquerade all you want, but the truth WILL come out sooner or later. And that truth is you LOVE her, and you always will.*

Beast Boy was stunned at his thoughts. He said nothing, his mouth hung agape, and he blinked continuously. He felt the voice fade away into oblivion, he had won. Beast Boy's knees could no longer support his weight and crumbled, leaving him to fall helplessly to the floor. His palms lay face-down on the carpet as he stared at them in pure shock. "It's true." he finally murmured. "It's true.........I-I love her........" He paused as he looked upward. "I love Raven. Oh shit."

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