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Something was wrong with Raven.

Her head was spinning and her vision blurred all objects in her path to fuzzy blobs. Her balance was beginning to diminish and she stumbled aimlessly though the club, tripping and tottering over her own two feet. Her memory was slipping; she couldn't remember whether she had finished her iced tea or dropped it on a random table at some point. Her palm found the back of a chair and she pushed all of her weight against it, straining to stay up. Her knees gave way and she collapsed into an unsuspecting dancer.

"Hey! Get off me!" He shouted, grabbing her arms and flinging her sideways. She shouted briefly in pain and confusion until her face came in contact with a wall. Letting her fingertips explore the surface momentarily, she slowly turned herself around and slumped against it. Moaning, she let herself slide down until she hit the floor, curling her legs up to her chin and pressing her fingers to her temples. Her mind was pounding, her pulse was racing, and she was freezing and burning up at the same time. Raven flattened her hands on her flaming cheeks, feeling the beads of perspiration trickle between her fingers. Her chest was rising and falling rapidly like something had clamped down on her lungs, and she found herself struggling to get even the smallest breath.

She lifted her plum gaze wearily and witnessed her entire world fall apart. People grew extra appendages and whipped them about as if they were completely normal. Their faces reshaped and remolded into awkward positions so that their mouths were on their foreheads and their ears were on their chins. Colors bled from everything until the world was black and white. But with an explosion of light, the colors reappeared in bursts, spiraling forwards in tornadoes and flashing brilliantly as they intertwined and swirled all about her. They fell to the floor and rose in the forms of humans, majestically swaying their radiant bodies to the beat on the music. There were so many; reds and yellows and blues and pinks and greens and any others you could think of. There were colors she had never seen in her life until that moment. She leaned her head back with wide eyes and watched them in awe.

This wasn't going to end well...

Starfire cupped either sides of Robin's face gently in her hands as she shifted in his lap. She deepened the kiss they had been engaged in, swiftly sliding her tongue into his mouth. The boy perked up, surprised, but did not pull away and instead tangled his fingers in her fiery red locks. It was only when she tightly seized his thigh that he broke the kiss. He drew back, confused, and pressed his gloved fingers to her lips.

"Star, are you feeling ok? You seem a little more...affectionate than usual."

The most PDA Starfire would allow was holding hands or a faint peck on the cheek, with the occasional arm slung around the waist or shoulders. (Her exuberant hugs didn't count, since she gave them to anyone who breathed.) It was definitely out of character for her to be blatantly making out with him in the booth of a crowded club. Starfire smiled wryly and crushed his lips with her own. He enjoyed it momentarily before the guilt was overwhelming and he pushed her off him.

"Star, as much as I hate to break this up...and I REALLY hate to break this up...you don't seem well. Are you alright?" Starfire locked her arms around Robin's neck and began to draw small circles on his back.

"But of course, Robin. Everything is wondrous."

He blinked.


That was definitely not Starfire. Her voice, though it was her own, lacked the effervescence it normally possessed. Instead, it had changed to a low, husky sound spoken in breathy tones. Robin thought it was very sexy...'No! Bad thoughts! Something's wrong with her, I gotta fix it!'

"Starfire, as both your leader and your friend, I find it is in our best interest if MMF!"

She had closed the gap between them again in a passionate kiss, rubbing her hands all over his chest. His eyes popped open in shock and he let out an involuntary squeak.

Wow. Starfire's tongue had learned quite a few new tricks.

She was the first to pull away this time, her bright eyes hooded over sexily. She laughed at his astonished expression and began to toy with a lock of his hair.

"You know, you waste too much time talking with that beautiful mouth of yours." He instantly reddened and she giggled, but it was not the cute, infectious one she had become known for. Robin's mouth hung open as Starfire used her slender, feminine fingers to caress his cheek. They traced his lips, lingering there a moment before continuing downward. They traveled down his neck and fondled his pecs briefly.

"Ooh, Robin, you are so strong." she cooed, and outlined all eight of his hard, well defined abs. Another squeak escaped his quivering lips and she shuddered unwillingly.

"S-Starfire..." he stuttered feebly, and she glanced up. Her eyes darted down quickly, and an amused smile crawled up her face.

"Someone is happy."

He followed her gaze, and he yelped in embarrassment when he found the massive bulge that protruded from his pants.

'Note to self-Stop wearing FREAKING spandex!'

An eyebrow lifted and her bright emerald eyes glinted mischievously. Her hand rose and shot down swiftly, aimed at the area between his legs. It was at this point that Robin was able to snatch her hand in his own and yank it away from said area in the nick of time.

"Starfire. You. Need. To. Stop." He spoke in a fierce, commanding tone, but she was unaffected. She slowly pulled the glove off one of his hands and tossed it aside. He was putty in her hands and did whatever she told him. Starfire coaxed down all of his fingers except the index, keeping that as straight as possible. With a seductive smirk, she lowered the finger into her mouth and rolled her tongue around it unmercifully. He felt his whole hand slowly being swallowed up by her quick moving mouth. Robin moaned and sank back into the wall. He didn't have enough blood to work to brains at once!

Eventually, the brain in his head began to function again; he ripped his hand away and replaced the glove, looking appalled. She cocked her head to one side and let her fingers graze the plate above her breast.

"WHAT are you DOING?!" he shouted, trying to get away. This, of course was impossible. She had him literally and metaphorically backed into a corner. Curse her attractiveness!

"What is wrong Robin? Do you not find me desirable? Do you not wish to do the wild dirty acts with me?"

He was scarlet; of course he had enough blood to keep him as red as an Irishman with a few drinks in him.

"STARFIRE?! What's gotten into you?!" He was shrieking, he couldn't help it. He was panicking. Starfire's emeralds sparked with a hidden intensity and thirst, and her lips curled up suggestively.

"I was hoping it would be you."

AHH!!! His face was crimson; there was not a hint of his peachy color.

"STAR-fire!" He shrilled, and she giggled as she reached for her glass. While he struggled to breathe again, he eyed her drink.

'Wait a minute...Star got water. Since when is water pink?'

And it clicked.

Oh. My. God.

"Y-You're drugged!" he stammered, partly out of shock and partly out of rage. She twirled a strand of ruby hair around her finger, uninterested. He grabbed her hand and pulled her up to stand. She smirked.

"Ooh, frisky."

"We need help. NOW."

He dragged her out of the booth and pulled her through the dance floor, searching for aid. He grumbled a few select words as several people continued to step in his way. He politely pushed through them, weaving in and out of the dancers as his eyes scanned for a familiar face. A girl with a spray on tan and a top that bore everything but the nipple leapt out of nowhere, shaking her hips dangerously.

"Hey Boy Wonder, ready to see a real good time?" her squeaky voice asked as her short and obviously dyed red hair swung into her eyes. Robin tried to maneuver around her.

"Uh, I'm having a good time on my own, thanks. Now if you'll excuse me..." She grabbed his shoulders.

"Oh, c'mon, Robbie, we could have some reaaaal fun. My cousin owns a motel downtown and we could go and-"

The girl never got to finish her sentence, as she was immediately sent flying across the room, burning with green energy. Robin's eyes widened and he turned to Starfire, where she harbored the remains of a starbolt in the palm of her hand. She glared in the girl's direction, and then turned to Robin fiercely.

"Only I get to touch you." Robin nodded feebly; Star was unpredictable in this state, and he didn't want to do anything to teeter her scale. After a few more seconds of futile searching, Robin spotted Beast Boy nursing a soy shake at the restaurant. With a sigh of relief he swerved through the crowd and managed to make his way to the changeling's side. With a panicked look on his face, he yanked her arm so she remained dutifully at his side. She cooed and began stroking him once again.

"Beast Boy! Help! Starfire just wants to have SEX with me!!" Beast Boy's thick, bushy eyebrow was raised.

"...And you object to this WHY?!"

"No you idiot! She's been DRUGGED!"

Beast Boy spit out his milkshake, mostly through his nose, and stared at him with wide, horrified eyes.

"Oh my God! We've gotta get her out of here!"


The voice came from Cyborg across the room as he blundered towards the three clumsily, shaking several tables as his massive feet plowed past. He pushed his way through the crowd, and skidded to a halt when he reached the group. He held a hand to his chest as he panted for air, and looked up with his organic eye wide and fused with fear.

"We have a situation."


A loud explosion was heard, only to be followed by a shrill, obnoxious laugh before the rants continued. Cyborg politely pushed through the growing crowd that had gathered around the noise with Beast Boy, Robin, and Starfire not too far behind. Several glitter-wearing girls whispered to each other darkly before giggling cruelly and turning their attention back to whoever was causing such a ruckus. Beast Boy could feel the intensity of their stares burning into him, and so he stuck close to the mechanical man in front of him.

"Cyborg, what's going on? Why are all these people collected in this spot when they should be dancing? Is it cuz of that crazy person over there?"

Another rant. Another explosion. Another laugh.

"Yeah, Cy, what's the problem? We should be paying attention to Star-AH-AH-AH-AH!!" He leapt three feet in the air and whirled on the girl behind him, blushing and glaring fiercely. Starfire smiled and held up two fingers innocently; she had been pinching his rear end FAR too many times to be accidental.

"What's your deal Cy? There's always a lunatic at one of these things! We just give 'em a pill and send them back to the happy home. You could have done it yourself! What's the point of getting me and Rob involved?" Cyborg cast back an unreadable glance.

"Uh, that's not exactly the situation."

After what seemed like an eternity they had driven themselves to the front of the crowd, where the raving idiot could be seen. It was a girl, and she was standing on a tabletop with her arms flailing about wildly and passionately as she spoke. She was predominately shrouded in darkness, and so it was hard to make out any of her facial features. The only true noticeable thing about her was that she was wearing a long, billowing cape. Beast Boy's forehead wrinkled at the familiarity of the item, and he squinted to try to make the image clearer. Only when she turned, and he saw the flash of her bright amethyst eyes did he realize what was going on.


"That's the situation."

"WHAT THE HELL?!" The Boy Wonder was shocked out of his senses, and it was evident that he had forced himself to change the last word of his sentence. "Cyborg, what is going on?!" The android shrugged and held up his hands to bare his innocence.

"I have no idea! I found her like this and I didn't know what to do!"

"...And it didn't occur to you to get her OFF the table?!"


The lavender haired beauty's gaze suddenly rested on the four, and after a moment of recognition, a grin wide enough to sail a ship on spread across her face.


She jumped off the table and floated quickly to where they stood. She swept them up into her arms in one quick motion, and embraced them tighter than Starfire had ever dared. "I missed you all! Now we can play monopoly on the MOON!" Cyborg could feel the blood rushing to his head, and heard a few unnatural sounding cracks.



"You know that whole breathing thing?"

"Yeah! It's like my favorite hobby!"

"...We kinda need to do it now."

"OH!" She promptly dropped them, and danced a little in amusement. A boy somewhere in the mass of people screamed as his shirt dissipated.

Robin rubbed his butt-that area had been getting way too much abuse lately!-and moaned. Cyborg had gone to chase after Raven, who was now dancing all about the club and leaving much destruction in her wake. Beast Boy rose and offered a hand to Robin.

"Dude, what is up with Raven? It's like she popped a Prozac or two...or 12!" Robin tightened his hold on Starfire, who in the excitement had moved her-er-affections on a group of very amused boys. Robin scowled jealously and pulled her into him.

"Sweetie, please don't grope the bystanders."

At this point Raven had reappeared in front of them, laughing like a madman and waving her hands out majestically. She watched in delight as her powers lifted various objects about the room. Suddenly, she stopped, and her hands lost their eerie black glow. The previously floating objects crashed to the ground, but Raven didn't seem to notice. She just stared down, astonished, at her own two hands.

"Dude...my hands are HUGE!"

Beast Boy was about to go on a rant about how Raven was obviously replaced by a robot clone that was bent on taking over the world, when the wheels in his head began turning. His pointed finger withered back into his hand and he stole a glance of Starfire. Currently she was whispering into the Boy Wonder's ear, and whatever she was saying was evidently very dirty, because Robin was red. Really really red.

Beast Boy seized Raven's shoulder, snapping her out of her trance. She beamed at him, and he winced as he heard something else in the background break.

"Raven...by any chance, did you have any...beverages recently?" She blinked cutely and poked her tongue out in thought.

"Uhhh...OH! I had an iced tea a little while back! It was good! Who knew tea could be iced? It TOTALLY blew my mind!" Cyborg suddenly cut through the crowd like a knife though butter, panting heavily and scowling.

"Gotcha!" He cried upon sighting Raven, and rushed for her with outstretched arms. The telepath laughed, and raised her arms elegantly.

"Bye-Bye!" she exclaimed, and with a flash of black energy teleported to an unknown location. Cyborg unfortunately realized this too late, and swung his arms shut around the air where Raven once was. He had put too much force into it, and with nothing to grab on to, gravity took over, and he fell flat on his face. Beast Boy sloppily helped him up and dragged Robin into earshot. His arms waggled out beside him insanely as he tried to make his point.

"I get it! I know now! Raven's been drugged too! Just like Star!" The other boys' eyes widened at the realization. "Oooh, I swear when I find out who did that to my Rae I will SO kick his-"

"It's odd, though, that someone would drug two people. Usually they pick one target and stick with it." Robin pondered and he stroked his chin as Starfire continued to toy with his hair.

"Actually, now that you mention it, a lot of the girls tonight have been...off. Have you noticed that nearly half the girls here are whacked out of their minds or horny sex kittens?" Cyborg added. Robin nodded.

"Yeah, actually! Some girl started hitting on me while I was WITH Star!" Beast Boy gasped, and dug deep into his pockets. After a moment of searching, he pulled out a fistful of napkins with scrawled digits on them and held them out for the others to see.

"DUDE! Girls have been hitting on me ALL NIGHT! I got like 6 numbers!" Cyborg stifled a smirk.

"Yeah, the only way you get numbers is if the girls are under an influence." he muttered under his breath. Beast Boy glared at him, but Robin paid no attention, and began pacing back and forth in thought. Starfire's emerald gaze followed him wherever he went.

"But why would someone want to drug ALL the girls? I mean, isn't it a hassle? What's he going to do with all of them anyway?" Cyborg thought for a moment.

"Well, what usually happens when a guy slips something in a girl's drink?" There was a short silence, and then all their eyes went wide with realization.

"He was gonna drug as many as possible-"

"So he could have his way-"

"With as many as he wanted." Beast Boy was taken aback by the shock, but suddenly his eyes flared up in rage. "That BASTARD! I'll KILL him! That BASTARD!" Robin placed a reassuring hand on his shoulder.

"Beast Boy, you have to calm down. I'm just as pissed as you are, but we need to fix this. First we gotta alert all the party goers and clear them out. Then we take care of him." The last word dripped of distain and hatred, and Beast Boy didn't doubt Robin's anger anymore. Cyborg held up his right arm, where a neon green digital pad was glowing.

"I already got a hold of the police. They'll be over here in a matter of minutes." Robin nodded.

"Good. Now go up to DJ booth and make an announcement to clear everyone out of here." The android paled and his eyes grew wide.

"WHAT?! Why me?!"

"You're a people person, they'll listen to you! If I go up there I'll be too vague and won't make any progress and Beast Boy will send them all spinning in a frenzy! You have a way with words! Use them!" Robin turned to the green shape shifter on his opposite side. "Beast Boy, you're job is to find Raven. Lord knows what she can get into in her state." Beast Boy nodded, his brow furrowed with his new mission.

"What about you, Rob?"

"I'm going to search for Mister Pill. He's NOT getting out of here easily." Cyborg grumbled and rolled his eyes.

"Oh sure. You get the easy job." Robin sent him a fierce glare.

"There are over 350 people in this room alone, and I need to find one. One that I know absolutely nothing about. You call that easy?!" Cyborg held up his hands.

"Ok! Ok! I'm going, both of you got you're communicators?" They both nodded. "Good. Buzz me if you need backup." His broad shoulders were able to part the crowd like the Red Sea, and he sprinted for the turntable tower on the other end on the club. Beast Boy turned to Robin.

"Don't kill him without me."

"I won't, they'll be something left. Here." He thrust Starfire's arm into Beast Boy's hand, who looked up with a confused expression. "Just-Just watch her too, ok? I-I don't want anything bad happening to her..." His masked eyes were soft and pleading and his brow was knitted in concern. Beast Boy smiled and tightened his hold on the Tamaranian's bicep.

"Don't worry, man. She'll be fine."

Robin offered a slightly relieved smile and vanished into the crowd. Beast Boy looked up at Starfire, who was inspecting her fingernails. The shape shifter raised an eyebrow.

"Hey Star, how come you're not all over me?"

"Because," she replied in a bored tone, "You are far too small. Robin is my big, strong boy, and I only wish to engage in the sexual acts with him." Beast Boy face faulted and fell to the ground.

It was going to be a long night.

Cyborg growled at the infinite steps he had to climb to reach the summit of the immense DJ tower. He finally reached it, wheezing for air and muttered under his breath.

"One of these days, stairs, one of these days!" he growled, and shook a fist at them. The stairs of course did nothing. "DON'T YOU MOCK ME!"

The DJ heard the noise and turned around, his eyebrows high in surprise over his dark sunglasses. "Hey! You're not authorized! You can't be up here!" Cyborg whipped out his communicator with the golden T emblazoned on it. On cue, it chimed the ever famous theme song.

"I'm a Titan. I'm authorized everywhere. Now MOVE." The DJ stepped to one side to avoid conflict, hands held up at his sides. Cyborg approached the control board at the head of the tower where dozens of flashing buttons blinked insultingly at him. His eyes scanned everything, and he nervously bit down on his lower lip.

"Uh..." he held out a finger to hit one button, but instead moved to another. And another. And another. Scowling, he growled scornfully. "I'm a mechanical genius and I can't figure out how to turn off a CD." He turned to the sandy-haired DJ behind him. "Yo, specs! I gotta make an announcement, how do ya work this thing?" The boy crossed his arms and blinked. Raising a hand, he reached over Cyborg's shoulder and hit a glowing red button in the center of everything that plainly read 'Off.' Cyborg sweat dropped. "Oh."

Immediately everything shut down. The lights dimmed, the music slowed to a halt, and the swirling colors on the large back screen completely stopped. The crowd below ceased dancing and began murmuring to each other in confusion and protest. The DJ flipped another switch and Cyborg's face was projected onto the enormous screen. He thrust a microphone in the robot's direction as the crowd stared upward expectantly. Cyborg cleared his throat and stared back.

"Everyone! If I could please have your attention!"

"You turned off the music, of course you have our attention!" A voice yelled. Cyborg ignored him.

"Listen, y'all may recognize me as Cyborg from the Teen Titans, and right now I need your help. There is a slight crisis and we need your full cooperation for everything to go smoothly. No if you'll please-"

"What's the crisis?!" the same obnoxious voice called. Cyborg's eyes narrowed.

"I'm not at liberty to give away that information."

"Well, if you don't say nuthin, then I'm not moving." Cyborg growled and clenched his fist.

"Fine. Listen, a few of you may have noticed that most of the girls tonight are pretty loopy." There was a buzz of affirmation. "It seems somebody slipped some bad substances into a majority of the girls' drinks. Yeah, you heard right. The girls are drugged." There was a collective gasp, and Cyborg held up a hand. "Now, I know every instinct in you is saying to run around in circles screaming, but please, remain calm! Everything is under control, we simply need you to evacuate the premises. Ambulances are at the ready for any medical care the girls might need. Please leave in an orderly fashion. I promise everything will be sorted out outside. Please remain calm. Thank you."

The people began to file out quickly, murmuring in a frightened way to one another. Boys guided their delusional girlfriends out the doors where they were met with an army of ambulances. Cyborg smiled slightly and pulled out his communicator.

"BB, Rob, I got everyone cleared out. How's everything on your front?"

"I found Raven." Beast Boy's static voice replied. "And let me tell you, it was NOT easy!"

"Still no luck on getting this guy. He may have slipped out with the crowd." Robin piped in.

"Dude! We can't let him get away!...Ow OW! RAVEN! That is NOT A TOY!!!" Cyborg glanced over the edge and spotted Beast Boy sitting in a booth, desperately trying to hold down Raven and Starfire. The android hastily began to descend the stairs.

"I see ya, Bee. I'm on my way. How you doing Robin?"

"Ugh, I can't find him ANYWHERE! I interrogated the bartender-"

"You mean you beat the crap out of the bartender."

".....regardless, he said some guy in a black hooded sweatshirt stayed at the bar all night but didn't buy anything and disappeared a few minutes ago. Problem is, I can't seem to...wait, wait! I got him! Beast Boy, he's heading for the exit near you! Cut him off and I'll meet you there!"

"Cy, you watch the girls! We gotta take care of this!"

"But-!" He was only met with static. Stowing away the com-link, he glanced up to see Starfire and Raven, arms slung over each other's shoulders and giving a personal rendition of 'Danny Boy.' Off key, might I add.

"Ohhhhhhhhh Danny BoooooOOOOOOoooooooy! The hic pipes the hic pipes are caaaaaaaaaaAAAAAlllllling!!!!" They laughed and swayed back and forth and Cyborg scratched the back of his head.

Oh boy.

Beast Boy leapt into the air, morphing into a crow mid-jump. He flapped his small green wings and flew towards the exit. He could just barely see a black hood bobbing up and down in the crowd. Narrowing his beady eyes, Beast Boy glided upward and spun back to face the boy. When the kid was almost out, he changed into something much larger. A gorilla. His massive green form blocked the doorway, and the toothless kid skidded to a halt as Beast Boy ferociously beat his chest. When he had scared the wits out of the kid, he changed back, grinning evilly.

"Hi." He said simply, and the hooded kid turned to run, only to be met by the cross expression of Robin.

"Leaving so soon?" The Boy Wonder asked. The hooded boy's steely grey eyes darted between the two and he nervously stumbled backwards as both moved in. "You're under arrest for possession of illegal narcotics. Not to mention giving such narcotics to minors."

"I-I swear. You got the wrong guy. I'm innocent!" He dropped to his knees and held out his hand pleadingly. But when he did so, he jarred his front pocket and a small Ziploc bag of white tablets spilled out all over the floor. He glanced up, frightened, as the Titans' glares intensified.

"Why do I get the feeling that those aren't Skittles?" Robin began to crack his knuckles.

"Pick a body part, Beast Boy." The shape shifter grinned wickedly, baring his pointed fangs.

"Got it."

The boy's grey eyes widened fearfully, before everything went black in a fit of punches.

Cyborg watched contently as the hooded boy was hauled away in a squad car. Several dozen girls were carried off on stretchers, but no permanent damage had been done. He had to reassure several concerned boyfriends (and chastise the lot of them who asked if the affects would last long enough for them to have some fun.) Blinking, he heard soft breathing behind him, and he turned back to find Lynn, meekly hunching her shoulders with her head bowed.

"...Cyborg...I am so sorry. This is all my fault."

"Hey, hey." he cooed, gently slinking his arms around her waist. "You had nothing to do with this. Don't blame yourself." She shook her head, pulling a few braids loose.

"No, it's my club and it's my responsibility who gets in here. I let that guy in. Who knows what could have happened if-"

"But it didn't." He replied tenderly, lifting her chin with his fingers. "It didn't happen. We fixed it. Everything's ok." She kept her gaze down.

"I shouldn't have let you come." She whispered. There was a moment pause.

"Look at me." He softly commanded. Reluctantly her honey eyes met his. "Don't do this to yourself. It was all in the hands of fate. No one here blames you except you. Now what does that say?"


"No buts. We don't hold this against you. Don't hold it against yourself." She smiled warmly and tightly embraced him.

"Thanks Cy." Eventually she let go. "I better go straighten everything out with the fuzz. Call me in the morning, ok?" He nodded, and she vanished into the crowd. Cyborg smiled after her, when something suddenly sunk in.

"Oh crap, I lost Raven and Star!"

Robin and Beast Boy emerged from the club, grinning triumphantly and dusting off their hands.

"That was fun." Beast Boy remarked, but his smile melted away when he caught a glimpse of Cyborg sitting on the curb of the street. Robin saw as well, his mask eyes wide and frightened and they rushed over. Starfire was resting her head on Cyborg's knee and she wore an expression of extreme pain. She was whimpering softly and shaking furiously, and Cyborg was affectionately trying to console her by rubbing her arm.

"Shh, shh. I know, I know Star, but it's gonna be ok. I promise. I know it hurts, but you'll be ok." Robin dropped to a knee, brushing back her auburn bangs.

"What happened?" he whispered, and Cyborg looked up.

"She collapsed. She's had the stuff in her system longer than Raven so she's still wired." Beast Boy glanced around.

"Where is Raven?" he asked skeptically, and Cyborg shook his head.

"Vanished. I was holding her down but she phased through my arm and the pavement. I lost her a minute before Starfire's breakdown. Hey, Hey Starfire. Hey baby, look who's here." His voice was smooth and kind, and slowly her bright eyes flickered open. "That's my girl. C'mon, you can do it. Look who came here to see you." Her blurry vision slowly came into focus and landed on the ebony haired teen before her.

"R-Robin...?" she weakly muttered and he forced a small smile. Nodding he opened his arms and she feebly tried to get up, but faltered under her own weight and crumbled into his arms. She buried her face in his shoulder and wheezed for air, her breaths quivering. Robin shifted her body so that she rested in his lap.

"I'm here, don't worry Star. I'm here."

"DOU-BLE DOOOOOM!" Raven exploded from beneath the street, rocking buildings and sending the Titans tumbling. She laughed hysterically, and several streetlights shattered. Moaning, Beast Boy and Cyborg rose, and Robin aided Starfire into standing. Raven did a few loop-de-loops and swooped down low on a course for her friends.


Robin's cat like reflexes went to work, and his arm shot out as Raven soared by. He just managed to snag the hem of her cloak. She screeched to a halt and her head snapped back, and she made a choking sound before she crashed to the pavement. Her amethyst eyes opened, but only half way.

"You're pretty quick, Woy Bunder." Her words were already beginning to slur. "But can you fend off the downpour of rapid killer monkeys who want to seize all the world domination and hot sauce of Rudy Giuliani's Jacuzzi?"


"WRONG! The answer is FEET! Now all your sweet cuppin cakes will be MINE!"

Raven screamed in delight, causing a mailbox to spit out dozens of letters. She leapt up, only to be engulfed in a bear hug courtesy of Cyborg.

"We need to calm her down." He said in a fierce tone as her strained to keep the wriggling Raven in his arms.

"How the hell do we do that?! Funnel coffee down her throat?!"

"She's drugged, not drunk, Greenie! Coffee wouldn't do anything!" Raven had managed to squirm out of Cyborg's grip, and was now wobbling back and forth down the street. Robin glanced over at her and tightened his hold on Starfire.

"The only thing we can do is wait it out. Eventually she'll work it out of her system, but for now we gotta get her back to the Tower." Starfire cried out in pain and gripped Robin's shirt, dragging it down with her as she sank. His brow knitted and he looked up resembling a small, scared child.

"Guys..." Cyborg waved a hand dismissively.

"Go. We'll tie up the loose ends. You just take care of her." Robin smiled thankfully and hoisted Starfire up, keeping his arm slung around her waist.

"Starfire, sweetie I'm gonna take you home, ok? You'll be all better, ok?" Starfire's glistening face lifted slightly, and a half smile pulled at her lips.

"Mm...I love you, my beautiful little birdie..." She mumbled, before she slipped into a blissful unconsciousness and slumped into Robin's shoulder. Robin withdrew a grapple hook, shot it, and disappeared upward into the dark night sky. Which left Cyborg and Beast Boy to pick up the pieces.

"Now what?" The changeling asked, but immediately following his statement Raven popped out of nowhere and slung an arm over his shoulder. He flushed and she began to violently jab him in the chest, spraying spittle everywhere as she spoke.

"Hey, you. I just....wanna tell you....hey you, listen to me! I wanna say that I...respect you man. And furthermore-"She toppled over. Beast Boy gasped and tried to help her stand, but she ended up flinging both her arms around his neck. "I LOVE YOU, MAAAAAAAN!" He could feel his cheeks burning; this wasn't exactly the way he had hoped Raven would confess her love for him. He suddenly felt her grip on his neck drastically slacken, and he grabbed her waist for support.

"Raven, Raven are you ok?" She began to slide down his front, her head dipped low and her eyes drooped over. Her breathing became erratic and she suddenly started to sweat profusely. "Raven talk to me Raven!" he was nearly shouting in fear to rouse her from this state. Wearily she looked up, a stray strand of lavender hair sliding into her hooded eyes. Faintly, she smiled.

"Hey." she whispered. "You have pretty eyes."

For the first time since their encounter on the dance floor, her voice sounded genuine and sweet. Smiling back, he tucked her hair behind her ear. For a moment, Beast Boy thought that he had found the real Raven.

Her cheeks then bulged, and she leaned to one side and vomited. Beast Boy winced at the display, but let her continue and held her hair out of her face. Her back jerked with the coughs that followed, and she gasped for air. She thought she had concluded and tried to stand, only to sway backwards and fall into Beast Boy's arms. Her eyes slowly closed as she slid into a fitful sleep. Beast Boy watched her tenderly, gripping her hand as tightly as he could. Cyborg approached cautiously.

"Is she...done?" he asked. Slowly Beast Boy nodded.

"Yeah. I think."

"Ok, well we better get her home." He held out his arms for her. "Here."

"NO!" Beast Boy cried and hugged her tighter to his chest. His tone then softened. "I-I mean, I got her." Cyborg nodded and turned away, hiding the smallest smirk.

The ride home took far too long. Raven was lying across Beast Boy moaning in her sleep as he urged Cyborg to drive faster. After an eternity, they reached the garage, and Cyborg opened the door for his friends. Shakily Beast Boy stood, one arm looped beneath the bend in Raven's knee and the other balanced her back as the hand held her head into his chest. He gently carried her into the elevator and they rode to the appropriate floor, where Robin was pressing a warm towel to Starfire's forehead as they laid together on the couch. Cautiously he reached her door, and sent a worried glance to Cyborg.

"You sure you don't need me, little man?"

"Yeah, it's cool. Thanks Cy...for everything." The friends exchanged a warm smile before Cyborg turned a hall and disappeared down the corridor. Beast Boy stared down the silver door with the name 'Raven' emblazoned on it. After a long moment, he drew a breath, hit the button, and entered.

It was even spookier at night, with the pale moonlight casting long eerie shadows across the floor. Resisting the urge to scream, Beast Boy tenderly set Raven down on her bed, unfastening her cape and pulling up the covers. Careful not to wake her, he tucked her lugs underneath the sheets and drew them up to her chin. Beast Boy gazed down at her affectionately, and let his fingers graze through her violet locks.

'She's way too good for me.'

Heaving a sigh, he turned to leave.


There was a loud grunt and she clamped her hand down on his arm, her nails practically digging into his skin. Astonished, he turned with his mouth agape to her, where he met her wide, scared dark eyes. Her pupils were so small he could barely see them, and she was panting again. She looked terrified, like a lost little girl, and refused to let go of his arm. Softly, she whispered.

"Stay with me?"

He felt his breath catch in his throat and the heat rise to his cheeks. He bit down on his lip, tempted to leave, but he couldn't stand the look in her eyes. She was calling to him; she needed him now more than anything.

And he could never let her down.

He gave a small smile and nodded slowly.

"Ok." he mouthed, and slid his hand down her forearm so that his hand linked with hers. He leaned back and stretched a leg out, hooking the leg of a chair with his foot, and pulled it towards him. When it was within arms reach, he grabbed it and sat down, stroking her knuckles. Relief washed over her, and she smiled back as her eyes drifted shut, until she was soundly asleep. Beast Boy watched her with a smile, she didn't look fitful anymore. She looked at peace, and content. A smile was still present on her lips, and her breathing became normal again. He yawned, and felt his head steadily drop to the bed until it rested on her leg as he felt himself glide into slumber.

Without realizing what he was doing, he raised her hand to his lips and gently kissed her fingers, before letting it drop back to the bed as he began to softly snore. Their hands remained locked, green intertwined with pale.

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I have always seen Cyborg as the big brother of the group. Ever since Deception Starfire/Cyborg has become one of my favorite friendships. It rivals even Robin/Raven friendships. So yeah, I had to play that up a little. I haven't been using Cy to his full potential –hugs-

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