A new darkness era

Disclaimer: I don't own anything to do with this fic, accept for the idea. Harry Potter belongs to J.K Rowling.

Summary: Harry finally snaps and goes to the dark side, but doesn't join Voldemort. This story sets place around the 6th book.

Category: Suspense

A/N: The reason I'm writing this fic, is because I haven't read any fics where Harry goes evil. If you know of any, please tell me.

Chapter 1: Running from the Dursleys

A lone figure was standing in an empty field. Another figure suddenly appeared in front of him. The first figure looked at the other with hatred. The first raised his arm a beam of power headed toward the other. That one put a powerful barrier up.

"I see you've been practising since our last battle Dumbledore." He said in a cold voice. Dumbledore nodded and they began fighting. Dumbledore would cat a spell, and the other would put a barrier up, Then the other would shoot a spell toward Dumbledore who would either place a barrier or dodge. The battle waged on until the cold-voiced one said

"Time to finish this like when I defeated Voldemort *narrows eyes*. You're dead Dumbledore." With that he summoned half of his remaining power and blast it towards Dumbledore. He placed up his shields, only for them to be broken into and he burst into red light. Once it cleared away, the only trace that Dumbledore had been there, was his glasses.

Harry Potter then awoke sweating madly in his room at Privet Drive.

Harry started to hyperventilate a bit. He closed his eyes to calm down. He was really confused about this dream because of what happened. Normally they were about Voldemort or the death of Sirius or Cedric. Why was tonight an exception? It was so confusing to him.

"WAKE UP BOY!" Came the booming voice of his uncle. Harry looked at the clock next to his bed. It said 7am. He grumbled and got out of bed. He started to mutter things that sounded like 'stupid muggle relatives', which was strange because Harry never did that kind of thing last summer. It was probably because of what happened, or that Harry was getting ready to snap. Could be either, or both.

"HURRY UP AND GET YOUR LAZY SELF DOWN HERE." Harry glared angrily at the sound of the voice and got his wand out of his trunk and stomped down the stairs.

"Finally." Vernon muttered when he came in the room. Harry glared at him and got to work on THEIR breakfast. While he was doing this, he was muttering about his nasty relatives and Dumbledore placing him in their care. Vernon started to look at him and said in a curious/angry voice

"What are you muttering boy?" Harry gave him a death glare look and he got back to work. Vernon looked at his nephew in surprise. Who knew that he could muster up a glare like that?

"I see your stupid godfather isn't doing a good job." That was when Harry snapped. He got his wand out and pointed it at his uncle.

"Don't you dare talk about Sirius like that!" Harry growled, wand still pointed at Vernon. Vernon smirked.

"Put that stupid thing back boy. You're not aloud to do your abnormalities out of your stupid school." Harry narrowed his eyes at his uncle, trying to contain his anger. It would seem that he had been doing that a lot of that lately. He could still feel the punches that he had gotten from Dudley the other day. The next thing he heard from his uncle caused the anger he had tried to keep in, to burst out.

"It seems as though that stupid godfather of yours hasn't done anything to try to contain your anger boy." Harry suddenly saw red and he felt his wand brake. He felt magic course through his body.

"Shut the hell up you stupid muggle." Harry snarled venomously. He raised his hand until it was pointing to his uncle's chest. He smirked evilly and a beam of magic shot out of his hand and landed on it's destination at his wide-eyed muggle uncle. Harry smirked and then his aunt and Dudley came into the room. They screamed when they saw Vernon on the floor. Petunia looked at Harry in surprise and fear.

"How could you do this to him?" She asked her nephew. Dudley looked at him fear and clung onto his mum's leg. The only response she got was an evil smirk. She looked next to her and saw the last remains of Harry's wand.

"How did you do magic with a wand?" She asked out loud. Harry cackled evilly and said

"Who said I used a wand?" Petunia looked at him in surprise.

"How can you do that?" Petunia asked. Harry looked her as if she were stupid.

"Duh. Wandless magic. How else?" Petunia looked at him.

"Don't talk to me like that." Harry snorted and said

"I have had enough of this place." He was about to blast his confused aunt when the doorbell rang. Harry glared at the door in anger. He walked into the lounge room, leaving his confused aunt to answer the door. At the was none other than Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic.

"Hello there. I am Cornelius Fudge, the Minister of Magic. I was wondering if Mr Potter was here." He asked. Petunia looked rather scared at what he said.

"Why do you want him?" She asked. Fudge looked at her and said in his usual pompous attitude

"We have detected that magic has been used here recently. I am here to deal with it." Harry, listening on their conversation, said in a cold voice

"I haven't done any magic." Petunia and Fudge looked at him in fear and something else.

"You have so. I have detected magic. Though I don't which spell was used, still MAGIC was used." Harry glared at him, causing him to wince at the intensity of it. Harry snorted and said

"So what if I used magic? What are you going to do about it?" Fudge looked at him and said

"I will be forced to expel you from Hogwarts." Harry gave a cold laugh and said

"Too bad, my wand is already broken." He pointed to the remains of his wand. Fudge looked at it in shock.

"What made it brake?" He asked himself out loud.

"Beats me. it just broke." Harry said in the same cold voice.

"Well, enough talking. I'm sick of you as Minister of Magic." Harry said. Fudge looked at him in surprise.

"Die." Harry said. He raised his hand and aimed it at Fudge and Petunia with Dudley clinging onto her leg.

"Avada Kadavera." He said in the cold voice. Green light shot out and run toward them. The three people's eyes widened and the green light hit them. Harry smirked and got up. He looked coldly at the three bodies.

"Stupid morons." With that he walked out of the house and stop. He turned around glared at the house. He raised his hand and flames came out and hit the house. It burst into flames Harry smirked and raised his arm to the sky. A wispy skull with an evil smirk came out and settled it's self on top of the house. Harry turned around and walked into the shadows. The residents of the neighbouring houses came out of their houses and screamed when they saw number 4 Privet Drive in smokes. On of them called the fire brigade while others tried to put the fire out themselves. Mrs Figg came out of her house and got the shock of her life. It wasn't just the fact that number 4 Privet Drive was on fire, it was the skull in the sky. She gasped and wrote a letter to Dumbledore. When she did that, she took a photo of the skull. She looked at the neighbours and muttered

"Arg. Stupid naive muggles." She got back into the house and started to worry. What about Harry? Was he safe? Was he hurt? Was he in the house when it ignited? Who did it? Little did she know that Harry was the one to do it in the first place. One thing that she did to worry about was the Daily Prophet the next day. What would it say? Would it mention the attack?
In the shadows nearby was a hooded figure who was smirking at the muggles attempts of putting out the fire. He then apparated back to his master. His name was Wormtail, and he was going back to Lord Voldemort to tell him that he didn't have to kidnap the boy.

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