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Hope Will Never Fade


"Happy birthday Sakura!" Tomoyo screamed happily. Sakura blushed, she was still the little girl.

"You're eleven! Sakura! That's soo awesome!" Tomoyo said.

"Thanks," Sakura simply replied. Everyone smiled.


"It's late, Sakura," Tomoyo said.

"You're right, Tomoyo!" Chiharu said.

"I'm going home, see you guys!" Naoko said before leaving the house.

"Bye!" Rika called, "I'm going too! See you in class Sakura!"

"Yeah me too, bye cousin!" Tomoyo said.

"See ya! Happy birthday!" Chihary and Yamazaki said in the same time.

"Ciao!" the birthday girl replied.

"I must go too, Sakura, my plane is leaving soon," came a mysterious voice.

"I know Eriol! I'm really gonna miss you! You live so far away!" Sakura cried. Eriol smiled.

"I'm sure that our path will cross soon," he said mysteriously.

"Eriol! You always speak in riddles!" Sakura said laughing, and scratching her head.

"See you, I'll call you, my daughter," Eriol said. Sakura smiled.

"Thank you… 'father'," she said waving goodbye to him.

"You're coming to London soon, Sakura, and you will except the unexpected. Harry Potter will sure be pleased to meet you, Hogwarts is waiting… my Cherry Blossom. Just remember that hope will never fade…" he murmured, Sakura didn't hear anything.

"BYE!!!" Sakura screamed to Eriol, he smiled.

"See you in July!" he replied.

'July?' she asked herself in her mind.


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