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Chapter 1: Distance Remembrance

"Watch out Tsukasa!" Mimiru yelled out, who was busy fighting off a crab-like monster. Tsukasa looked up and raised her staff; the end glowing as it eliminated the crab monster, as the others killed off the rest.

Mimiru wiped her forehead and grinned, "Looks like we did it! I wanna see what's in the treasure box!" she giggled, running over to the golden box. She aimed her sword at it and grinned, 'Its all mine...' she thought. Behind her, Tsukasa waited with her arms crossed beside their much older friend Bear.

As the golden box opened, Bear spoke up, "What did you find?" he asked.

Looking in the treasure box, Mimiru raised an eyebrow, picking up a weird looking amulet. "W-what the...hell is this?!?" she squeaked, Holding it up and frowning deeply. "Damnit...its suppose to be big or something..." she mumbled, tossing it over her shoulder, to which Bear caught it out of the air and stared at it.

His brownish gold eyes stared at the jewel placed between the golden plates. They flashed hazily and he took a step back, "Whoa..." a tiredness washed over him as he took another step back, Tsukasa looking at him.

"Are you alright Bear?" she asked.

Looking down at the sorcerer he smiled, "Yah...just felt tired for a moment there, "he told her, placing a hand on her head. "I think we should all log out, we have nothing else to do anymore." With that, Bear just logged out. Tsukasa and Mimiru looked at each other and sighed, "Old men sure like leaving early..." Mimiru muttered, both her and Tsukasa logging out.

"Um, Bear?" Tsukasa asked, as she sat down beside the man reading the newspaper. He looked at with one eyebrow raised, "Yes, what is it?" he asked, turning the page.

Tsukasa frowned slightly and took a breath in. "Well, you've been acting more I don't know...more quiet and all..." she whispered in a soft tone careful not to wake Mimiru up from her sleep.

It had almost been half a year since Mimiru moved out of her house and disowned her father, and came to live with Bear who after the whole 'The World' incident adopted Tsukasa. Now both Tsukasa and Mimiru lived with their novel writing friend whom had a very big house.

Bear chuckled and looked at Tsukasa. "I guess the writing has taken its toll on me, I've been quite busy with this one novel I'm working on." Bear chuckled again. Tsukasa didn't believe it for a second, she knew he was covering up for something, but she didn't know at all. Getting up, Tsukasa smiled at Bear, "Well, I'm gonna go to bed now. I'll see you in the morning." And then she left to her own room.

During that night, Tsukasa couldn't sleep. She was worried, and somewhat feeling something inhuman. "Maybe, I could wake Mimiru up and ask her...' she thought. But, she didn't move at all, just lied there staring at the star covered walls and her ceiling.

Out on the couch, Bear lay asleep with one hand off the couch holding onto some papers which were slipping while his other hand rested on his stomach a pencil under it. He slept soundly as Tsukasa passed him quietly going to Mimiru's room, closing the door quietly.

"Mimiru..." Tsukasa whispered, sitting down on the older girl's bed. Mimiru stirred and flipped over, looking up at Tsukasa with a sleepy smile. "Morning" Tsukasa sighed, "Its not morning yet...can, can I ask you something?" she asked her friend.

Sitting up, Mimiru yawned. "Fire away, " she mumbled.

"Well, its about Bear. I been wondering why he's been so tired and stuff lately... and the answer he gave me made me think something else...like as if something's been happening with him, " she blurted out, quickly and quietly.

Smiling, Mimiru crossed her arms, "Hm...I guess I have to agree with you there, but maybe we both should ask Bear in the morning, now go back to sleep ok? We'll make him tell us, or we'll have to do something to him, "she giggled, rubbing her hands together. Tsukasa smiled and nodded, "Kay, g'night" Mimiru nodded and lay back down, sleeping again while Tsukasa made her way back to her own room, and looking at Bear's form on the couch.

That night...Something happened, it was the same night that Nikioa and Ami died 1 year before.

: Dream:

"Momma! Hurry, hurry, we're gonna be late!" Ami whined, bouncing up and down in her seat. Her father who was in the seat beside her smiled, "Calm down Ami. We'll get there, mom is one of the fastest people I know..." he told her.

Nikioa giggled, "Well hunny don't flatter me in front of Ami, that is bad teaching, " the mother said, crossing over into the intersection.

"Daddy, what did mommy mean by that?" Ami asked, her golden brown eyes shining. Shaking his head, the father smiled, "Not today Kiddo, we have to get you to school." Ami groaned and then giggled, bouncing up and down again, "I get to see Kistume again!" then she went quiet, peering behind her, "Um, daddy? Why is that big truck speeding.and...COMING AT US!!!" she cried loudly.

The father looked behind him and moved forward by the wheel, making it turn in the other direction, while the truck passed, but instead of not hitting them, it did...the car twisted into the oncoming traffic, the truck flipping over, numerous cars stopping and crashing. The father Grasped onto Ami shielding her, while the mother hit against her seat-beat, blood coming from her mouth as the car flipped 3 times the stopped upside down by the corner of the road.

Nikioa lay outside of the car, her body twisted in different parts, blood coming from her mouth, and the rest of her body parts. Ami and the father were still inside of the car, the father still buckled and upside down with gashes running all over his back, chest and forehead. Ami was lying down on the roof of the car, blood seeping from her head, her eyes open and hazy.

The father opened his eyes and looked down at his daughter. "A- Ami...sweetie, hey..." he gasped, blood coming from his mouth.

Ami slightly moved, her face looking up at her father. "D- Daddy...we...mommy went out the window...w-why did w-we g-g-get hit...?" she asked, her voice scared and pained.

"The truck...the driver he...I don't know sweetie...I don't know..." he suddenly fell from his seat and landed on his face, hissing in pain. Ami looked over at her father and tried speaking, but more blood came from her mouth. "Ami...AMI?!?" the father painfully crawled over and lifted Ami's head into his lap, putting pressure to the gash in her head and neck with his own jacket. "Come on sweetie...sweetie...stay with me, I can't lose you too..." he sounded desperate.

Ami smiled, "Daddy...I love you...and mommy..." she whispered.

Tears streamed down the father's face as he watched his little girl slip into death. His wife was gone, his daughter was dying in his arms, and for sure he too would die from less blood. Leaning against the one still held window of the car; he leaned against it and held his daughter. 'This...this can't be happening...let it be a dream, please let it be a dream...' he thought over and over, closing his eyes, exhaustion taking over him from loss of blood, he slipped into unconsciousness.

: End dream:

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Bear sat up from the couch and clutched his head, yelling from the nightmare. His hair covered his eyes as sweat fell from his face, his breathing ragged. Running down the hall, Tsukasa and Mimiru stopped just outside the living, staring at the person on the couch with worried looks.

Bear didn't care if they were there staring, he just wanted to get that image out of his head. 'Why...Why...I couldn't save them...' he thought, 'I was so close...so close...'

Mimiru walked over to the phone and picked it up, dialing BT's phone number. "Hello BT, sorry for waking you up...but can you come over to Bear's house, please...something happened to him while he was sleeping and Tsukasa and me woke up hearing his yell...will you? Thanks BT, I'll open the door for you...K, bye..." the phone clicked as Mimiru turned and stared at the man who was sitting at the edge of the bed, his face in his hands.


BT quietly left the room as Bear finally got to sleep again. She shut the door and walked over to the two girls and smiled sadly, "He'll be fine girls, he didn't tell me exactly what happened, but I think he should stay home from work tomorrow...just to make sure. Do you mind if I stay here?" she said and asked.

Tsukasa and Mimiru shook their heads and frowned. BT saw this, "He'll be fine..." and walked over to the two, placing her hands on their shoulders. "Go get some sleep."

Mimiru took Tsukasa's hand and led her away, the two girls sad about Bear.

BT watched as they walked into their separate rooms and sighed. "They mustn't know...I couldn't have told them, Bear would have to explain." She lied down on the couch and looked at the fallen papers, "Hmm?" and very quietly she picked them up, reading over them. "Heh, no wonder he's such a great novelist, "she muttered, placing the papers on the table and falling asleep on the couch.

BING, BING, BING, BING! It's 11:00! It's 11:00!

"Mmh..."Bear rolled over and hit the actual clock, sending it across the room. He snuggled into the bedsheets even more and started to fall asleep again till something clicked in his mind, "DAMNIT!!" he yelled, almost falling out of the bed and running up to the clock, shaking it. "What the hell, its set for...11:00?!?" he shouted.

Without notice, BT walked into the room and crossed her arms at seeing Bear with the broken clock in his hands. "Bear, what are you doing?" she asked.

Bear blinked and shook his head, staring at the clock. "You reset it didn't you...why?" he asked.

Smiling, BT took him by the arm and sat him back down on his bed. "Don't you remember last night?" she saw him slowly nod his head and then lower it, "I told you I would reset it cuz you need the break. Tsukasa and Mimiru called me because they were worried about you...why haven't you told them yet?" she asked.

Bear lowered his head, and frowned. "I...I can't..." he muttered.

BT frowned slightly and stood up. "Well, you will have to tell them sometime around..." she muttered, leaving the room. Bear closed his eyes and sighed, "Yah...I know...sometime...I hope..." he whispered, lying back down again and staring up at the ceiling.

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