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Chapter 7: In 'The World' or Not

Shivers ran down his back as he stared absently at the wall in front of him. Taking quick breaths while also trying to calm himself down, images flashing through his mind like a old video player.

Standing in the world, the feeling of wind upon skin. A sword latched onto the side, armor, blue, a sunrise, the light brightening. What was this?

Bear placed a hand to his face, his eyes staring through his fingers, the room darkening his senses just as the sunrise in his dream had burned them before making them sting under the soft darkness. He blinked several times before grasping the sheets and coughing loudly, bringing one hand up to his mouth.

As the coughs shortened, he removed the hand feeling an almost sticky liquid. Blood.

The 16-year-old girl from before ran straight into her room with a large grin. 'YES! Finally I get to play the world!' she thought as she dumped her plastic bag onto her bed, taking the small box from it and going straight to her computer located right beside her large window. 'Sora's not going to be the ONLY one this time to play it in this household! Little brat that he is!' she snickered and put the disk in, uploading all the information and downloading the program, the words, THE WORLD popping up.

The girl grasped her dark blue and baby blue head set and put it on, slipping the glasses over her eyes with excitement. She placed her hand on the mouse and started clicking at the different choices for her unique character.

"Letssee, hmm, type...OOOH, there's two I wanna be! Time for my cheats!" She started typing quickly, entering a cheat for the world, the screen going black, then white again showing the choices once again. "Okay! Blade Master AND Wave Master!" she clicked. Of course, with her superior cheats, she passed to the next part.

"World name...Dee...Din...Dynn! Yes, Dynn!" she clicked. "Weapon of choice...ahh lets go with sword, a staff is too boring. Now, clothes?! Damnit, how am I gonna come up with that at the top of my head...argh..." she groaned and leaned back in her black leather comfy chair with a huge sigh, closing her eyes thinking.

"YES! PEFECT!" she giggled loudly after a small bit of thinking. "Sleeveless black tank-top, short black shorts. A 3 quarter jean skirt, black gloves, and black and gold boots that go to the knees!" she giggled, clicking.

"Hmm...Hair colour is cerulean blue of course, and for eye colour SILVER!"

She clicked again, and then a page came up, series of different markings posted for clicking. She scanned and found none she liked till she read up on a forbidden mark that said experienced users only. 'Aww...well that's too bad...' she muttered and took her keyboard and began typing another cheat, the forbidden sign leaving the mark. It was a black dragon that was supposedly going to be on her left arm and right leg. She grinned and clicked it. Then, finally clicked CONTINUE.

Her surroundings left her as she fazed out, her mind entering into the world as she closed her eyes. Soon the surroundings around her became different, grass lands played at her black and gold booted feet, her jean skirt flowing in the fake wind, her blue curly like sort of bun done up in the back of her head, flowing lightly. She opened her eyes and stared at 'The World' with her silver eyes.

"Dynn has entered 'The World' WATCH OUT PEOPLE!" she exclaimed, pumping the air with a fist, while picking up her sword and placing it on her shoulder with a grin.

Asumi nibbled quietly at her food as she stared at the TV in front of her, pondering over the recent discoveries far too advanced for a young girl like her. 'I shouldn't tell Mimiru, Tsukasa, or BT...They'd make us stay off 'The World' no matter what happens...' she thought, and took a full bite, chewing slowly on her potato.

"This is just too much..." she complained and shook her head placing her chin on the coffee table, her eyes half closed.

She was alone in the house for the first time, Mimiru, Tsukasa and BT had to check something at BT's apartment, so they left Asumi here, knowing she would be able to take care of herself for a bit. But how would she be able to take care of Bear if something happened, 911? HAH. Like they would believe a whiny young girl crying. The world as it is now isn't something to be so concerned about, or that's what Asumi thought.

She groaned and stood up while taking her plate and pushing it on the kitchen table, walking back toward her room as she pushed back a strand of her hair. Just as she reached her door, she stopped at the sound of typing coming from Bear's room. Her eyes widened as she twisted around and burst into the room, "PAPA!" she shouted, looking at the brown haired man at the computer.

"Hm? Oh...Asumi..." he mumbled, giving her a tired look then returned to typing.

She walked up to him and put her hands on his shoulders, "Come on, you gotta get back to bed. You'll get sicker papa..." she urged.

"Asumi...How can I go back to bed and sleep if my mind keeps going into a place that is only in a digital compact..." he muttered, his fingers stopping as he looked over his shoulder at her, his eyes showing slight confusion.

Asumi cocked her head to one side. "I dun' know what you mean...what happened?"

"I had a dream I was in 'The World'...It felt like everything was real, I could hear all four of you; Mimiru, Tsukasa, BT and you talking...but I couldn't see my room. I was in the 'The World'...I need to know what is going on..." he said, his voice showing bits of emotion.

With wide eyes, Asumi grabbed a extra chair and sat behind him, pulling her knees up to her chest, placing her chin on it as she stared at Bear's face. "On the BBS, the people said they couldn't control 'The World' anymore..." she whispered, Bear's attention looking right at her. She nodded and lowered her eyes, "Something happened. I think Ami has something to do with it..." she continued.

"Maybe we could go into..."

"No. I'm not going to allow you to go into 'The World' and get yourself into a Coma..." he stated rather quickly.

"Aww, But papa! W-what if we can find a way to make it pure again!" she cried out, her eyes showing a big sadness.

Bear shook his head and sighed, clicking delete on the computer and switching it off. He rolled his chair slightly away from the computer and placed a hand on his forehead. "Asumi...please, do not go into the world...Your smarter then that...Ami is my problem, she's my...she's passed on. Someone from the CCC probably took gene coated materials from the site...heh, that's how they get all those characters with no players..." he mumbled as his eyes looked down at the small girl.

Her hair covered her eyes as she stood. "You should get some rest Bear..." she mumbled, saying his name clearly.

He looked at her then frowned while getting up, being almost above 6"1 over her small height. He walked over to the bed and sat down again, still looking at her as she turned to leave the room, "Asumi. Listen to what I have told you..." he whispered as the girl left the room completely.

Outside of the closed door, Asumi narrowed her eyes. 'I'll do my best to find this out!' she thought and silently sprinted to her room, shutting the door with a light slam, jumping into the computer seat chair, grasping the headset with two hands, staring down at it with watery eyes. 'Sorry papa...' she thought and pulled the headset on, tear streaks falling down her cheeks as she signed into 'The World'.

Bear looked at the hardware floor as his tired eyes closed slightly. 'Damnit...I know it...she's gone into it...Asumi...' he thought, his mind drifting from one place to another. He shut his eyes tightly and fell forward fully unconscious.

Asumi pushed back a lock of her blue hair and took a deep breath, blinking her eyes. She held her spear tightly in her hand as she made her way into the Church Server. Her footsteps echoed soundly as she walked against the hard cobbled floor of the entrance of the church, making her way to the doors. Asumi swallowed hard and pressed one hand on the door, a voice sounded off.

"ASUMI!!" Asumi stood straight in shock and turned around to come face to face with none other then Bear. Her eyes widened at the man before who before her ran up and put a hand on her shoulder. "Didn't I tell you NOT to go into the world!" he said sternly, his voice sounding a bit strained.

Asumi but her lower lip and crossed her arms. "YOU should be in bed!" she countered. Bear did a take back and looked to the side, then down at her again.

"I'm not online..." he muttered.

"What? Then how are YOU here?" the smaller girl asked.

Bear shrugged and looked at the doors of the church. "What are you trying to do Asumi...get yourself into a coma?" he asked, his eyes showing an attentive look. The girl waved her spear and huffed, "I can take care of myself! Ami and me are friends! She wouldn't put me into a coma Bear!" the girl yelled, saying 'Bear' instead of 'papa'. Bear cast a looked down at her.

"Ami is out of control here...viruses will do anything to destroy, I thought Mimiru would have told you that by now..." he murmured. Asumi narrowed her eyes and walked past him, right into the Church, and Bear followed right behind her, trying to grasp ahold of her arm. "Asumi! Do go to her, the CCC will try and delete the virus, we have to go..." he said sternly.

"NO! Not until I find out what is going on! I wanna help..." Asumi cried, small tears forming in her eyes.

Sighing deeply, Bear took his sword from his side and held it limply in his right hand beside Asumi. "Fine...just let me come. I need to find something out myself..." he muttered. Asumi nodded and the two started walking up to the alter where a glowing body was crouched and moving back and forth, sobs coming from them.

Leaning near Bear, Asumi whispered, "I think...that her."

"How did you know where to find her anyway?"

"I don't know..." Asumi looked at Ami and walked up to her, stopping five feet away. "Ami?" she asked, leaning down slightly.

The person crouched looked up at Asumi. "A-Asumi? You're here!" she cried, standing up putting a hand forward to the blue haired girl. Asumi took one step back and shook her head, "I want to ask something first Ami..." Asumi started.

Bear hung by the shadows, watching everything, sadness in his eyes as he stared at the little girl who was once held in his arms.

"Why...are you destroying so many things, I mean. Yah, the CCC thinks you're a virus, is it true?" Asumi said, her hand tightening on her spear handle. Ami gasped and put both her hands to her mouth; Asumi had struck pay dirt. It was true.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to hurt all those people, including daddy! I couldn't stop myself, s-she...she made me!" Ami cried, running up to the seats behind the altar, putting her arms out. "M-Mo..." she stopped and stared straight ahead, her eyes widening. "LOOK OUT ASUMI!" she cried, pointing.

Asumi turned, and let out a scream covering her head with her spear and hands. She felt something push into her slightly, making her fall to the ground, Ami was beside her staring up at a blue figure, his sword up blocking a large tentacle from 'The Guardian'...Tsukasa's old guardian.

"D-Daddy!?" Ami cried, her mouth gaping. Asumi stared, "B- Bear...papa...what are you doing!" she yelled angrily.

"Keeping an eye out for my girls..." Bear managed as he cut the tentacle off, jumping back and landing right in front of the two girls. "Ami, I need to ask you something...are you the one making it possible for me to enter 'the World' without needing to log in...?" he asked, slashing off another tentacle.

Ami stared at him, and bit her lower lip, fidgeting in place. "I am the one...daddy..." she whispered.

Bear smiled slightly which then returned to a frown, "And...Is this the real 'World'? Or...is it something the virus made up..." he muttered, his voice taking a cold point.

Asumi looked at Ami who was scared, her eyes showed it. "Daddy...I...don't..." she then gasped, covering her eyes.

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