Chapter 1

(Author's Note: Weee, happy! *grins at literally captive audience* My name is Kelly, and I'm

going to be co-authoring Cory's new story! So get used to my randomness, though it won't

happen too often! *Mutant cheezeball purrs on her lap as she's sitting on the throne* In any case,

let's get down to business boys and girls. This is a Teamo Supremo fic, just to letcha know, and it

involves an episode of "Darkwing Duck". You may or may not have heard of that show. But in

any case, we'll be introducing you to the NegaTeamo later.

NegaCrandall: So I'm in this story?

Saga Me: Yup. So, let's get this thing started already! Byesies! )

State Park- 1:00 pm

It's a nice normal day, the sun is shining, the birds are in the trees. It's the kinda day you get right

after a hard storm. Oh yeah, and a giant robot is on the loose.....A GIANT ROBOT IS ON THE

LOOSE?!?!! This looks like a job for....oh wait, they're already there. Cut to next scene, please!

Teamo was busy fighting Baron Blitz's giant robot, which was terrorizing the city. "Ha, ha, ha!"

Baron Blitz laughed "don't you see, Teamo? My new robot is unstoppable!".

"I don't think so Baron Blitz!" Capt. Crandall yelled "all bad guys are stoppable!, let's go Teamo!"

"Right!" Skate lad and Rope girl said as they charged to the robot.

Rope girl wrapped her rope around the robots arms but the robots snapped the rope and threw it

away and tried to hit Rope Girl, but Skate lad managed to quickly speed her away.

Then, as the robot opened up its chest panel to reveal a large beam gun, Crandall pulled out a small

pellet from his utility belt and threw it at the robot just as it was about to fire.

The pellet flew into the gun and exploded, releasing a pile of goo which blocked the gun and

caused the robots chest to explode.

"Now let's take this guy for a little spin" Skate lad said as Capt. Crandall and Rope girl hopped

onto his board. He then activated his thrusters and sped around and around the robot creating a

human tornado which sucked the robot up into it.

"Almost time to drop it!" Skate lad shouted in the howling wind. Just then the board started to

make strange sounding noises. Then the board shined with a bright blue light which engulfed not

only the board, but Teamo as well.

Just then Teamo and the skateboard started to crackle with electricity and then a bright blue flash

engulfed the entire state, temporarily blinding everyone.

When the light finally faded, the robot and Baron Blitz were lying in a twisted heap.

But the odd thing was that Teamo had mysteriously vanished!

To be continued...