Chapter 4

The building was…to say the least…ominous. At either side of every room stood two robots, looking for any sign of distraction or attack. There were sometimes lava pools welling up from where old bridges had split, but "Skate Lad" didn't have much trouble jumping over them. The architecture was something obviously futuristic, and yet it had something of an old, worn look. Almost like old London. But Rope Girl couldn't figure out why she had made that comparison. Eventually, the two reached a room with a high circular ceiling, and several design patterns lining the edges of the walls. One half of the room was lined in shadow, though the lack of light that should have provided this was completely missing.

"Hey Boss!" "Skate Lad" yelled out in a tone that sounded like he was referring to a gang member or something. "I found her. We're all ready!"

"Well it's about time, you know I don't like to be kept waiting" came a voice that sounded very evil, but somewhat familiar. Rope Girl whipped around nervously. The voice was coming from a silhouette within the darkness. The silhouette had a pair of cold red eyes, which were narrowed in displeasure.

"So you're the one that's behind all this!" said Rope Girl loudly. "Show yourself, coward!"

"What?" said the voice mockingly "you don't recognize me? Ah, well."

A series of steps could be heard from behind the shadows and whoever it was got closer. Which was when the figure was revealed to be…Crandall! Well, not exactly. He was wearing something different.

He was wearing a different sort of cape than Crandall normally possessed, first of all. It was entirely black, with the clasps looking like tiny bat wings. The inside of the wings were lined with a dark blue, and his gloves and boots were the same color. They were oddly frayed around the edges, almost as if they were trying to match the bat wing clasp. The rest of his costume was the same black as the cape, and the cape flowed right into it. He practically WAS a silhouette. His utility belt was red, but the same lightning-bolt symbol was still present. His hair was clean-cut, but rather edgy instead of rounded. On his left cheek, in place of his freckles, was a long, unusually shaped scar going in all directions. Its color was a dark red color, like…well…blood. He had a demeanor about him which was elegant, and yet undoubtedly sinister.

"Crandall….?" Said Rope Girl in utter shock. "But…how? why?

But right before anything else could happen, what was unmistakably Skate Lad came boarding into the room, increasing the utter confusion which had been present since they woke up.

"Wait a minute…what?" he said, looking from Rope Girl to well…himself.

"Who on earth is this?" Crandall said, putting his hands on his hips.

"You got me boss" "Skate Lad" said "but he's good looking, I'll give him that."

And then, the doors burst open and the real Crandall ran in, looking out of breath.

"Hector, Brenda, I traced the position of your communicators to…what the heck!"

"Would someone mind telling me what is going on here?" The other (black-suited) Crandall said as he stared at them.

"I'm still trying to figure that out myself" Rope girl said shrugging.

"Hmmm" (the punk-like) Skate Lad said "they must be another attempt by those stupid heroes to try and beat us."

"Well then" the black suited Crandall said as he pressed the lightning-bolt on his belt "why don't we show them what happens when they mess with Commander Crandall and his crew!"

At that moment, about 50 robots charged in and surrounded the good teamo.

"Bye, everyone" Commander Crandall said as he jumped on to the punk Skate Lad's board "I'd love to stay and watch, but I don't want to get any blood on my costume, I just had it cleaned".

With that, he and the punk Skate Lad blasted off, leaving our heroes surrounded.

"What are we going to do Cap?" Rope Girl asked as the bots encircled them.

"Actually Rope Girl, I have absolutely no idea"

To be continued…..