In Repair; Chapter 5: "Freedom."

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"Clear night tonight, ain't it?" Steve motioned to the sky with a nod of his head, and Ponyboy looked up into the midnight abyss above. Filled with the odd wisp of cloud or two, it was a beautiful site; clear and shining stars covering the dark expanse, and a sliver of moon glowing faintly.

"Least it ain't a full moon," Pony replied, "then that'd just be plain cheesy."

"Mmmhmm." Steve said, not really listening. He was more focused on getting to the lot quickly, so they could hurry up and talk, then get to the good stuff - the kissing. The older boy licked his lips hungrily; he couldn't wait to taste Pony's lips and tongue again. And maybe, if he got really lucky, the young boy's fragile body as well. He tried not to start fantasizing, since the sight of a gigantic hard-on might not make Ponyboy all too comfortable around him. Not like either of them really felt fully comfortable with this in the first place.

Ponyboy stuffed his hands into his pockets and dropped his gaze from the sky, exhaling deeply. He was nervous; he didn't trust Steve. And he knew it would be a long while before he ever would. But, if they wanted this to work, they'd have to talk and find out more about each other; how each other ticked and thought, what they felt. Pony knew it would be alot of work, and decided the first thing he'd say to Steve would be about his old attraction to Johnny. That would clear up any difficulty, and start their talk off well.

"But he'd feel awkward if I said that..." Pony realized, and then decided that would be best saved until later, after they'd talked a bit and gotten comfortable.

Ponyboy shivered slightly, but not from the cold; from fear. He was afraid of Steve, of what was going on. He was hoping they'd come to some sort of point, an agreement, SOMETHING, and he hoped they could be lovers. Pony realized he was actually considering a romantic relationship with his old enemy, and he had to grin - he was happy about it. He was open to whatever Steve wanted, whether the older boy wanted to drop it, or be with him.

The empty lot was coming into sight, and Ponyboy took a deep breath. It wasn't like Steve would hurt him, or say anything truly cold-blooded. Steve would most likely not even talk, just kiss. And at the thought of a warm embrace and the feeling of Steve's soft, moist lips and wet, salty tongue, Pony relaxed entirely.

Steve walked ahead, and Pony watched him approach the small area the gang had made to build fires in. He watched Steve gather some sticks for firewood, and the young greaser flopped down on the hard, dry ground and leaned back, placing his arms behind his head to act as a pillow. He closed his eyes, and listened to the sounds of Steve mumbling things under his breath, striking a match to light the fire. Pony's legs and feet were warmed, and he knew he'd lit it successfully.

Steve sat down hard next to Pony, and the young greaser opened his right eye to glance at Steve. The older boy was looking down on him, that same soft expression on his usually hard face. Pony felt accomplished; he'd never seen that face on Steve until after he'd kissed him. Steve's dark brown eyes were hooded slightly, giving him a sleepy look, with a soft grin across his face. Pony smiled back, and Steve leaned down to kiss the younger boy softly on the lips, only a ghost of a touch.

"Pony, I love you, okay? I have for awhile now...and, I guess, since we aren't that good of buddies..." Steve started to trail off, and Ponyboy sat upright, leaning against the muscular left arm of the older boy.

"It's okay Steve. If you don't want to be together, because it'll damage your rep or somethin'..." Pony trailed off as well. Both boys sat in silence, staring at the warm, glowing flames before them. It crackled peacefully, that being the only sound besides their soft breathing.

"No...I wanna be with ya Pony. I like ya, and I'll be real mad if you turn me down." Steve grinned that same sly, cocky grin of his. Ponyboy wrapped his arms around the older's boys left arm, and leaned his head against his shoulder.

"I wanna be with ya too Steve...but it seems so weird, cuz you're supposed to hate me, and I'm supposed to think you're too damn full of yourself." Pony said, then winced. He shouldn't have said that last part.

Steve was silent for a minute, and Pony was afraid he'd have a black eye in a moment. But instead the older boy shrugged. "That's the way I am. I thought you were a tagalong kid, real annoying, and thinks he's too smart for the rest of us. I thought you were full of yourself too."

"Maybe I am, and maybe you are...but do you care?" Pony questioned, looking up at Steve, trying to cock an eyebrow and failing terribly at doing so. Steve just chuckled and placed Pony into a headlock, messing up his perfectly greased red hair.

"Naw kiddo, you're alright with me." He grinned, and Pony squirmed out of his grasp, mourning over his hair.

"My hair!" Pony tried to fix a flyaway strand sticking out from behind his left ear, and Steve took the opportunity to strike.

Leaning forward and running a rough hand through the younger boy's greasy red hair, he closed his eyes and pushed his tonuge into the younger boy's mouth. Moaning softly, Pony wrapped his arms around Steve's neck and massaged his tongue against his lover's. Steve held Pony closer to him as he tried to push Pony into a laying position, inching ontop of him. Pony broke the kiss for a moment to look at Steve, eyes half closed and feeling lightheaded.

"Before you do anything else, I have to tell ya..." Pony began, closing his eyes for a moment to gather his thoughts.

"Yeah?" Steve wasn't used to waiting; he wanted his kisses, and he wanted them now.

"I was...I mean, I am still kinda...uh...." The auburn haired boy swallowed and looked away from Steve's eyes, "I was in love with Johnny..."

Steve was silent, and Pony knew he'd did the wrong thing. Looking off to the side, he closed his eyes and waited for Steve to leave.

But he didn't.

"I guess I could see that happening...I mean, you guys got along real well and everythin', right? And I mean, being alone with him for so'd kinda get the sexual tension goin' there."

Pony turned his head back to Steve to stare. Had Steve really just said that? Hardass, cocky, everything-I-say-is-right Steve Randle? And he'd said something intelligent AND logical. It was a miracle, in Pony's mind. To Steve, it was just to ease Pony's worries.

"Hey kid, it's fine..." he gently stroked Pony's cheek, "now let's not worry anymore, alright?"

Pony grinned. Yeah, that was alright. He could finally move on now; and welcoming the warm embrace Steve gave him, he knew Johnny'd been right. His heart was free again.

And that night, he gave it to his old enemy, without any doubts.


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