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Here is the start of the sequel to Moving On.

It involves, Grissom & Catherine, Sara & Nick, and all of our other favorite C.S.I's and other not so favorite characters. * Cough * Hank. * Cough *

Another awesome thanks to everyone who reviewed Moving On. If you are just stumbling onto this story, I would recommend that you read Moving On first, but it is not absolutely necessary, just as long as you know that some of the things that I may refer to in this story did not always happen in the show.

This takes place approximately 6 months after Moving On ended.

All episodes thus far created and viewed are fair game.


Entrapment Hey baby, is that you

Wow, your hair got so long

Yeah, yeah I love it, I really do

"Norma Jean" ain't that the song we would we'd sing

In the car, driving downtown

Checking out the bands on Doheny avenue.

A lonely man sat in what some what call his room, and what others would call his prison. He lay on the bed, staring up at the ceiling. He was bored. No one here was interesting to him. They weren't a challenge. Most of the time, they barely acknowledged that he was even there. If it weren't for the orderlies that came around and changed his sheets and made sure he ate, took his medication and bathed, he would have virtually no human contact.  But he still had one friend who came and visited him. If it weren't for that person, he would go insane. He always laughed when he used that expression. Insane. They think I'm bonkers. Ha. That's a good one. But, whatever will keep me out of jail…

The daily knock resounded in his room, signaling that his visitor was there to visit him. Finally. He breathed in as he was led to the solarium, where he always met his visitor.

He sat down at the table, waiting patiently for his friend to come in and see him. The door opened slowly, and he smiled when he saw a photo lab envelope. "I see you have something that I have been waiting for."

Yeah, life throws you curves

But you learned to swerve

Me I swung and I missed

And the next thing you know I'm reminiscing

Dreaming old dreams

Wishing old wishes

Like you would be back again

His visitor grinned. "Have I ever failed you before? I bring you the weekly update." He tossed the envelope onto the table.

A smile spread across the man's face, "you are too good to me."

"I know… I try." The visitor sighed. "Speaking of trying, I am still trying to get you out of here."

"I know. And I appreciate it."

The visitor nodded. He looked at his watch. "It's time for me to be getting back to work. That place just doesn't run without me."

"Thanks for the pictures, man."

"You'll thank me later, trust me."

I wake up in teardrops that fall down like rain I put on that old song, we danced to and then

I head off to my job

Guess not much has changed

Punch the clock, head for home, check the phone

Just in case

Go to bed, dream of you

That's what I'm doing these days

Yeah, that's what I'm doing these days

Back in his room, the man slowly opened the envelope. He felt a sudden rush of excitement course through him, like a child at Christmas. He smiled as the contents of the envelope fell out in front of him. Pictures and assorted clippings tumbled onto his bed, and he grinned evilly.

Sara. His lovely Sara, with that idiot Stokes. He ground his teeth just thinking about it. Then he turned his attention back to Sara's picture. Her hair has grown. She's changed, he thought to himself as he flipped through his pictures. He scanned the pictures, until he reached the ones he had been waiting for. Sara at home. Nick's home, he growled to himself. Sara in the bath. Nick's bath. She should be in my home. In my arms. The next picture shocked him. Sara lying in bed with Nick.

Someone told me, after college

You ran off to Vegas

You married a Rodeo Cowboy

Wow, that ain't the girl I knew

Me, I've been a few places

Mostly here and there once or twice

Still sorting out life but I'm doing alright

Yeah it's good to see you too

He threw the pictures across the room. Anger fueled him to pen the next letter in his on-going saga of writing to Sara.


My how you've changed. You are glowing, positively radiant, I guess you could say. I still love you. I still think about you.

Nick doesn't deserve you. Nick doesn't understand you like I do. He couldn't possibly love you, not like I do. He is merely a cowboy, trying desperately to make himself better by becoming a C.S.I and trying to win you over. I hope that one day, you will see where I am coming from and that I will love you forever and always. I forgive you for testifying against me at the trial. You were just doing your job.

Yours forever,


PS: Love the picture of you in the tub.  Grrr….

Well hey girl you're late
And those planes, they don't wait

But if you ever come back around

This sleepy old town

Promise me you'll stop in

To see and old friend

And until then…

Hank grinned and opened his desk drawer. A pile of letters, one for everyday he had been in the institution, were stacked inside the deep drawer.

Soon Sara, soon. I will have you to myself… I wake up in teardrops that fall down like rain

I put on that old song we danced and then

I wake up and teardrops that fall down like rain

I put on that old song, we dance to and then

I wake up and teardrops that fall down like rain

I put on that old song, we danced to and then…

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