Tomorrow Comes Today

Part 5: Epilogue

Written by Zelda

                He gratefully lifted the last few microphone stands off of his good shoulder, hearing them clink metallically in the back of the van. Leave it to the setup guys to forget stuff like that! Here he was, riskin' his neck just to play, and now he had to do the dirty work that went along with it. At least his shoulder didn't hurt so much anymore.

                "That the last of it, Muds?" a voice called to him.

                The bassist growled, and ducked his head around the open back door to see Russel plodding towards him.

                "Yeah 'at's the last of it. You think you coulda lent a hand there, sleepy'ead?"

                "Oh, of course, my fault for being knocked unconscious by some old crocodile." Russel rolled his white eyes.

                "Whatever." Murdoc grumbled. "I just wanna get the 'ell outta here before them things come back." He stepped away from the van and slammed the doors shut. "Can't believe they forgot the mic stands. If any of them things scratch up my bass…"

                Russel turned away from the ranting Murdoc with a sigh. Maybe things were back to normal. He started to backtrack across the empty parking lot, coming back towards one of the Pond's glass archways. Beneath it, he could make out 2D's and Noodle's silhouettes, along with the jumbled shadows of the assembled Ducks team. "Come on guys!" he called to them. "We'd better get movin' or we'll be late for the next show!"

                "Can't we take a break Russ?" 2D looked over with a sigh. "I still gots an awful 'eadache…"

                "Sorry D, we already missed the show in Denver." Russel shook his head. "People are gonna get mad, you know."

                "Awright, awright…" the singer shook himself, straightening his back. "Guess this is goodbye, eh?"

                "Guess so." Wildwing nodded to him. "You guys take care of yourselves, don't be afraid to give us a call if you see anything suspicious tracking you."

                "We wish we could come along!" Dive started, grinning. "For the music, heh, if nothing else. But we got a schedule to keep too."

                "I don't think you'll have much to worry about." Tanya started. "They usually lie low for some time after an attack like that, let themselves recover."

                "Speaking of which…" Zelda hopped up onto Russel's broad shoulder. "You sure you're feeling alright?"

                "Yeah, yeah, I'm fine!" he shooed her away with a smile. "Got things reorganized up here." he pointed to his head. "By the way, Del says thanks. I personally think he's a big whimp, duckin' out on the fight while you guys were runnin' me back to your ship."

                "Things turned out quite well, regardless." Grin nodded sagely. "I do believe it is we who owe him thanks, for holding things up back in the Raptor."

                Nosedive was about to speak up, but got interrupted as a bundle of red kimono and an MP3 helmet leapt up into his arms and hugged him around the neck.

                "Arigato, Nosedive-san!" Noodle cheered.

                The duck couldn't help but laugh and hug her back. "You're welcome, I think, hehe. You are too cute, you know that?"

                "Come on girl, we 'ave ta go." 2D held out his hand, which Noodle took once she'd jumped back to the ground. "We'll visit again, mebbe! This was certainly an… um… interesting place to play, I fink."

                "Understatement of the year." Russel grinned. "Thanks again guys, we'll be seein' y'all around."

                "Have a good trip!" Mallory waved to them, as the three musicians started back across the parking lot for the van. The team watched as they all piled in. Even above the engine, they could hear Murdoc continuing to grumble as the van pulled out of the parking lot, and onto the highway.

                "Well, there they go." Duke sighed, shaking his head. "Was this the oddest stunt Draggy's pulled yet or what?"

                "I'll have to agree on that one." Tanya nodded. "Ghosts, sheesh!"

                "At least Dragaunus learned his lesson." Zelda smirked. "I think he'll leave matters of the occult to Wraith from now on."

                "Well." Wildwing started. "They've got a show, we've got a game. Come on guys, I wanna talk strategy before the guys come in here to set the ice up for tonight." He waved the team back inside, and one by one they filtered back through the doors of the Pond.

The End

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