bringing down the house

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summary: sakura, hinata and ino are the only suspects in the muderer case, and since all three of them are genin they are perfect for the job. Now they have to go to a high school and find out the muderer. problem is, it's an all boys school!

kokoro: weird huh? well, enjoy the fic!! i know, it workd better if it's boys going into a girls school...but i wanted sakura and them to be the main characters ^-^


"Sakura...what are we doing here again?" Asked Hinata.

"We were the only ones who saw it, we can't leave Sasuke and them to it. I am not going ot stand back!" Said Sakura.

"For once, I agree. I am not going to depend on Shikamaru to make the plans this time!" Ino yelled.

"But..this is an all boys school...and not only that, we'd have dorm rooms." Hinata said.

"Don't worry, we just need to wear big shirts and baggy pants..we'll be fine!" Sakura said.

"But Sakura, the dorm rooms! There isn't really a big chance that we'll all be in the same dorm." Ino said.

"Well...we'll have to change in the corner or in the bathroom! Same goes for P.E." Sakura said.

"Uhm...won't the boys be here too?" Hinata asked kind of blushing a little.

"They shouldn't be..we took the map." Ino said.

"I don't know..." Hinata said trying to recondsider.

"We're going, plus if we go back..Hokage we'll be ultra mad!" Sakura anime cried.

"Yea...your right about that.." Ino said.

Hinata signed and the three of them headed to their new school.

--at hokage's office---

"I am really sorry, I have no idea what's gone over her!" Kakashi said to Hokage.

"They took the map..." Hokage said trying to think of a way to settle this.

"Sakura chan went ot a boys school!??!?!" Yelled Naruto who had obviously overheard the conversation.

"Now Now Naruto. We'll find a way to set things right..." Kakashi said.

"Gya! We must go save Sakura chan!!!!" Naruto yelled.

Kakashi and Hokage signed. If Naruto took it this would the others react?

--in the school---

"Okay, so what are your names?" Asked the principle.

"My name is Oni." Said Ino.

"My name is Hitoko." Said Hinata.

"My name is Sak- i mean.... uhm.." Sakura mumbled. Ino whacked her on the back of her head.

"Saku?" Asked the teacher.

"Yea! Saku!" Sakura yelled.

"And you all are brothers?" Asked teacher.

"Yup!" Ino said.

"You guys sure don't look of you has green eyes, the other blue eyes and the other white ones...."

"Our father married different wives!" Hinata suddenly yelled causing Sakura and Ino look at her.

"I..uhm. see. Here are your scheduel and dorms." The teacher said handing them each a paper.

"Thanks and uhm...bye!" Sakura said.

--in the halls---

"Different wives Hinata? Your making it seem our father was a player..." Ino said sweatdropping.

"I couldn't think of anything else. I'm sorry." Hinata said.

"there there. Lets look at our scheduels." Sakura said patting Hinata on the back.

"And you! You almost made us lose our cover!" Ino said pointing at Sakura.

"At least I didn't put my name backwards! Oni? That means orge you know, oh wait. Yea that suits you." Sakura said.

"What'd you say, forehead girl!?" Ino yelled.

"You heard me Ino pig!" Sakura countered.

Sakura started to tug at Ino's hood to punch her and Ino kept grabbing Sakura's wrists calling her "Forehead girl".

"Uhm...guys? Saku, you shouldn't really tug at Oni's head and Oni, no calling Saku a girl." Hinata said.

Sakura and Ino both looked at Hinata wondering why she used their boy names then they realized they were in a hall. Boys were all staring at them.

"Eheheh, Saku you baka. Lets go to our dorms now..." Ino sweatdropped.

"Sure Oni, come along Hitoko." Sakura said over to Hinata.

Hinata nodded her head and follwed the two.


"Dang, all of us have different dorms..." Ino said.

" least the're all on the same floor. Now for schedules..." Sakura compared the papers.

"Hmmm....the only classes we all have together is...ninjutsu classes and science." Hinata said.

"The rest it's either Ino and me have classes or Hinata and me have classes, for english it's Hinata and ino though..." Sakura said.

"Forget it, here's the deal. Whenever we have a another person in our class we stand gaurd while the other checks the students." Ino said.

Sakura nodded and said, "And if we're alone it's to find out info about the students. Thing is, only Ino and me have to worry about that. Lucky for Hinata one of us our in her classes each time..."

"Sorry..." Hinata said.

"You don't have to say that. Now, off to our dorms. Remember, don't lose your cover!" Sakura said.

Hinata and INo both nodded and the three serperated and left.


Sakura opened the door and asked, "Hey, is this dorm 3-3?"

One of the two other guys looked up and said, "Does it look like it?"

"I thought this was it.." Sakura mumbled to herself.

"Relax, it is." Said the other one.

"Oh, okay then." Sakura said.

"You the new guy?" Said one.

"Yea, my name's Saku." Said Sakura. Inner sakura: must remember to be like a guy! Don't be polite!!!

"Name's Kouji and this guy next to me is Saito."

'Uhm..uhm..think of something to say...'Sakura thought.

"By the way, what's with all the clothes?" Kouji asked.

"Eh? cold!" Sakura almost yelled.

"It's ninety degress..." Said Saito.

"Well....I uhm." Sakura stuttered.

"You uhm what? You know, for a guy you really sound like a girl(A/N: Sakura is talking to a low voice but what she says sounds like a girl XD)." Said Kouji.

"There is something femine about you..." Said Saito.

" not at all!!!" Sakura said. Inner sakura: carp! already blew my cover!!!

"Are you yaoi?" Asked Kouji.

Sakura fell over, yup. That's what they meant. "You mad?!" Sakura yelled.

"Well...that's a reflief." Kouji said.

"By the way, there's only three of us?" Sakura asked.

"Didn't you heaR? This is your new Ninja team." Kouji said.

"Yes..we're team six." Said Saito.

"You mean..your going to be in every one of my classes?" Sakura asked.

"No duh." Kouji said.

inner sakura: there goes my plan!!! Why meee?!!??!?! "That's great..just great." Sakura said.


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