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Hinata, Sakura and Ino slightly blushed as they changed in the corner. Hinata was blushing everytime a guy asked her why she was so shy and that she should lighten up. Sakura would be fuming everytime she fumbled with the shirt and jackets....and Ino...

"It smells in here Sakura!!! I am going ot scream!" Ino yelled as she talked to Sakura.

"...stupid zipper..." Sakura mumbled as she tried to put on her jacket over her shirt.

"Come on Hitoko! Don't be a dork!!!" Souta said happily.

Hinata blushed furiously. "A-ano...I-I'm just find."

"Eh? Saku. Why you wearing that? It's ninety degrees..." Souta asked again to one of the scared trio.

"Oh, well from we come from-" Sakura turned around to face Souta but stopped short.

'Oh crap! he has no freaking shirt on!' Sakura thought then turned around.

"Sakura...we won't last a second in here..." Ino said.

"Shut up...we must..go on.." Sakura mumbled.

"But..Ino's right." Hinata said.

"Yea! And it smells!!!!" Ino yelled.

"I know it smells! I'm not stupid!" Sakura yelled.

"What does stupidity have to do with smell?!" Asked Ino.

"How should I know!?" Sakura yelled.

"You guys fighting again?"

"Gaia!" Ino spat.


Everyone in the locker room, including the boys face faulted.

"Hello boys! You ready for some ninja training?!" The teacher popped his head in the locker rooms.

"AAAAAaaaaaaAAAAA!!!!" Ino and Sakura screamed. Hinata just blushed furiously.

"Eh? What's wrong with you two? You scream like girls..." The teacher said.

"And he means that literally..." Sakura mumbled to Ino.

"Well. You guys get ready. Oh, and Saku, no jackets." The teacher waltzed right out.

"What was wrong with you guys? The teachers a guy you know," Souta sweatdropped.

"Yes! Well..." Hinata mumbled.

"Dang, we can't wear jackets...now what smart one?" Ino whispered.

"I don't know...just pretend your the very skinny type..and keep your hats on." Sakura said back.

"But..we have things that boys don't..." Hinata said while playing with her fingers.

Sakura stopped short, she was right. Now what would they do?!

"Hang on...I have an idea." Ino said.

"That's new." Sakura said.

"Shut up!" Ino whacked Sakura...hard. "You want my idea or not?!"

"Please..don't make a comotion." Hinata said trying to calm down the two.

"Look, we can do genjutsu..just for a little while." Ino said.

"But the teacher..." Sakura countered. The teacher could obviously sense the genjutusu and counter it imediatly. If that would happen...

"Don't worry, we'll just concentrate enough on so taht it wouldn't show, if we just do it on the parts we need. We'll be fine!" Ino said.

"I hate to say it...but your right. Eberyone..start now!" Sakura said.

Ino, Sakura and Hinata used genjutsu to make them look a little more like boys.

"Damn...by how much jutsu we used..if we stop concentrating, we're done for." Ino said.

"We all connected are jutsu too...if one genjutsu stops..the other will too." Hinata said.

"Whatever..lets just go to PE!!!" Sakura yelled.

--naruto and co.---

"Hye..can you smell them now?" Naruto whined.

Kiba fell to the ground and sniffed it. "The're just over this hill...but-"

"Sakura chan!!!!! I'll be there for you! Your knight in shining armor will be here!!!!" Naruto ran off to the direction Kiba pointed out. Screaming his head off like a mad dog.

"..but that's just where the traps are for the defense part." Kiba said sounding annoyed.

"..that idiot." Sasuke muttered.

"Serves him right though, I told him not to go ahead like that." Shikamaru said.

Soon they heard explosions and kunais went flying everywhere. No where near Sasuke and them though. They also heard a loud scream and more crashes.


"Geez..that...guy." Shikamaru sweatdropped.

"..I wonder what happens when he realizes he doesn't know where to go next..." Kiba asked.


"Right about now.." Shikamru said.

"Aa." Sasuke said.

Now they looked over and saw a oranges blur with twigs all over in his hair and clothes, screaming his head off.

"You tricked me!"

"You were the one who went over there, baka!" Kiba shouted.

"You didn't stop me!"

"No crap!


"Lets just hurry, now taht Naruto set off all the traps we won't have to worry." Sasuke said while walking ahead.

"True true." Shikamaru walked behind him.

"At least your good for something!" Kiba yelled and ran ahead making faces at Naruto.

Naruto fumed and chased Kiba.

"This is going to be a long trip.." Skimaru whined, thinking that he could be at home watching T.V by now.

Sasuke signed, 'It won't be long now Sakura, just hang on 'till we get there.'(A/N: sorry, i couldn't help it...)


"Hello classes! I'm Seiko, but you can call me...no wait. Yea, Seito." The teacher said.

"This guy....is very Kakashi-ish." Sakura mumbled.

"Now come, you'll be split into three teams. Then, you'll battle all out with your teamates, don't worry, i'll be watching. This si just to test your skills.

--after signing up---

Hinata signed, once again. She was all alone.

"Okay everyone! Hajime!" Yelled the teacher.

Hianta bit her lip as she looked over to everyone in her group. The only person she knew was Souta, the other guy was unfamiler to her.

"Awright!" Souta shouted as he charged to Hinata.

Hinata winced and closed her eyes shut.

"Eh? What wrong with you!? Fight me!" Souta yelled. Then took out four kunais and threw them.

Hinata jumped out of the way, but one glazed her.

"I can't keep up the genjutsu..." Hinata cried.

"Genjutsu? Is that how your going to play? Hey! Teacher! Is that even allowed?!" Souta yelled.

"Sure! Whatever!" Seito yelled, he was more intrested int he battle going on in Sakura's area.

"..Whatever." The other guy yelled in a flash he jumped ober to Hinata. Before she could respond he punched her in the guts.

"He's...using taijutsu.." HIanta said.

"Yea! That's me! The taijutsu specialists!" The guy yelled.

"Well, looks like Hitoko and I have to work together, it's a good thing we were orginally on teams. huh Hitoko...Hitoko?" Souta looked over to Hinata.

"Hinata grabbed herself. HSe couldn't keep up the genjutsu! Now Sakura and Ino are...Hinata looked up to Sakura's are and Ino's area. they found out too.

"Hey, Hitoko. Fight. Him. US. Now." Souta said.

"I'm sorry, but I don't think I can do it.." Hinata cried.

"Don't be a sissy! Come on! Us ninja's never go back on our word!!" Souta yelled.

Hinata's eyes grew big. 'I'll never go back on my word! This is the ninja way!'....naruto kun...

Hinata looked up and summoned her eyes(A.k.a byakugan).

"What the.." Souta started but Hinata already rushed passed him.

"Keh, so you have weird eyes, big deal I-" Hinata used her gentel fists(A/N: it's a type of style) and threw the guy away.

"That's no ordinary eye...it the Byakugan.but, what could a member of the Hyuga clan be doing here?!" Souta yelled.

Sakura watched the scene from away, she already beated her group. Ino was still fighting, and Hinata gave out her best.

"To tell you the truth Hinata, if you didn't frop the genjutsu..I would've had lost. Good thing my girl instincts kept me alive.." Sakura said.


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