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This is not a sequel to Domino High Shooting, although I know it might seem like one. It was a completely different idea, separate to my other story.

The flames were licking higher, spreading over the floor. Yugi backed away from them, trying to find a way out. The smoke was thick, and the heat was intense. Yugi could find no way out of the blazing inferno – the flames came ever closer.

He was trapped.

Something fell. There was a blinding flash and an explosion.

Yugi sat bolt upright in bed, the nightmare still on the edge of memory. He shook his head slightly to clear the feelings of being trapped, intense heat and helplessness. Yugi glanced at the clock. It was 8am – he had to be at school in about fifteen minutes.

Leaping out of bed, Yugi noticed he was already in his uniform. That was strange, as he was sure he didn't go to sleep in it. Come to think of it, he couldn't remember going to sleep at all.

Shrugging this thought off, Yugi raced downstairs, all the while looking for Yami. Coming to the conclusion Yami must have left already, Yugi ran off towards school.

Yugi ran to school across the grounds and into one of the buildings. As soon as he entered, he knew something was different – some people he knew, that were in his classes, they were all silent, staring ahead, while the normal morning chaos wound around them.

Catching sight of Yami and the others, Yugi ran up to them and asked "Hey guys, what's going on?"

No one answered. Like the others, they were all silent, staring blankly ahead, Yami especially.

The bell rang, and everyone apart from Yami was shaken out of the trance.

"Yami, come on – we have maths," said Yugi, approaching his other half. Yami made no recollection of hearing him. Joey approached him as well.

"Come on Yami, we've got maths," Joey said gently, and Yami nodded and followed Joey to their classroom, Yugi trailing behind.

Why was Yami ignoring him? Why did he listen to Joey and not Yugi? They said exactly the same thing, but he follows Joey – and leaves Yugi behind. What's going on? Yugi's mind was a whirlwind of questions.

When Yugi entered his maths class, he made for his usual seat – next to Yami, in front of Joey. No one stopped him, and he sat down, not looking at Yami.

Yugi let his mind wander as the teacher talked on and on about algebra. Was this just a joke? A prank? Or was there more? Had he said something? Or done something?

Yugi turned to ask Joey what he had done, and found Joey staring at him. Yugi opened his mouth to speak, but Joey shook his head and looked back up at the front of the classroom at the teacher.

Yugi then turned to Yami, but Yami's head was down on his arms. Yugi could see the edge of one eye staring at his desk, wet with the beginnings of tears.

The teacher looked up from what she was writing on the board. She caught sight of Yami, and quickly set the class work to do out of some textbooks. She approached Yami's desk and knelt down next to him.

"Mr. Mûto, I think you should go home. Rest for a few days and gather your thoughts. It's so sad when a friendship like this is broken," She said, glancing in Yugi's direction. "It's too early to face the world, I think. Can someone go with him?" she asked, indicating Téa, Tristan, Joey, Ryou and Bakura, who were in the same part of the classroom as Yami.

"I'm fine…" Yami spoke very quietly.

"I'll go," said Yugi, although no one paid any attention. He quickly grabbed his bag and waited as Yami swung his own bag onto his shoulder.

Yami crossed the room quickly, not waiting, passed into the hallway, and started to run down the corridor towards the doors at the end.

Yugi followed, not recognising the familiar path towards a familiar place, until he reached the gates that Yami had just passed through.

It was the cemetery.

Yugi automatically thought Yami was going to the grave of Solomon Mûto, who had died about eighteen months ago.

But Yami ran in the opposite direction to Solomon's grave, to a much newer headstone, at the side of the cemetery.

When Yami reached it, he slid his bag off his shoulder and sank down in front of the grave, weeping.

When Yugi reached Yami, he stared at the headstone. On it was written the last thing he expected.

Yugi Mûto

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