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Yami rolled over and looked at the clock. It was 9:15am. Yami groaned; it was too early to be getting up yet. As he rolled back over to go back to sleep, he decided against it - he may as well get up, as it was Saturday, and no doubt everyone would be going to the arcade.

There were a few sounds of movement from Yugi's room, so Yami passed it by without thought. He showered, dressed, and ate breakfast. However, by about 10:20am, Yami was starting to wonder if he should check if Yugi was ok. Yugi often slept in on Saturdays, but whenever Yami got up, Yugi was normally roused, to get up about ten or twenty minutes after him.

Yami decided it would be best just to make sure he was ok – Yugi was generally a light sleeper. When Yami opened Yugi's bedroom door, he saw Yugi was collapsed on the floor, extremely still.

With his suspicions highly aroused and concern rising, Yami checked his hikari. Yugi's eyes were slightly opened and glazed over. He was breathing, but in slow, uneven breathes.

Yami recognised the symptoms of someone who was without a mind – someone who was trapped in the Shadow Realm.

Yami only knew two people who could have done it, his main two suspects. He was approaching the front door to go find Marik and Bakura, when the door swung open and the two of them walked in.

"Pharaoh! What did you do to my hikari!" snarled Bakura, approaching Yami with a certain atmosphere of darkness.

"What? What did you two do to Yugi!" Yami responded.

"We didn't do anything, baka! What did you do?" replied Marik.

"Calm down…okay, I didn't send anyone to the Shadow Realm," said Bakura. "Come on, would I do that to my own hikari?"

"Yes," said Yami and Marik in unison.

"It was a rhetorical question, idiots. I wouldn't now, but I might have tried a few times in the past - "

"Might? MIGHT? Understatement of the millennia!"

"Shut up, Pharaoh."

Yami crossed his arms. "Make me."

"You want to go to the Shadow Realm?"

Marik grinned. "There you go! The Pharaoh was telling the truth! You definitely threaten enough."

Bakura glared at Marik. "What about you?"

"What about me?"

"Your record is against you. You've actually sent your hikari to the Shadow Realm!"

Marik sighed, the grin fading. "Two things. One – it was months ago; I've changed. Two – he was annoying me. What else was I supposed to do?"

Yami raised an eyebrow. "Still, you've actually done it."

Marik turned to Yami. "Oh? Then what about you, almighty Pharaoh?"

Yami raised his hands in defence. "Hey, I've got a clean record, unlike you. I've never tried, and never will. I swear to Ra, it wasn't me."

Bakura sighed. "Right. So, it was none of us. Who was it then?"

"Um, I think it would be in our best interests to find our hikaris before we discuss this any further?" asked Marik.

"Agreed. Whose got the biggest room? Out of the hikaris?"

"Malik, I think. Why?" responded Marik.

"I just think it would be easier if they were all together, and if we entered together. Just in case. That's all"

"I agree."

"Same. Bring Yugi and Ryou round to our place. I'll get back there and tell Isis what's happening. Should I ring the others?"

"It's probably in our best interests to. Meet there in fifteen minutes."


Marik and Bakura ran out the door as Yami ran back upstairs to find Yugi. Yugi was fully dressed, in jeans and his black sleeveless top. Yami decided he must have got up after Yugi, and just not realised. That means Yugi could've been trapped the Shadow Realm for about an hour!

Yami arrived at the Ishtar's about ten minutes later. Bakura was already there, with Marik in Malik's room. Malik was looking like Yugi – sickly, his eyes glazed and his breath slow. Ryou was on a stretcher on one side of Malik's bed. There was an empty stretcher on the other side. Yami placed Yugi onto it.

The three hikaris were all dressed, indicating a time frame.

"Marik, Bakura – when did you find them like this?"

Bakura exhaled. "Ah, I got up after Ryou, and he was fine, until about - 10:15. Then he collapsed, and I came to hunt down you two."

"You saw him?"

"Yeah. He was fine. Totally normal."


"I was up at about 9am, and Malik was up after me. I saw him briefly. Then I didn't see him for about half an hour, and found him collapsed on the floor in the hallway. It must have been about 9:55 or so. Then I started to panic, and came to find you two, being the only ones I know who have Shadow Magic like this. I ran to Bakura's house, but he wasn't there. So I came to your house, in time to meet Bakura. You?"

"I got up at about 9:15. I thought Yugi was still sleeping, but he must have been up at about 9am. When I thought I should go find him, it was about 10:20. Like the other two, he had collapsed, but I'm unsure of the time he did. He could've been there for almost an hour. I came to find you two, but you came to me instead."

Bakura adopted a thoughtful look. "Right. So, Ryou collapsed at 10:15. But Yugi and Malik?"

Everyone else had started to arrive. When the entire gang – Joey, Téa, Tristan, Maï, and Seto – were grouped in Malik's room, Marik explained the situation.

After he had finished, Seto asked, "So you three are going into the shadow realm to find them?"


"But you might get trapped!" Téa exclaimed as the three yami's sat cross-legged at the end of their hikari's beds, preparing to enter the Shadow Realm.

"Téa, the main word in that sentence is 'might'," murmured Yami, as the three of them slipped into the Shadow Realm.

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