The sun beat down on Captain Jack Sparrow's tanned skin as he took in the glorious sight before him. His Pearl was cutting through the unified sky and water with ease and grace. The sea air relaxed Jack. He reveled in controlling the power of his Pearl. It was going to be good day.

            "Captain!" shouted Gibbs.

            "Yes, Gibbs. What is it?" Jack replied

            "There's a ship closing in off our port, sir."

            "Is it an enemy?" Jack asked, still focused on the horizon.

            "Don't know, but it's its pirate flag, brave and true."

            "What's it called?"

            "Ah… let me see…" Gibbs replied as walked to the edge of the boat, squinting his eyes.

            "The Ruby-Maria, Jack," Anamaria called from behind him, putting the only telescope on board to her side. She secured it during their last raid.

            "Really. That's interesting," said Jack and turned his head to his first mate, "And it's Captain, Ana."

            Anamaria glared at him for not using her full name. Jack merely raised an eyebrow at her and turned his attention back to the rest of the crew. 

            "Drop Anchor! Close the sails!" Jack yelled and looked at a confused Gibbs and Anamaria, "We've got company."

            Jack motioned for Anamaria to take the helm and then swaggered his way down to his cabin.

            "Jack, where are ye goin'?" Anamaria called.

            "To get the rum, love. We be havin' a party tonight," said Jack as he disappeared below deck.

            Momentarily puzzled by her captain's action, Anamaria decided to ignore it.

            "Well ye 'eard him, ye scurvy dogs!" she bellowed, "Now get to work!"

* * *

            Jack hummed happily as he rediscovered all the places where he kept his rum. In the middle of his second verse, he heard a sharp knock on his cabin door.

            "Who is it!" he yelled, still collecting his rum.

            " Tis me, cap'n," responded Gibbs.

            Jack swiftly opened his door and continued his search.

            "What is it that has put ye in such a fine mood, captain,"

            Jack swung around with his hands out. The motion caused the beads in his hair to clang on his back.

            "Old friends," he replied with a smile.

            "Who?" Gibbs asked.

            "Captain Frost. Captain Lance Frost. A legendary pirate like me self. The thievin', sneaky type. Ye betta watch ye words wit him Gibbs. He could trick ye into dancin' on the stern in Anamaria's undergarments, savvy?"

            " Not a pleasant visual, cap'n ."

            "I know. Not to mention the beating you'd get for going in Ana's cabin."

            "But why all the rum?" asked Gibbs, "One would think ye want ta have a clear head when dealin' with his sort."

            "Let's just say we have an old score to settle," Jack replied.

            "Are you sure it's smart lettin' 'em aboard, sir. The lass say they out-number us slightly.

            "No worries mate. You forget… I'm Captain Jack Sparrow."

            "CAPTAIN!" Anamaria shouted from above deck

            "It's alright, mate," Captain Sparrow replied as he pass by Gibbs patting in at the shoulder twice.

            "I've got a bad feeling about this," Gibbs said

* * *

            Stopping about 500 meters from the Black Pearl, some of the crew of the Ruby-Maria climbed into boats and rowed to the Pearl. Captain Frost was in the lead boat that held two other men. He smiled as he approached the Pearl, anxious to board her.  Lance Frost was slightly taller than Jack with his shaggy, dirty blond hair pulled back into ponytail that stopped just below his shoulders. He had a rough stubble along his chin. His colorful earrings and ring that contrasted his simple brown vest, tan breeches and black boots. Noticing a female on board, Captain Frost winked at Anamaria and flexed his muscles a bit, accenting his visible tattoos.

            "Drop the ladders!" shouted Anamaria, not amused by the captain's actions.

            "Sparrow," Frost greeted Jack once he was aboard.

            "Frost," Jack replied walking to him, "It's been fair too long."

            "Yes it has. I was surprised to hear that you were in possession of The Pearl again. I had to see how the old gal was doin'."

            "She's been good to me, Frost. As always."

            "Happy to her that." Said Frost and started to look around, "Now, where's that wench I saw on the way over here."

            "Wench?" Jack laughed slightly, "You betta not be lettin 'er hear ye say that, mate…"

            Then with a darker look in his eye Jack continued, "Nor I, savvy? Dat be me first mate."

            "Ye first mate! Damn, man! Ye really are daft! You know you can't trust the lot of them."

            "The lot of who, Frost?"

            "Women! 'Specially 'em darky women. Only good for a rough roll in the hay them is," Frost stated, smiling at Anamaria.

            Turning his attention back to Jack, Frost started to continue when a shot rang out and blew a hole in the Pearl in Jack and Frost's direction. Looking up, Jack and Frost saw Anamaria's smoking pistol.

            "Hey!" she shouted, "Ye wanna say some'in ta me, ya bastard?! I'm right 'ere and I'm mad enough to kill ya!"

            "ANAMARIA!" Jack yelled in a serious tone no one had ever heard before. There was an authority in his voice that nobody knew he had.

            "First, don't you ever shoot holes into my ship. Two, Mr. Gibbs, Mr. Cotton,  take Anamaria down to the brig. I'll deal with her later," commanded Jack.

            Shocked by the turn of events, Anamaria was frozen in her position, watching Jack's anger seep out at her and Frost's ghost of a smile. It wasn't until Gibbs and Cotton had their hands on her arms, did she get back to reality.

            "But Jack…"

            "Captain. Remember I am your Captain."

            "Like I ever forget!" she replied and shook her arms free of Gibbs and Cotton.

            "Get ye bloody 'ands of a me. I know where the brig is," she said and marched below deck, escorted by Gibbs and Cotton.

            "Well that was most entertaining," said Lance Frost smiling.

            Regaining his normal swagger, Jack turned back to Frost.

            Jack replied, "Interesting maybe, but not entertaining."

            "Let's go below, shall we. I've got some rum in me cabin.

            Frost smiled, "Ahh. Rum. Trying to make me drunk again, eh Sparrow?"

            Jack looked at him quizzically, "Whatever gave you that idea?!"