AN: My next big project is here! And this one is weirder than ever…and there will be SLASH, for all you slashy ladies out there, but not much oppurtunity for it due to circumstances (so all you non-slash people out there should still like it)…however, it will be a very sweet romance Mush/Blink-wise. Other pairs will become clear in time.

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Summary: When the strike begins, Pulitzer sees that it is going to be a big problem for him. So he decides to do something about it. He kidnaps 14 of the main newsies, 13 from Manhattan and Spot, and he sends them into the future, where they are given new memories and new lives.

However, with one of the newsies, the process was rushed. And now Blink is in the future, with all his memories intact, and he has one month to make a cross country dash to find the others. They've been spread out across America, from New York to California.

In order to save the strike, he must find each newsie, convince him that he was a newsie, and then send them back two at a time back to 1899.

And if he doesn't return all of them to their own time within one month, there will be no going back for those left., and the strike will fail…



            I was bound, blindfolded, gagged, and sitting in an unfamiliar place. I could hear the sound of machinery, and the sound of people yelling at each other, telling them to hurry up.

            Suddenly my blindfold was taken off and my gagged removed, and I looked around, but I was just in a plain room with two doors. I noticed that Mush was sitting beside me, also tied up, and Skittery was just down from him.

            "Mush, Skitts…what's goin' on?"

            "I don't know. Dey keep talkin' about Pulitzer." Mush said.

            I swallowed hard; that could only mean one thing. We'd just declared our strike today, and they were making sure we couldn't follow through. They were going to kill us.

            Suddenly a huge man came in and grabbed Skittery by the arm, violently jerking him to his feet and dragging him out of the room. God knows how many others they had…they could've gotten all of us newsies, for all we knew.

            "Blink?" Mush suddenly said.


            Mush shifted nervously, and I met his gaze, trying to seem strong.

            "I just…If dey kill us…"

            "Dey ain't gonna kill us, Mush."

            "But if they do…I just wanted to say…"

            I looked up at him in anticipation, and I realized that he truly thought that these were our last minutes together- in fact, I knew what he was about to say, but he was just having trouble saying it. I was about to speak when two men came in and dragged us to our feet and then started to pull us toward separate doors.

            "Blink! I love you!" Mush yelled, trying to break free.


            Quite suddenly, as the doors shut between Mush and I, everything went black.



            Yes, I am officially holding a casting call! However none of the parts will be major or constant- I want this to be strictly Blink's story, but he's going to need help along the way.

            Here are the requirements: no limit on # of characters per person (I may end up needing a lot), and I am looking for creative, one of a kind characters. Remember- this story is going to be flying everywhere from the slums of NYC, to po-dunk towns in Texas, to the ritz and glamour of Los Angeles. Send me ALL TYPES of characters (and both genders, please, but more girls than boys), no matter how weird they are- in fact, I'd prefer that they be off-the-wall characters! So put on your creative helmets.

            Here's everything I want you to answer about your character. These are minimum requirements, but write EVERYTHING you know about them.



Physical Appearance:

Family Life:

Location: (This is just a generality. I have specific locations where I'll use them, just tell me whether they're big city, bar fly, normal suburbs, cowgirl, etc.)

Clothing Style:

Unique Qualities:


Bad Habits/Obsessions:

Anything Else I Need To Know To Write Them:

Remember, give me all kinds of people- shy and outgoing, inhospitable and downright friendly…I need creativity!

Thanks! And hurry up with those characters…I'm not one to wait long to continue writing.

Also, you guys are going to love our newsies in this…because none of them are going to be like they were in 1899…in fact, some of them are downright opposite of themselves, and that's just another one of Blink's obstacles…