Disclaimer: I don't own DBZ

Summary: A poem I came up with about Gohan and his life…

Obstinate fighter

The lightning still flashes,

With streaks of pride in whole,

No matter what the problem is,

He'll never be that cold,

He's the darkness in the light,

A vigilant angel in disguise,

Forever cursed with the gift,

A present that he sighs,

For it isn't as perked up as it should be,

It's one to live in shame,

A fighter…protector of all that need,

Eternally stuck and enslaved,

The obstinate eyes of darkness,

The depths of abyss that linger,

Never showing his mysterious past,

For all that remains is pain,

A warrior to be the victor,

Forced to win and defeat,

The innocence killed so easily,

Spilling bloodshed as a treat,

A childhood never lived,

Grown up with pessimism and more,

Forever young, eternally gone,

A life of death to mourn,

Trying to live up to expectations,

The freedom not yet free,

Surviving in this shady world,

Before he is stuck in the fight…

He has to win his battles,

Never to lose his honor in war,

Protecting his family honor,

The one his father lost before…

Yet in the end, he stands on the ledge,

Looking into the horizon,

Thinking of the life he lives,

The nobility of his surroundings,

Blessed with people who care,

Now the duel has come,

Further on he looks at his fate,

It is time for his ultimate battle,

He must clash with a brave heart,

Always thinking it's his fault,

Never shall this combat part,

Thinking he let his friends down,

Also his family's name,

Now stepping up to be the combatant,

Like he was suppose to be before…