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"Now listen, Rommie," said Harper. "I don't want you monitoring this room tonight."

"Are you sure, Harper?" Andromeda's Hologram asked. "You've spent almost a month setting this up. Buying exotic food items from the Andorean Black Market. Swearing me and my sisters to secrecy. And, I find it bordering on the incredible that you actually cleaned up the Maintenance Bay. Not only cleaned it, but scrubbed it down. And the decorations...".

The hologram gestured at the room. The bay had been cleaned and scrubbed. All the machines and works in process had been moved against the walls. Pink and purple decorations hung from every available strut. A single table had been placed in the center of the room; draped in black cloth with two chairs. The table was set with Andromeda's finest (courtesy of Andromeda herself).

"Yes, I'm sure", said Harper. "It took me months just to get up the nerve for this. I don't want anyone watching me. I want to keep it private, just me and her. So I want you to cut off all monitoring devices in this room until I press the call button on that communications station."

Harper pointed over to the small COM unit in the wall next to the door. "Also...".

"Harper", the Hologram broke into Harper's rant (which she had already heard 8 times before). "She's approaching the corridor crossways now. She should arrive here in about 45 seconds".

"Oh the Divine" Harper Yelped. "Rom-doll, help me. How do I look? Is my uniform on correctly? Do I look OK? HELP!"

"Harper, you look fine. And although you never wore a uniform before, you look great. But you have no time for this. She's almost at the door. Good Luck Harper. Engaging Full Privacy Mode."

Andromeda's hologram disappeared.