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As Trance left the Maintain ace Bay, she saw Rommie leaning up against the wall near the door.

"Hi Rommie ", said Trance brightly. "Have you been spying on me and Harper?"

"Hi Trance" said Rommie. "Now, how could I be spying on you? I've been forbidden to activate any of my sensors in the Bay or to enter the Bay until Harper presses the communications button".

"Yes", said Trance. "But I know how very, very good an Avatar's hearing is. I bet you could hear everything going on in the Bay just by standing out here, couldn't you?" Trance smiled.

Rommie grinned. "Very good Trance. I'm impressed. Harper built me and he never thought of that. So he never told me not to listen outside the door. Although you miss a lot without the video. Now, why is Harper calling for help?"

"Don't worry", said Trance. "He's not in any danger, just tied up at the moment. Since he's not in any danger, you still can't go in there. Unless, of course, someone in the crew were to order you to. In fact, yes, Rommie, I order you to go into the Maintenance Bay to assist Harper...in ten minutes time.

"In ten minutes ", repeated Rommie, raising one eyebrow and grinning even wider. "That would give Harper only about three minutes to get from here to Hydroponics."

"You know", said Trance in a fake surprised voice. " Your right. He could do it, but he would have to run all the way. Then he would be all hot and sweaty. It would make him feel real good to get out of that uniform and get into the pool".

"Sounds kind of fun, doesn't it Rommie?" said Trance with a big grin.

"Your right, Trance", said Rommie with a matching smile. "It does sound like fun. I'm just going to hang around here for the next Nine Minutes and eight seconds. I hope you and Harper have a fun night."

"Thanks, Rommie", said Trance. "I hope so too. See you later".

Trance skipped off down the corridor.