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Recap- Boromir, Jack, and Legolas have just proceeded to drop Jennifer in her pool. Jack pulled her under, she swallowed water and fell unconscious. Jack fixed her, and Jennifer then punched him.

Just as Jack was getting back up, the front door opened. David walked in, being held up by his girlfriend Kelly.

"Jennifer? You here?" she called, setting her boyfriend on the couch. Jennifer glared at the men by her and told them to stay where they were. She wrung out her clothes as best she could while still wearing them and walked in the house.

"Yeah, I'm here. Whoa, what happened to him?" She asked, rushing to her brother. He had a large black eye and a bloody nose. Kelly walked into the kitchen and returned with a bowl and some wet paper towels.

"He got in a fight with some dude at the bar last night. I was going to bring him back then, but I figured you would be asleep," Kelly answered, dabbing David's face with the paper towels. He groaned a little and winced.

Jennifer shook her head, sending water droplets all over Kelly. The latter raised an eyebrow. "Swimming in your clothes? You have plenty of suits, Jennifer."

"Long story. It's best not to ask."

"I find that's a good idea with your family most of the time."

Jennifer and Kelly decided it would be best to get David up the stairs and into his room to sleep. Because Jennifer didn't want to expose her houseguests, the two women had to lug the 6'5" man up the stairs by themselves. They finally got him to the top and set him down on his bed.

"He'll be ok later today. I'm sure. Will you call me when he wakes up?" Kelly asked as they walked out and closed the door. Jennifer nodded.

"Don't worry about it. He'll be fine. I might not even tell mom and dad," she replied, grinning. Kelly laughed and walked down the stairs.

"See you later," she said, exiting the house. Jennifer waved, made sure she was gone, and walked back out to the pool. The three men were waiting expectantly.

"Who was that?"

"My brother's girlfriend."

"You have a brother?"


"I didn't know that."

"Yeah, well, there's a lot of stuff you don't know," Jennifer said irritably. "Now come inside, I need to get you all dry clothes." She led them through a different door into the laundry room and proceeded to tell them all to strip.

"Excuse me?" Legolas said, his brows furrowing.

"Couldn't we just wait here until you get the clothes?" Boromir suggested. "We wouldn't mind wai--"

He stopped speaking when he looked around to see Jack Sparrow standing there, stark naked, holding his wet clothes in his hands. Jennifer's eyes bugged out and she turned around fast.

"Dude! I didn't mean take off your underwear too! Just your pants and shirts. Here, put this on," Jennifer said, throwing a fluffy yellow towel over her shoulder at him. "Are you covered up now?"

"Yeah, yeah."

Jennifer turned around cautiously to see him still holding his clothes in his hands, but with the towel secured firmly around his waist. Legolas was looking disgusted and Boromir was shaking his head.

"How dare you go naked in front of a lady!" Boromir scolded.

Jack rolled his eyes. "It's not like she didn't enjoy it."

Jennifer turned very red and looked at her feet. "That's beside the point. Legolas, Boromir, you two also need to take off your clothes."

Legolas nodded. "Do you have any more towels?" She nodded and tossed them both fluffy yellow towels to match the one Jack had. She turned around quickly and soon all three of them were wearing towels and holding their clothes in their hands. Boromir gave her the ok to turned around.

"Righty-o. Hand me your clothes, you guys...I've got to figure out how to wash them. You can go hang out in the living room, I guess," she said, taking the garments and tossing them all onto the top of the washing machine.

Just as Legolas closed the door to the laundry room and walked over to the couch, feeling very uncomfortable in only a towel, there was a loud thunk that came from the top of the stairs.

The men all whipped around to see a big black something rolling down the staircase. The grabbed their weapons that they had discarded for the group hug. When the rolling mass reached the bottom and unfurled, the realized that it was a man wearing block robes. He stood up, revealing himself to be quite tall, rubbed his chest as if he had been struck there, and looked around.

"What the fuck...?" He said, scratching his head. It was then that he saw the three men standing there, holding their rather menacing looking weapons. His eyes narrowed and he held up a long thin stick of wood.

Boromir laughed. "Are we supposed to be afraid of that little piece of wood?" He said, holding his sword up high. The man smirked and said something under his breath. Before Boromir knew what was going on, he was hanging upside-down with his sword far away from him, trying desperately to keep his towel up.

Legolas and Jack were too stunned to react. The man in black walked up to Boromir's frightened face, grinning wildly.

"To answer your question, yes. You are supposed to be afraid of it."

Jack gulped. "Who are you?" He asked, backing away. The man pointed his stick at him for a moment, making Jack nearly piss himself, before pointing it at Boromir again. The latter's eyes got very wide until he was flipped back over again and landed on his arse.

The man pocketed the stick and smiled. "I'm Sirius Black."

"Right. And what was that you just used to turn him over? It was like magic," Jack added.

Legolas shook his head. "Not like any magic I know, and I am an elf."

Sirius raised an eyebrow. "An elf? I've never seen such a pretty boy looking elf. Especially one wearing such a fluffy yellow towel. And it's a wand."

Just as Sirius went to pull it back out again, Jennifer walked in holding a laundry basket full of t-shirts. "Ok, the shirts are dry, but you guys' pants will take a while to dry out. Alri-" She stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the tall gorgeous man in front of her.

He grinned and looked her over. "Oh good, a woman."

Jennifer's mouth dropped open as she took in the wand, the attire and the general look of the man. This is Sirius Black...she thought. "Holy. Fuck."

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