This is yet another one of those "Diary of .." stories, but with a different character for a change! I love Lee Jordan, and thus he stars in my new fic! So basically this is the story about Lee in his last year, Lee and his friends, Lee and a romantic interest and Lee and his diary! I hope you guys like it, don't forget to review it after you read it! Thanks!

Ok, I'm not exactly sure how 'cool' it is to have a diary, but it's not like I'll ever let anoyone read it. So this will be a secret, and this will be special. Besides, I have to do something to pass the time?

He gnawed on quill for a moment, a nasty habit of him. The candle next to him flickered when someone stepped through the portrait hole. He looked up, saw it was a first year and looked down again. Aside from some new students he didn't know, the common room was deserted. What was it with first years and staying up late, anyway? He turned back to the diary and continued to write.

Mom thought it was a nice present, a diary. Shows how well my mom knows me! So, yeah, I threw it, or you , no scratch that, IT, in a corner and tried to ignore it. And then there was the guilty feeling I got and of course the letter from my parents with the little side note asking me how I liked the diary. I like the diary, just fine.

He paused to stretch his fingers and wanted to write another sentence, when suddenly, a darker shade of ink appeared on the page. Letters formed words, words formed a sentence.

I write back, you know.

His eyes widened with surprise and he would have jumped up, if he wasn't so comfortably seated with a blanket wrapped around him. Briefly, he hesitated, and when there came no more words, he dipped the quill in the ink and wrote back.

You do?

He shook his head at his own reply.

Just my luck, mom bought me a enchanted diary. What am I, the heir of Slytherin??

He snickered at his own comment, and waited curiously for the diary's reply.

Are you?

No I'm not! And this is a bit new to me, so go easy on me! You actually scared me.

Sorry about that, you just didn't stop writing, I had to cut in.

He frowned. A diary with an attitude, was he lucky or what?

Well, I didn't know you were supposed to write back, now, did I? he wrote. Then, he leaned back with the end of the quill in his mouth andwaited for the reply. Slowly, words formed again under his last sentence. The diary wrote with clear letters, similar to his own handwriting, yet with a darker colour and slighty curlier letters.

At least you write decently. You use capitals and all. Nice.

Thank you very much, I like your writing style too, I suppose?

I'm an enchanted diary, of course I have a decent writing style.

A grin appeared on his face. He wanted to show someone his witty diary. But then he realized he just decided to keep this diary a secret, and who would he show anyway? He shrugged, and continued to write.

Am I supposed to argue with my own diary?

Well, no. To be honest, I shouldn't even write back unless you are finished, or when you ask me to.

Aha! So shut up, and listen to me then!

All right, all right. Start writing then. And don't just start off somewhere, I hate it when diarists do that. From the beginning, please. Start with who you are.

He was definately amused now. With a good mood and too much energy for this hour of the day, he started writing.

Well, since you are my diary, and you have to listen to my ramblings, I suppose I really should start with telling you who I am. Lee Jordan, at your service.

There, he had wrote his name in the diary. A dangerous thing to do. He would have to keep it at a safe place from now on. If he was really going to use this, he was going to have to be careful. A bit anxiously, he awaited a response. There was none, so he continued writing.

Well diary, you're the property of a dashing 17 year old student. Ok, so nearly 17. I'll turn 17 in a month, but who's counting?

You are, obviously.

The reply was written all of the sudden. It suprised him, but the comment made him laugh.

I am, of course. Anyway, I'm a Hogwarts student, sorted into the best house ever, Gryffindor. This is my last year. And BEFORE you start writing, I know this sounds cliche, but it's the truth, us Gryffindors have proven ourselves over and over these last years. Oh, the stories I could tell you!

Oh, do tell.

I shall, dear diary! Ok, so I admit, the fact my house is the best is not thanks to me, but I do know the ones responsible for the action around here. Am I boring you yet?

I'm a diary, I encourage you to write, I don't tell you you are dull. Which you aren't, of course. So why aren't you responsible for the action at your school? Too shy?

Are you kidding me? Of course not!  I am possibly the least shy person around. I just manage to stay out of trouble. I mean, I helped George and Fred out numerous of times, but I'm just lucky enough not to get caught. And the things they did without me was much worse, anyway. I'm actually glad I didn't help them, those times, because usually they ended up being very painful. Yes, we Gryffindors are the best crank pullers, and I'm ruddy proud of that!

Lee grinned as he dipped his quill in the ink again, and saw how the diary wrote back.

George and Fred? If you want me to help you out in the future, to do my diary 'thing', you will have to fill me in on the details, Lee.

I am getting to that! George and Fred Weasley. They are only my best friends and the owners of Weasley's Wizard Wheezesf. Where HAVE you been?

On a dusty shelf at Flourish and Blotts.

Oh, I suppose it's understandable then. Let me enlighten you on the Weasley twins! I can assure you, now that they are gone, things are dreadfully boring around here. Wait, you don't know what happened last year, do you?


The dots had appereared as soon as he finished his questionmark. Lee rolled his eyes ad the diary's comment and continued to write.

Ok, so I'll just explain who they are. I met the twins in my first year at Hogwarts, I was just a adorable eleven year old wizard to be. I'm a halfblood, by the way. My dad is a wizard. Mom is a muggle, though she wished she was a witch! That's why she always buys me this useless enchanted stuff, so she can have fun with it. Except for you, then. I claimed you as mine.

I'm honored.

You should be. You don't want to hear about my mothers exciting stories of life. They'll bore you to ..

He hesitated, as 'death' seemed a bit awkward to write to his diary. Lee shook his head. He really had to get used writing in a diary! Especially an enchanted sarcastic one. The diary didn't write back, it obviously expected him to finish his sentence.  He didn't; instead he skipped a line and started a new paragraph.

Before I continue with the ever so interesting story of my life, do you have a name or something?

I'm a diary. So the obvious answer is no. It's your right as the diarist to name me, however.

Lee snickered when he wrote his reply.

So you're NOT a trapped wizard in a diary, who needs me to release him into the real world? And you are not the genious mind of an ancient sorcerer who will help me with my upcoming N.E.W.T.s?

No, but I'm capable to write in 50 common languages, 20 different handwritings and I can keep a secret like no one else can. So how about that name?

I should warn you, my former pets have awful names, I'm just not good at naming things!

I can't wait.

How about I name you Samuel? My great granfather was named Samuel. He was a smart arse.

Samuel it is, then. I'm Samuel, Lee Jordans diary.

The last students had left the common room and Lee was alone, to his surprise. He yawned as he read 'Samuels' response.

Right then, Samuel, I'll write later, right now, I have to get some sleep. I don't have History of Magic tomorrow, so there's no way I can catch up with my sleep then.

I'm not going anywhere, unless you carry me.

It was the last thing it wrote before Lee closed the diary. He shrugged the blanket off him, took the diary under his arm and walked up to his dorm. Since George and Fred left, it was just him, Andrew Kirke and Kenneth Towler. Fun, but without the twins around, definately less fun. He dropped himself on his bed and looked tiredly at the diary.

"Samuel. Just my luck." he muttered.

He shoved the diary with a red cover under his pillow and yawned again. Tomorrow, he'd start writing about George and Fred. And Alicia and Katie and Angelina and Quidditch, oh, and his own family, and the rest of Gryffindor and..

Lee never finished the list of things to write about. Hogwarts beds were the finest, and he was asleep before he knew it.

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