October 26

Cho Chang is this Ravenclaw girl. She's really pretty. The exotic type, with long black hair and these dark eyes. She's a seeker for her team, it's a lovely view watching her during matches. Harry Potter fancied her, or still does. Fred and George knew, because Ron accidentally told them. And nothing stays a secret for long at Hogwarts. The rumor went they kissed, but they never officially dated. Cho dated Michael Corner from Ravenclaw, too, for a while. Yes, I make it sound like she's going from guy to guy, but Cho's really sweet. A bit shy, or at least silent. But she has a nice smile, and she appreciates a good sense of humor from time to time, I'm sure of it. I never really had a good talk with her, but I wouldn't mind, you know.

                                                                                                          October 15

All right, I know this will sound stupid, but I don't really care. It's not like anyone will ever read this. It's just that, there's this sixth year, Seamus Finnigan? He keeps talking about Parvati and Padma Patil. They're twins, too, like George and Fred. Only girl twins. And ever since he told me who they were, I've been watching them. And they are extremely goodlooking! At first, I really thought Seamus was just talking little boys crap, but Parvati, or actually, rather Padma, is really fine! She has gorgeous hair, in this

"Ugh," Katie grunted and for what seemed the millionth time, she flipped some pages of the diary and read another part.

Today, Hannah Abbott kept bugging me. She's a sixth year Hufflepuff girl. I'm not sure what to think of her and all, she's pink faced and wears this.. what do you call them? Pig tails? Anyway, she collects the Chocolate Frog cards, and since I get tons of them from Fred and George she came up to me today and asked me if I had some cards to trade. Seriously, how old is she? And I know I have my childish traits, but I don't look like someone who would collect Chocolate Frog cards! Honestly! Though we did talk for a while, and it was kind of funny. She knew a lot of interesting facts about some Hufflepuffs I know, and when you think about it, those pigtails are rather cu

"You've GOT to be kidding me!" Katie stared at the entry and shook her head. With a wretched smile on her face she went further back in the diary and read one of the first entries. She noticed the many comments from Edward/Samuel between the writings of Lee.

Ah, yes, it started,  your lady friends. You never did finish the tale about them. I do believe you just continued sharing your daily adventures without finishing the story of your life.

Tough luck. All right, I'll tell about my other friends if you desire.

I am but a humble, yet curious diary.

Yes, do remind me to write my mother about you, next time.

It is added to the list. Which keeps growing, mind you.

I snogged Angelina as a kid.

Katie gasped and closed the diary. "And here I thought Lee was different from all the horny teenage guys. Oh!"

She threw the diary on the table and looked at it. She couldn't believe what she had read. Katie began to wish she never had asked Edward that question. And she didn't understand why Edward showed her THESE entries, when she only asked if Lee wrote about her.

"Well, that answers that question." Katie said to herself, "He doesn't."

After staring at the diary for several seconds, she opened it again and flipped to the empty pages. In a quick and angry handwriting, she wrote to Edward.

Well, I thank you for showing me what a prick Lee really is.

Edward immediately replied.

I take it you had a nice read about Lee's life.

And all his love interests, yes! I can't believe he's such a ..

Katie lifted the quill and thought of the right word. She hardly noticed her hand was shaking when she continued writing.


Dear Katie, you understand that by showing this to you, I betrayed Lee as his SECRET diary. I think it's quite unfair to call him names when you were the one violating his privacy.

She was stunned, for a moment. He was right of course; she had done the wrong thing.

All right, Edward, you have a point. It was wrong of me to ask you to reveal Lee's secrets. It was curiosity, is all, but wrong nonetheless.

Katie couldn't believe she was apologizing to a diary, but it felt wrong, and as a Head Girl she felt like doing the right thing.


That's quite all right, Katie. I knew you would understand, from what Lee wrote you always seemed like a reasonable girl.

"Aha." Katie whispered, "So there is a little bit about me in it." Unfortunately, she didn't dare to ask what Lee had written. Not again, because the last time she dared, she was horribly disappointed. Before Katie could write again, a new sentence appeared.

Why don't you tell me a little bit about yourself, Katie?

She thought it was very odd of him, or 'it', to ask. Tell the diary of Lee something about herself? Was the diary, was Edward/Samuel, actually implying that she would write about herself in Lee's diary?

I'm not sure if I should. You're not my diary, remember? I already gave you my name and I even gave you another name, but the fact remains that you're not mine.

She bit her lip and added a line. You're not mine to read, or write to.

Your secret would be safe with me. I am, after all, a humble diary.

No offense, but somehow I doubt that, she replied with a smile, you already showed me some of the things Lee wrote. And although I am still convinced he's a pig at the moment, it's unfair to him.

Are you implying that I am a bad diary?

I never said that. I merely meant that I'm not sure if it's wise to write about myself in Lee's diary when there's a good chance he'll read it.

Are you saying that there are things you would keep a secret from him, then?

There are lots of things I don't tell Lee. Or anyone else, for that matter. Some things are meant to be kept to myself. I'm sure everyone has secrets.

That is why most people keep diaries, to write them down.

If I didn't know any better, I would say you were practically begging me to write. But no. And I don't think everyone who has a secret wants to write it down in a diary, not even an enchanted one. There is always a chance someone might read it. And find out.

Find out what? What secret are you keeping, Miss Bell?

I'm sorry Edward, but you will never have me writing down my deepest desires in you, if that's what you want.

Then I cannot let you read Lee's diary, I'm afraid.

Katie raised her quill and looked at the last sentence with surprise. She was trying to stop writing and about to close the diary, too. But now Edward had written something that caught her attention, and made her curious yet again.

You are willing to trade information, is that what you mean?

When she wrote her question down, she thought about it. Was she willing to write something to the diary, in order to get to read the things Lee wrote down? Was she really that interested in it? Him?

Suddenly, the diary started to move and the pages turned by themselves. Katie gasped, but soon relaxed as the pages stopped on an entry written on the first of November. At first, there was just the date on top of the page, but slowly more words appeared on the entry. Eventually, she could read part of the entry Lee had written on the day after Halloween. Katie tried to remember what happened that day, but couldn't recall it. Instead, she read the entry.

Well, something strange happened last night. I was playing a game of Hallow's Eve Chess with Kenneth, and Alicia was watching. She kept on making comments about my move and how my game of chess was similar to my love life, I made the wrong moves. So I stated that Angelina and I had a VERY excitement night that one time in the library.

Yes, bragging about a non existent affair is a good way to prove your friendship, Lee.

Oh, Angelina would understand. After a week or so. But that's not the point. Because Alicia began to laugh and told me I was dense, because it wasn't Angelina who liked me, but Katie.

Katie Bell? Oh dear!

Katie stared blankly at the pages. This evening had turned out to be one of the strangest she had ever had. All Hogwarts events included! She remembered all right, how Alicia had practically told Lee Katie fancied him. And how she desperately tried to safe herself by starting a food fight. She almost forgot how angry she had been at Alicia and how stupid she had acted in front of Lee.

And Lee had actually written an entry about it! But, to Katie's annoyance, this was only part of the entry, and it was obvious Edward wasn't going to share the rest Lee had written. She was very curious to find out, though. When she looked back at the diary, it had turned to an empty page and Edward had already written his response :

Would YOU be willing to trade, my dear?

She sighed. She was more than willing, but still not sure if it was a good idea. Writing in someone else's diary to get to read that someone's entries? What if Lee would read her stories? But then she reasoned that Edward WAS an enchanted diary. He wouldn't  say a thing, unless Lee asked him about it. Why would Lee ask his diary if Katie Bell wrote anything to him?

Katie shook her head when she realized this was getting way too confusing. Dipping her quill in the ink for the last time, she carefully wrote her reply.

I'll have to get back to you on that.

And with that, Katie Bell closed the diary and sighed again. Was that stupid, or what?


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