Ode To Mo' Steel- I lakka his beezness

By SilentShadow007

Author's Note: I don't own Mo' Steel or the Remnants, they were created by K.A. Applegate, not me.I own nothing.
You've broken many bones,
but never your spirit.
People tell you to be careful,
but you don't want to hear it.

Always searching for dangerous thrills and kicks.
You know know, things that would be "woolly" and fun.
But one thing Romeo Gonzalez would never do
is cowardly "bunny out" and run.

You're not exactly a big jock,
nor are you small small.
You're just, well, normal size,
not mis-shapen at all.

Your normal mode of conversation
is a "goofy, wild-eyed yell".
And whether you're just brave or stupid,
no one can really tell.

But there's one thing you are for sure,
and that's "dangerously disturbed" and loyal.
A lot of your bones have been re-grown
over titanium that shines like tin foil.

You have long brown hair that bounces every time you yell,
and a nice reptilian quality.
You have broad shoulders and somewhat bowed legs,
and your sudden grins may make you seem like a bit of an oddity.

You've broken five major bones
and some of you is artificial and fake.
But you're proud of the damage, are'nt you?
You're proud of the bones you break.

After the spectacularly gross (and painful) tibia-fibula break,
you changed your name to Mo' Steel very quick.
Standing for either Man Of Steel or More Steel,
you can't quite recall which.

All in all, you do some pretty dangerous stuff,
but you know the difference between wrong and right.
Like, you would'nt ride The Pipe blinfolded,
in the middle of the night.

So, Mo' Steel, the time has come
for you to awaken from your berth.
It's time for you to go and join your companions
and find a substitute Earth.

Author's Note: Hmmm....maybe Mo' Steel would ride The Pipe blindfolded in the middle of the night. Who knows? Also, I wrote this at 1 in the morning and I've only read the 1st book so far, so sorry if any facts change. And, if you could'nt tell by the poem, Mo 'Steel is my favorite male character. I'm going to write poems about all six, so look for them.