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1. Contemno Nex

Glancing back over his shoulder, the Czech revolutionist clicked a button on the remote, activating AHAB and sending it speeding towards its destination. Clicking the other button on the small pad, the huge outer door of the launch bay began to lower, ensuring his escape. Shots sounded behind, missing the boat by a wide margin.

"Learn how to shoot, you piece of shit!" Yorgi shouted back at Xander, smirking in triumph. Firing a volley back at the American agent who had killed his brothers, he didn't notice the cliff looming directly ahead of him. He watched in amusement as Xander dropped down onto his stomach, the heavy metal door descending slowly towards him. Bullets rained around him as X fired again, this time hitting their target. A single bullet sliced into his back, tearing through his lung, the impact forcing him onto the floor of the boat. A thin line of blood trickled from his mouth as he suddenly saw the shadow of the cliff above him. He tried to pull himself upright, grabbing the small steering wheel and desperately attempting to steer away from the deadly rocks. The bow of the speedboat hit the rocks, sliding up a few feet and tipping him backwards into the water just as it exploded into a ball of fire. A pool of flames shot out across the water, engulfing the dying Yorgi and making those watching believe he was ripped to pieces by the explosion.

Pain laced through him, like a thousand needles piercing every inch of his flesh, as wave after wave of fire rolled across the water around him. Instinct took over, forcing him beneath the surface in an attempt to save himself from a painful death within the inferno raging above. He tried to swim, wanting distance between him and the deadly flames, but his limbs ignored his mind's frantic signals to move. As his blood filled lungs began to ache from lack of oxygen, he realised he had only two choices... and both led to death. If he surfaced here so he could try to breathe, he'd die in the fire he could see rippling on the water above him; otherwise he'd drown in a mixture of blood and icy water if he remained submerged, with a body which refused to co-operate and move him out of danger. Darkness began to creep into the edges of his vision as the seconds ticked by, his consciousness slipping away as his brain starved and began to shut down. As the blessed oblivion of death rose up to claim him, he stopped struggling against the inevitable and his body went limp. Floating towards the surface, his body slowly began to move, caught in an invisible undercurrent which dragged him down the river. As his head came above the water, his lungs half filled and he began to breathe once more, keeping him alive. His body remained immersed in the near freezing water, vital organs slowing as he entered a state of suspended animation.


Several miles downstream, his battered body bumped softly against the river bank and became tangled there, snared in the hardy grasses which survived at the water's edge. Night fell slowly, hiding him from view as the temperature dropped below freezing. As hypothermia set in, his mind fought to wake him from the nightmares around him.

Flames licked around him, singeing his flesh. Icy cold knives stabbed into his limbs, slicing through muscle and tendon before hitting bone. Darkness surrounded him, calling him name invitingly, begging him to stop fighting and give in to the sweet embrace of death. Hands grasped him, dragging him back towards the fire and the knives. He tried to resist, batting at the hands in a futile attempt to make them stop.

"Exsisto securus, extraneus." A woman's voice drifted through the flames, soothing and gentle, her words chasing away the pain. He relaxed, allowing the hands to lift him up, far from the fire and ice, and carry him away into the darkness.

"Sic Nex Addo est adveho," the voice whispered, mirthless laughter rolling quietly around him as Yorgi began to regain consciousness. Struggling back towards reality, the pain returned and he cried out, calling desperately for his dead brothers. A high fever gripped him, making him feel as if molten lava raced through his veins instead of blood. He thrashed around, sure he was still in the river and trying in vain to escape a fiery death. Suddenly, cool hands on his face smothered the fire raging inside him, as a bitter liquid slid down his throat, easing his pain and allowing him to slip into a deep restful sleep.

"Somnus Nex Addo, somnus," the female voice murmured soothingly. The sounds of the world faded away, and her words followed him down into his dreams...

Totus Vel Nusquam - All Or Nothing
Contemno Nex - To Defy Death
Somnus Nex Addo, somnus - Sleep Death Bringer, sleep
Exsisto securus, extraneus - Be easy, stranger
Sic Nex Addo est adveho - So the Death Bringer is come