Don't Say Macbeth

Author: Parisindy Title: Don't Say Macbeth

PG-Rating: pg-13 for violence.

Description: Prequel/Sequel to 'Dinner and a Show'

Disclaimer: Andromeda and its characters are the property of tribune entertainment. I did not receive any money, this is purely for fun

Author's note: This is for LunaFox and the Harperchondriacs . also it's been a long time since I've written in the first person so bare with me. Thanks for reading.


"All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players.

They have their exits and their entrances,

And one man in his time plays many parts,

-William Shakespeare, As You Like It


I need to believe dreams can come true.

If I didn't I would have been dead long ago.

I have to had to watch blood of my family and friends run through my fingers. I have had to listen to my bones collapse under another's foot. Yet, no matter what gutter I found myself lying in I would always look up to the sky. I had to believe tomorrow or the next day.I just had to make through.

Now, I sit here waiting and remembering. I dangle my feet over a small precipice. My arms support my leaning body and I can feel the soft gravel and the prickly grass on the palms of my hands. I should be worried. She left with out saying good-bye.

My thoughts float to another time as I watch the warm fall sun dip lower in the sky. I remember leaving Brendan without saying good-bye. I remember watching my parents die and I never got to say good-bye. She had left me before.on Mere-drift.I had accepted it. It was just another unsaid farewell.

I moved on. Sure it hurt but I did what I always did. survived. It was the way of the universe.


I sat shivering. My back pressed against the hard metal wall of a now vacant business. I was trying to suck what heat I could from the cold slick walls. Even though the drift was weather controlled the temperature seemed to be dropping.

My hair dripped in my eyes. I had been surprised by the automatic irrigation system. Damn I hate drifts. almost as much as Beka hates planets. Drifts were just so different. so artificial. Not that I have ever been Mr. Nature. But, Drifts? I still hadn't gotten the hang of them. Beka teased me but she also said that eventually I would get used to them.. It's been nearly 6 months and I'm still adapting.

I shifted in my spot slightly.She said she would meet me here. I was new to this spacer life.I wasn't sure when to give up... It had been eight and a half hours, maybe she was just really late. I went to the shipyards but the Maru was gone. She said she was meeting someone. That's probably where she still was just taking longer then she expected.she would be back.

My legs started cramping hours ago now my fingers joined the ache. I blew on my tight fists to them to keep them warm.

A security guard paroled the streets, if you could call them that. I tried to sink further in to the darkness that seemed to have fallen suddenly. Years on earth had taught me that less that I was noticed the better off I was. It sure didn't take me long to fall back in to my old ways. I was becoming invisible again and all I wanted to do was stand up and scream here I am.

The guard walked on by.

I lifted my eyes to the sky. There were no stars, just a distant metal bulkhead. I shivered again. I already missed the stars. My heart quivered in my chest. What if she didn't come back? I may not have acclimatized to drifts but I had gotten awful used to my life on the Maru. It's surprising how quick someone adapts to luxury.

I looked once more up at the sky and let it go.

Okay she isn't coming back. The Maru's gone.if she was going to be delayed she would have let me know. I had held on for as long as I could. I had to starting thinking about the essentials.

Shelter? Water? Food?

I had eaten this morning. One meal every couple of days is all I really needed. It's more then I had before. Water, I needed a more regular supply of that. I also needed to be dry. If I stayed this way I would get sick for sure.

I didn't really need shelter on the drift. It was cool but not fact it would be fine if I wasn't wet. My thoughts flitted back to Brendan. I wonder what he was doing right now. He always found the best shelters. I wonder if he ever thought of me anymore.

I really shouldn't dwell on that though.It wouldn't help me right now. Then I searched my mind for a greater need. I needed hope.

What was I worried about I'm a freaking genius.I'll find work. I'll be back in the stars soon. Well hopefully not in a star. That would be bad.

But tonight the stars were no where to be seen. The sky above me was dark and so was my outlook. I mean this was a crappy little drift and I felt truly alone. I sighed and looked around. It seemed better then earth. People vacationed here. Beka had told me. But like earth it seemed to have it's good parts and bad parts. And, like always I was nowhere near the good parts.

Some day I'll write a book. 'The World According to Seamus Harper' Chapter one paragraph one. 'The Universe Sucks. deal with it.'